Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

Johnson: Armand is with the result.


Edward: yea, i know that that paper must contain an important information.


Then Armand brought out the result and Stretched it out for him to reach.


He took it from him and as soon as he tried to read it, the two girls (Anita and Sandra) gathered round him to read as well. he declined the idea trying to hide the paper from them so they began to drag the paper and atlength, it was draged roughly which caused it to tear into three parts.


Edward boiled with anger immediately.


His temper increases and his charming bright eyes turned red.


It was obviously clear that he at that moment was very angry so every one began to apologise unbehalf of the girls.


Anita quickly collected all the 3 pieces of papers and ran upthe stairs.


And with in few minutes, she re-appeared with the paper which was already taped by her.


– Anita: why are you hiding the fact that uncle Johnson is your biological father?


– She asked refering to Edward Immediately, the surprise look worn by both Sandra and Charles was clearly and obviously noticed as they exclaimed at the same time.


Charles / Sandra: WHAT!!! How could that be possible?


Anita: believe me, i am very surprise


. How did that happen?


– She asked Johnson.


– Johnson: i will explain soon but not now.


Anita: why not? We want it now!


– She shouted.


Then Johnson not having any other choice than to accept exhaled.


He told them exactly what he told Edward the other day.


Charles: so that necklace is that important?


Sandra: i am happy Edward now you have located your real father.


And you know by fact now that he is not dead as you have believed all your life.


– some how, Edward was happy Johnson was happy.


Every one in the house seem cheerful but apart from three.


Thomas, his sister and his dad.


They knows that soon Edward would be packing off their house to his father’s house and that they don’t like.


By the way, whether they liked it or not, the truth is that they have to accept the reality.





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