Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

when Edward was through narrating the incidence between Mr.Johnson and him, Thomas said


_ Thomas: their 70% possibility that he could be your father. Don’t you see that all those he said rhymed with what your mum told you?


Edward: no! My mum told me that my father is dead.


Thomas: that’s just what she said


Edward: and probably, i don’t imagine my self having a mean father like that. how could he just abandon a pregnant and helpless lady just like that? , that even her own relative chased her away


. No wonder i know no other relative apart from my mum. And some how a wicked uncle who is always bent in making our life miserable.


Thomas: you see? Just believe he is your father.


Edward: i don’t want to believe that.


Thomas: but that’s the fact.


Edward: lie!


Thomas: alright lets wait for next week to arrive.


_ Then Thomas stood and stretched him self then stared at Edward for a moment and ask:


Thomas: have you eaten yet?


Edward: i ate at the restaurant with him


Thomas: okay. Aren’t you going to bed yet?


Edward: i have a complicated case here,


Thomas: what did you mean?


Edward: its about your sister. She’s all over me


. I think she’s crushing over me. and Sandra. I don’t understand her. Although i we have grown up together but i don’t feel any thing for her apart from friends and neighbour relation.


Thomas: i told you. Even before my sister met you. She had been crushing on your voice. But then, how is that a problem?


Edward: i can’t cope with them. Your sister is even sleeping in my room. (Then Thomas began to laugh loud.) whats funny there?


Thomas: resettled on the sofa) cope with her naaaa. She Loves you. Are you not going to reciprocate?


Edward: my feeling is betraying me


Thomas: look Edward, i advise you to go for my sister. I trust her, she won’t do any thing that will hurt you.


Edward: mmmh, i will give her a try when i recover fully from Rose heart break Thomas: you still haven’t gone over rose


Edward. : its difficult Thomas: okay.


Thomas adjusted from his seat as if thing was biting him. He really want to say an important thing of whichever don’t know how to say it.


. How ever he managed


– Thomas: best, i need your help


Edward: i am always available. What is it?”


Thomas;: honestly, i am crushing over that girl at your neighbour hood. Edward: you mean Sandra?


Thomas : yea


Edward: (with a funny face) so you can really fall in love?


Thomas: oh man, i don’t know but i just started having feelings for her. She charmed me with her beauty the last time i went there. Gee, you should have seen how she looks at me. He have captured my heart dear.


Edward: all you have to do is to take her out and tell her your feeling. His brother Charles will even process every thing if you take him along.


Thomas: thank you


Edward: okay, let me wait for rose for some time to see if she could change her mind


Thomas: angrily) WHAT!!!? are you out of your senses? What the heck do that suppose to mean?


Edward: i am sorry.


Thomas: look edy, you better forget about her, is she the only beautiful girl in the world? After all my sister is much more beautiful than she is. Am i not wright?


Edward: sure you are,


Thomas: my sister loves you, try to reciprocate the love to her. Please don’t hurt her


Edward: okay , i won’t


_ Just then anita who has been listening to there conversation unknown to them interrupted them.


Anita: and how did you know big brother.


Her voice really made a heavy strong blow on their mind. They were surprise that she had been eavesdropping their conversation.


Edward: i thought you were asleep?


Anita: yes i was but not any more.


(Then she went and draged him up) come on, lets go to bed. So they all stood and left the sitting room to his room.




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