Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

she was almost near but then.


She Started feeling nervous backed up with anxiety.


she could not feel her self again.


So She began to panic as she drew nearer and nearer when suddenly, Anita’s eyes caught her then she turned back immediately making way to her car then drove home with tears.


*** EDWARD***


The next day was another day of their show.


They climbed the stage to entertain their guest as usual when he mistakenly saw a face he knew very well admidst of the crowd.


He knew that he knows the person but can’t really tell who she was.


He saw her as a flash and was eager to take more look at that face.


He searched the crowd essesively with his eyes moving from left to right.


Main while, at that moment he was busy entertaining the people with his song but the face he saw caused him to loose concentration which lead to a lot of mistake to his music buying the instrumentalists huge mistake as well.


At first, his music was interesting but after that incident, it became boring.


He latter excused himself to the toilet so he can think over what was happening.


As soon as he entered, he saw a girl leaving the toilet, she faced down so that her face won’t be seen.


Although he did not see her face but her features was very familiar.


He stood there for some minutes battling with thoughts of who the person might be.


At last he decided to go after her but it was too late.


He searched all around but their was no trace of her any where.


When he was tired, he went back to the toilet, thought for a moment then gave him self a very strong slap that helped him forget about the illusion in his mind.


Soon he was back at the stage again.


He sang very well this time that the people cheered him more. soon every thing about THE show was over.


They went back home happily and joyfully to see every one waiting anxiously for them.


Johnson was already at their house together with Thomas parents and then Charles who came by to say welcome.


There was a paper on the table of which each of them takes a glance after glance each minutes on it.


By the way, they welcomed them warmly at their arrival.


Grace who has already prepared a special dish for them served them to their test.


Just then Edward noticed the paper and asked.


– Edward: hey whats that paper doing there?


– Then he began to walk near to it .


Suddenly Armand took it off the table sharply.


– Armand: hey edy, u gotta rest, you are just coming back from a trip now.


Edward: okay okay fine .


He said and went back and collapse in the sofa.


Then started consuming his meal


. Anita: you Look very hungry.


She said after staring at him for some time.


Edward: the food is making me hungry.


– Then they all began to laugh.


After eating and resting, every one was at the point ready for business then Edward directed a question to Johnson.


– Edward: hope you have gotten the result of the test.


– he Then waited to receive his reply but there was none.


He asked again by the way.


.- Edward;: Sir. Johnson, hope the result of the DNA test is ready?


Sandra: (getting confuse,) what kind of DNA result are you talking about?


Edward: oh come on Sandra, you won’t understand.


Sandra: make us understand nah


Charles: what did DNA test got to do with you?


Armand: cool down every body, you all will know soon.


Anita: But we want to know it now dad.


Johnson: yes Edward it is out.


Edward: and if what you said is true, can i see it my self ?





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