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Then every body sat down and got ready for the set of discussion.


Mr. Titus explained the reason why he is there.


He presented and organised his speeches nicely that the staffs on their own will be happy to grant his request but it was not a upto them to make, though they commented their minds out to the hearing of all.


But Edward wasnt interested in all he or any one else said.


After all said and done, its now his opportunity to declare if his request really be granted or neglected. He address them all .


Edward: look every one! In as much as i am concerned, this company will never on earth have any business to do with this man here.


– Every body was surprise.


They were like asking WHY? But they dear not


. By the way, he continued.


Edward: i should have even neglected this meeting if i had known earlier what it was all about. And as a matter of fact, this meeting is over!


– Then he stood up from his chair angrily and walked out of the room.


Leaving Mr. Titus with the staffs who keep mopeing at him like a sheep.


And obvious look of anger was worn on his face as he stood up as well and left.


At that time, he and Dandy had already became partners in business.


He trust him very well by making him his assistant not knowing what really he is capable of doing.


By the way, he got to his office and collapse heavily on the coach.


” how on earth was that boy able to get there? How the hell did that bastard get there?”


he began to ponder on the question with a sad look for several hours.


He was distracted by dandy who walked into the office.


– Dandy: sir ,you are already back. So was it successful? Hope there is no problem? Why is your face wearing such a frighten sad look?


– Mr


. Titus: i can’t really believe what my eyes saw!!!


He exclaimed.


– Dandy: what the hell did your eyes see that you can’t really believe? Did you see a ghost? He asked trying to tease him.


Mr: titus: did you think i am really cracking jokes with you?


Dandy: okay, i am sorry, what is it?


Mr. Titus: did you believe that that stupid Edward is the managing director of the company? Dandy: surprised) WHAT!!! said by who?


Mr. Titus: what kind of rubbish question is that?


Dandy: wait a minute sir, you mean that Edward we burnt his house or another type that looks like him? Or perhaps his ghost because i believed he has died by now.


Mr. Titus: getting more and more angry) will stop all that joke! I really know what i saw. Its him, i recognise him and he recognised me.


Dandy: sir, frankly, are you really serious because it is hard for me to believe that.


Mr. Titus: what the heck is wrong with you? Is your second name Thomas who doubted Jesus until he felt his wound?


Dandy: okay, let me believe with fear. But did he accept our proposal? Mr. Titus: how could he after all we did to him?


Dandy: getting angry) so what really do we have to do now?


Mr. Titus: i don’t really know. I am confused right now. He even wanted to introduce me as a murderer if not that i cut in into his speech.


Dandy: the war haven’t ended.


. It is just beginning.


Mr.titus: looking very surprise) what did you mean by that? Dandy: he is going to seek for revenge if we do not do some thing.


Mr. Titus: you are right. You are hundred present right.


Dandy: he might even arrest us.


Mr. Titus: i? arrested? Never!


Dandy: that’s why we need to do some thing to stop him and also collect money from him.


Mr. Titus: so what do we do?


Dandy: i have an idea.


Mr. Titus: go on.


Then dandy walked near to him and whispered into his ears.


– Mr. Titus: what!!! (He exclaimed after the silent whisper.)


Dandy: think about it sir. We can collect money from them double of our budget. . . What the hell did he whispered into his ears,? what exactly are they planning to do? God save my man ooooh


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