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Edward paid heed to Thomas sugestion.


He went along with Anita and gradually, he found out he was really falling for her.


They did things together and is always found together.


Infact, the both of them fell in love with each other.


On the other hand Sandra tried to get jealous but not until thomas confessed his feelings for her.




. She jumped into Love for him so much so that she can’t spend a day with out hearing his voice. Every one lived happily.


Soon, Edward and Mr. Johnson went for the test and they came back waiting for the result the following day.


Main while, Edward and Thomas were organising a music show themselves, they were to launch their album with lot of stage presentation.


A date had already been fixed for travelling and it is the following day to come so he won’t be around to see the result.


They began to make arrengements an packing some certain things they would need when they travel.


Fortunately, Anita caugth Edward packing his clothes inside his traveling bag, she rushed over to him; and sat on the bed beside the bag expecting him to pay him some attention. He then sat beside her and rubbing her shoulder he asked


– Eward: sweet heart, you are not looking happy, what’s the problem? You are not taking care of my body by being sad.


Anita: why are you packing your stuffs? Edward: love , are you not aware that we have a music trip?


Anita: i am aware but i don’t know you will be travelling for it


. I thought it is around this our area


Edward: i wanted it to be around here but your brother declined it. He said that people around here will not take him serious because they know who he is. And perhaps, the upcoming music will have respect and value.


Anita: when are you guys coming back?


Edward: Maybe a week time.


Anita: WHAT!!!? I am going to die before that time ooo


Edward: Anita, you are very funny.


Anita: no i am not, i am going with you.


Edward: tell me you did not mean it. You know its not possible


Anita: it is very possible. I said i am going with cant stop me.


She insisted and then began to pack her clothes in the same bag .


Thomas later learn that Anita is coming along with them so he did not want to stay alone and that made him invite Sandra to come along with them.


Soon, they set to travel not knowing who they are going to meet at their destination.


*** ROSE ***


she managed to bribe her driver that wedding day and he agreed and ran away together since he don’t have any family to care for.


Rose gave him huge amount of money that helped him start life afresh that side.


Main while, she did not want to put Edward into more problem that was why she broke up with him thinking that it was the best option to keep him safe.


Despite the numerous calls from him, she did not even change her mind.


Her happiness was only that she escaped her fathers captivity to become a free person. Late evening one night she came home.


Her driver was watching television which made a huge noise that she even heard the television from her room.


She was not interested in watching along with him but not until she heard some thing about THE EXPLOITS.


She knew who that name refers to so she quickly rushed into the sitting room to know what was going on.


She sat on a sofa opposite to the television and began to stare at it.


She was obviously surprise with what she saw in the television.


Edward had really changed to be appearing very rich and wealthy.


His voice added more tune that made it sweet and the music he song was very wonderful.


She began to doubt her self if that guy singing in the television was really Edward who she fell in love with or not.


The surprise did not allow her to be her self especially when she found out that they are going to host a show in the particular city she was so desperate that she decided not to miss the concert so as to confirm if really it was Edward or some other guy that looks like him.


She had a whole night with out sleep .


The memory of Edward and his strange sudden change filled her mind.


According to what she saw in the television, it was on the occasion of their Governor’s daugther’s birthday where he was given the opportunity to sing with his friend thomas which the normal guy he knew cannot smell the gate of that environment let to talk of occupying a seat adding more to come up one stage to sing and dance; shaa to her, he really look handsome than she had ever seen him, and nevertheless, she harbored some doubt within her if it was really her Edward or another.


* The particular waited day soon arrived.


She was at the venue which was crowded with people.


It looks obviously that poor Edward she know has turned into a celebrity.


She has already taken a seat when their car arrived then every body began to hail them.


She really want to stand close at the door of the car so he would notice her as soon as he comes down from the car.


So she stood and began to take steps toward their car.


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