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step by step, she began to advance toward the car and when she was already half way, she remembered that she did broke up with him.


And mandated he should call her never again in his life.


She stood confusely and thought for a moment before jumping into conclussion.


She decided that the very time to meet him was definitely not at that particular time.


It will result to embarrassment to the both of them if they meet each other in the crowd.


With that, she made a U turn and went back to her seat where she could be able to take a clearer view as he(Edward) and his friend (thomas) came down from the jeep.


The crowd was still hailing them and toward them could be found so many flashes of camera.


The both walked to the staged backed up with two girls.


But before they climbed up to the stage, one of the girls huged and kissed Edward then wisper some thing into his ears with smile.


She felt a sharp pain in her heart as if some one have stabbed her.


Obviously, there was an extreme jealousy written all over her.


If her Dad hadn’t f**ked things up, she would have been the one in the position to kiss him in the crowd. she recognised the other lady who kiss Thomas.


She is Sandra, Edward’s neighbour


. Little did she know that Thomas was Dating her. Edward and Thomas left their Lovers as they walked up the stage with boldness and alacrity.


The jealousy was still burning right inside of Rose.


She did not know if to walk toward that girl and warn her to stay off.


By the way, the show continued.


The both walked up the stage with Edward leading still many flashes of camera followed them. Then after all said and done, Edward addressed the crowd AS follows introducing themselves as they always do. .


EDWARD:hullup to all friends, Fans and Wel wishers, as you all know, its your favourite boys Da Exploits on the stage and the gentle guy speaking to you is Edward . The crowed hailed at the mention of his name, more over he continued.


.- EDWARD: and my coligue .


– He said pointing at Thomas


– THOMAS: your boy Master Tom, heart you all .


– There was a loud cheer from the crowd again, nevertheless, Edward continued


– EDWARD: we are present only for your entertainment adding spices to your merriment to make your enjoyment permanent. .


There was another round of cheer from the audience. After that, They sang a little song before Edward went straight to his main message.


He told every body the story of him and love.


How he did loved and how he loosed the most important person in his life.


Rose at her own couldn’t help but to start crying as he addressed the crowd.


At that moment she felt like she was the worst person ever on earth.

She felt like her dad was the worst dad on earth and more so felt like the worst lover ever.


She sat tight on her chair without moving any where even till the party that night was over.


She saw Edward and others that had came with him gathered round and was discoursing and laughing together. in her mind that is the very moment she concluded to show her self to him, all she want is for him to forgive her and so she stood and headed straight to them.


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