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He also remembered the death of his mother and the lost of their house.


His anger even grew more than the happiness he had.


He thought for a while , where he must have lost that necklace and then remembered finally That the police men took it away from him before putting him in the cell.


He began to flinch feeling that the world was summersaulting before him.


Yes he lost his mother because of that devil Mr.titus and his Daugther who betrayed him.


Was he willing to loose the necklace as well? Hell no! He have to do any thing for that necklace.

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It has remained with him since his infancy.


His mother always tell him that the necklace will always bring him good fortune.


He doubted 50% of her statement and believed the rest 50%.


May be because he believed his mother can never lie to him.


Now , he have to make that necklace his priority since it was his mother’s last wish.


Although, he did never wish or bargain to near that horrible police station again but he have to.


It was his mother’s last word before death Stole her away from him right there on his arm., how ever, he took a shower to freshen up and then dressed up in Thomas cloth.


Not long Thomas returned back to the room to announce to him that dinner is ready. Edward used the opportunity to tell him that with was bothering him.


– Edward: Tom, i need to go back to the police station.


Thomas: for what!


Edward: i lost the most precious treasure from my dad to my mum and from my mum to me


. She warned me to keep it safe before she died.


A police man took it away from me, i need to get it back.


Thomas:okay but not now. Don’t worry, tomorrow is a day, we will go any where you want and most of all shopping just cool down till the following day.


Edward: okay thanks.


Thomas: dinner is ready, every one is waiting for you down stairs.


Edward: okay lets go.




So the both of them went down stairs.


To see Armand, Grace and Anita the only daugther in the family sitting at the dining table. ready to devour the food before them.


Thomas and Edward joined them silently .


– Anita: hei, who is this hansom?< She exclaimed>


Armand: no question till dinner is over. Understand!


Anita: okay dad. Then they all began to eat and after eating, they starts their discussion.


Anita: now, i am free to ask. Who is he?


Thomas: em anita, he is Edward my best friend.


Armand: and he will be living with us from now on.


Anita: wow! Thats wonderful. I am happy to meet you Edward.


Edward: thanks.


Armand: now Edward, you gotta tell us the story of your life.


We are really interested to listen.


Grace: sure.


– Then Edward told them every thing starting from when he met Rose and they became friends till date.


He even sobbed amidst of the story especially when he told them the condition how he lost his mum


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