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Immediately they entered the sitting room, some one gave him a hug immediately with out him knowing who she was.


Then when they broke the hug, he was very surprise to see it was Sandra and at the other end of the sitting room was Charles who was sitting notable on the sofa and was smiling at them.


_ Edward: how did you manage to get here? Sandra: hitting his head playfully) come on don’t be nasty Charles: standing up) i know you are very surprise.


Edward: sure Sandra: by the way, we pestered on Thomas


Edward: thanks for coming.


Then they entertained their guest with a rich food and all were happy. Around evening period, Johnson arrived to take Edward as they had already planned


. Edward was ready already before his arrival. He hopped into his car and they drove off to a bar. when their orders had been served, they began their discussion.


_ Johnson: you said your mother gave you this diamond you are wearing?


Edward: sure. My late dad gave it to her and she gave it to me.


Johnson: what did you say is your mothers name?


Edward: Helen, but she is now late.


Johnson: what! What!! What!!! Edward: what’s the problem?


Johnson: i know of a friend back then her name is Helen. But first of all how did your mother die?and when did she die?


Edward: it is all a long story, i can’t answer all of them now


. All i need is for you to tell me why you are interested in my late father’s diamond and why you even have one on your neck aswell. Johnson: no i asked you first


Edward: i insist you answer first.


Johnson: took a long breath.) em i don’t think it will be necessary today.


Edward: getting angry) why not? Then what Did you bring me here for?


Johnson: okay boy, don’t be offended, let me manage. (then he cleared his throat) my father made this diamond, the both of them. One for himself and the other for me but not long, he died and i got hold of the two. When i was in high school, i meet a girl by name Helen. I came to love her so much that i gave one of this diamond to her. But then some thing happened. I got her pregnant and foolishly denied it because, i was afraid that my uncle won’t sponsor my education again if he realizes it. Her parents rejected her. she did not know what to do so she ran away with the pregnancy and since then i haven’t seen her again. I searched all round for her after i have gotten a job but their was no trace of her. Believe me, i am still looking for her till date.(he began to sob)


Edward: what!!! What the heck are you talking about, are trying to say that you are my father?


Johnson: yeah, most probably


Edward: its another Helen you fell in love with, not my mother because my mum told me my father is dead.


Johnson: did he mention the name of your father to you?


Edward: no! She don’t like talking much about him., but, she said he is dead. Johnson: when i saw you, i know that there is some thing different about you even before i saw the diamond. YoU might be my son.


Edward:no way! how can i be your son? Even if its true , how am i to accept you when you rejected me at the early stage of my existence.? Johnson:startedsobbing)believeme. I was only afraid i won’t get to finish my education that is why i denied her. I searched for her but couldn’t find her believe me.”


Edward:. Well keep searching for her. You might be Lucky to find her one day..


Mr.Johnson: all evidence points out that you are the fruit of my Love with her. Edward: (was getting angry) its not true! How am i to believe that? Mr.Johnson: the only way to find out the truth is for us to go to the hospital for DNA test. In that case we will know if it is another Helen that i gave the diamond to or your mother. Edward: okay, but i pray its not my Mother. I don’t imagine my self having a mean father. More over, my dad died before my mum gave birth to me. Johnson: okay.


. next week we will visit the Hospital. For now i am going for a business trip from tomorrow. But then tell me how your mother died. – Then Edward wept as he told him every thing.


– Johnson: red with anger and agony) how dare that bastard, he must surely pay, i swear!


_ Soon, Edward went back home but it was late already, every body has gone to bed by the time he came home. He went into his room to see anita sleeping like a log of wood on his bed. He then went to the sitting room where he saw Thomas wide awake busy with his phone. Then he collapse on the sofa.


Thomas: hey man. YoU are back so how did it went?


– But Edward kept silent with a frowned face. How ever, Thomas continued after observing him.:


– Thomas: hey you are always with problem, so what is it this time around?


– Edward managed to say something


_ Edward: is there a possibility that Mr. Johnson could be my father?


Thomas: turned to be very surprised) what! What kind of question is that? I thought you told me that your father is long dead.


Edward: that was what my mum told me.


But Mr.JOHNSON explained to me many thing about this diamond.


Thomas: how?, i don’t understand. Infact, tell me exactly what You guys discussed




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