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Edward began to sing as she smiled nod her head.


Its obvious she was enjoying really enjoying the music.


Gradually, she placed her head on his shoulder and after he was done singing, she said


– Anita. : your voice is really some thing to compare with that of an angel


Edward.; thank you.


Anita.: i should be the one thanking you for putting smile on my face. Infact, i am more than happy


Edward: why?


Anita: because some one like you is now living in our house


. At least, i will have to smile each time i hear your voice.


Edward: okay, thanks am very grateful you accepted me. I am also happy, it is really a lot of Fun staying beside you. You are really the one that made me smile (he smiled)


Anita: its nothing.


– She removed her head on his shoulder so as to put full concentration on the content of the book he was holding


– Anita: so what are you writing?


Edward: em a song.


Anita: i bet you can’t take a break from singing.


Edward: its now a part of me. Anita: okay can we go to the garden together?


Edward: sure! Show me around so i can adapt to the change of environment so soon. – the both stood up and went out.




Two weeks time, Edward and Thomas set out for the Show.


Every where was crowded with people.


The weather of that afternoon was so cool as people dance and jubilate.


Their was so many different presentation and most of all was the music.


Edward some how was nervous and tensionized when the Moderator announced the time for THE EXPLOITS.


He had never been engaged in a public show with so much crowd.


Thomas noticed it and encouraged him.


Soon the both were on stage and he sang perfectly according to the beating of the instrument while Thomas backed him up.


body love the music very well that they began to hail him because he really impressed them.


After two days, they went back home to see the whole family happily waiting for them.


– Anita: welcome home(she sang)


Thomas: good day mum good day dad .( He greeted before sitting down.)


Edward: good day all.


. (He sat down aswell.)


Grace & Armand: welcome home.


Anita: (smiling at Edward) i don’t know you can sing like that. You superseded the limit i thought you could reach.


Edward: (surprise) were you there?


Armand: hahaha! You don’t know that we were watching your show on television yesterday.


Grace: yes that’s right.


Edward; wow anita: so you are getting popular isn’t that so?


– Then every body began to laugh.


– Armand: Edward, you gotta prepare to meet my best friend. He will be here during dinner time.


Edward: okay sir.


– *****************


Edward was in his room playing game with his phone when Anita opened the door and walked in.


– Anita: dinner is ready(she said in sing-song)


Edward: okay, i will be there in just a minute.


Anita: you are going down with me right now!


Edward:( jokely) yes ma!


– Then he stood up and she held his hand and they walked down to the dining where they met Mr. Johnson.


– Edward: good evening sir . (He greeted as he sat down)


Johnson: evening. He replied.


– As they were eating, Mr. Johnson kept staring at the diamond necklace hanging on Edwards neck.


Edward noticed it and did not know why he kept on staring at it.


After the meal, Armand began his introduction.


_ Armand: Edward you are now a new member of our family so i will like you to meet those who are also important to our family.


Here is (pointing at Mr. Johnson) Mr. Johnson my long time best friend back in college.


He is like a member of this family also.


Edward: nice to meet you sir Johnson.


Johnson: nice to meet you aswell. I will like to ask you a question. Hi ishmeal on+2333544142683 to be added to his story room to enjoy more stories from the group.

Edward: what question?


Johnson: pertaining to what you are wearing on your neck.


Edward: go on. Johnson: how did you get that necklace?


Edward: oh, my mum told me that it was from my father to her and from her now to me.


Johnson: (getting interested) who is your mother?


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