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They felt sorry for him after he had finished.


– Anita: the father of that your girl friend must be a wicked and heartless man.


Armand: you caused your mother’s death. You shouldn’t have ran away with her since you know what her father is made up of.


Grace: to her husband) don’t you know that every one makes mistakes. And perhaps, it was the girl that forced him to come along


. If he had not, it will be like he does not care or Love her that much.


Thomas: mum you understood perfectly. Its like you’v been in this kind of relation before. Grace: yea never mind.


Anita: but mum, i mind. I need another story and its coming from you.


Grace: what! No way i am feeling dizzy already Armand: yes its late time to sleep.


– Then Anita quickly placed her hand on Edwards hand and said.


Anita: you are highly welcomed to our family. Bro Tom tells me much about you


Edward: thanks very much.


– Then they all vacated the dining to their different rooms.


Edward went back to his room and sat on the soft bed he continue imaging how luck brought him there.


By the way he remembered Rose.


He know that she still loves him that was why she ran away at her wedding day.


He decided to call her which he did and upto 19 times no one picked up.


Edward was looseing his patient he began to think that she meant what she said for them to break up.


Main while, he decide to try one more time and this time she picked it.


– Edward: hello, what’s wrong with?


Rose: i should be the one asking you that question!


Edward: what did you mean.


Rose: you should learn to stay away from me okay.


Edward: so you are really serious with your motive?


Rose: i always means what i said. Don’t ever call me again.


– Then the call went dead.


He did not know when he started crying again.


At the end, he was motivated with anger and hatred ranged towards Rose and her father.


The next day as planned, they went back to the police station in search of the diamond necklace.


He saw the officer that collected it from him and he pleaded for him to release it but to no avail but not until he made a comment


”you knows what it takes.”


they then understood what he was talking about so they gave him some cash before he released the necklace for them.


Edward was more than enough happy for every thing, he keep on thanking Thomas who kept on telling him not to mention it.


. they went next to boutique and he selected new set clothes and Thomas paid for all of them.


After which they went home. In his room Thomas sat beside him and they began to discuss.


– Thomas: i am sure all your problem is gradually coming to an end.


Edward: sure. Thanks alot.


Thomas: i told you never to mention it didn’t i?


Edward: okay Thomas: i got a music show next two weeks hope you would like to join me?


Edward: sure any thing to make you happy and its my dream perhaps.


Thomas: okay. Which song are we going to sing?


Edward: what did you intend to sing about?


Thomas: some thing like love.


Edward: you are kidding me right?


Thomas: no way dull brain, infact i am leaving it to your care.


You gotta compose and teach me so i can back you up in the show.


Edward: i thought its your show.


Thomas: not my show its a party so i am hired to sing. I have said mine the rest is yours. Then he left the room.


Edward set out to work immediately.


He spent almost all the afternoon composing a new song.


Soon, he heard a knoke at the door and with out much consideration, he permitted the person.


So Anita walked in.


– Anita: hei edy, what are you doing?


Edward: nothing just singing.


– Then she sat beside him on the bed.


– Anita: singing? I guess you loves singing a lot.


Edward: yea. Its my hobby Anita: my brother is always telling me much about you.


I heard your song


“don’t forget me”


from his phone and it made me believe you have an angelic Voice Edward: (surprised) really.?


Anita: yea. I can even sing it Edward: wow, i am honestly surprise. thanks.


Anita: so where did you went with my brother today?


Edward: shopping.


Anita: you guys should have taken me along other than leaving me bored here.


Edward.: oh dear, sorry about that.


– some how, silent crept in but Anita was fast to kill it.


she reached the necklace hanging on Edward’s neck


– Anita: you bought this today?


Edward:no. It has long been mine, a police man took it away from me before i entered the cell.


We just got it back today.


Anita:( still touching the necklace) wow its beautiful.


Edward: thanks. Its from my dad to my mum and from my mum to me.


Her dieing request was that i should keep it safe.


– Then her hand gradually left the diamond and started glaring at him intently


– Anita: i am bored, can you sing for me? –


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