Fri. Feb 9th, 2024

Soon they got to a hudge super building, Thomas sounded the horn of the car and immediately a man came out and unlocked the gate the he drove in his car.


Edward could not hide his emotions.


He was obviously surprise Thomas lives in a mansion.


Yes Thomas is his friend, his bestie for that Matter.


But some how strange he haven’t visited him for one day.


Thomas was always the one visiting and him hosting.


This may probably he considered that he was going to feel awkward and shy being in such a mansion or it may be because Thomas schooled far from home. Or that their house was too far from Edy’s and there is often no money for transportation.


Actually, this does not entail he didn’t know any thing about his friend’s family.


He knew all the members of his family through pictures and had also met them during their graduation ceremony


. – Edward: is this your house?


Thomas: sure.


Edward: it is such a big house. A fine one as well.


Thomas: you will be living here for now


Edward; : honestly Tom, i don’t know how to thank you. You are indeed a heaven sent.


Thomas: don’t mention Edy, if i can’t help you then what i we friends for?


– they got out of the car as Edward keep scanning and looking around the compound in amazement as if he had entered into heaven.


Edward: and how sure are you that they will be happy to meet me.


Thomas: 100% come in lets go inside. My sister is crazy about your Voice.


– Edward was feeling nervous and tensed up as they Got to the main entrance


. Thomas noticed it and held his hand.


Some how than eased up load in him giving him a reassured confident.


Armand and his wife grace were in the sitting room discussing about business trip when Thomas and Edward walked in.


They were Thomas’s loving and caring parents.


On seeing them, They jovially stood to welcome his son and the guest with him


– Thomas: good day mum, good day dad.


Armand: welcome son.


Edward: bowing down) good evening sir, good evening ma.


Armand: good day young man; how are you doing


Grace: and who is this gentle man with you?


Thomas: he is my best friend.


. His name is


Edward. The handsome dude i introduced you to during my send-off from secondary school


Armand: and he is the one i paid for his bail out right?


Thomas: sure dad.


Edward: thank you very much sir. I am much very grateful sir.


Armand: you ar welcomed. Have a seat.


Then Edward sat down.


Thomas: dad i would like to ask you a favour.


Armand: any thing for my beloved son.


Thomas: okay dad. Can Edward stay with us? I drove him home today to realize that the person that arrested him sent men and they got his house burnt. Right now, he did not have a place to stay.


Grace: soo sorryooo Armand: we are receiving him with an open arm.


Grace: yea i agree to that. But then there is many things to do….


Armand: (cutting in)yes, he has many things to explain to us about his life. But for now, go and lead him to the guest room. I’m sure he must be tired


Thomas: okay. Thanks dad, thanks mum


Edward: thank you very much sir thank you very much ma.


Armand: don’t worry.


– Thomas got his flat ass up heading toward the stair case as Edward followed behind. he showed him the guest room.


At first, he never believed that he can find him self in that kind of house talk of living in it.


He was extremely happy but not until he remember his necklace.


His mother’s last word was a request.


She requested he keep that necklace well and here it is missing from his neck.


Was he ready to let his mum down like that ? Hell no! He ranted






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