Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

A as soon as they drove in side the compound, they realized that the house has totally burnt down including every damn property in it. Nothing was left in it except ashes charcoal some iron plates, pot , spoons and some other metal which can not be burnt with the block structure of the house. Edward cried bitterly on seeing that. He rolled on the floor grieving over it just then, Charles and Sandra arrived at the compound.


Thomas: did you know who did this


. He asked immediately.


Charles: i did not see their face but it was kind of 2 men. They drove off from this compound some couple of hours ago and next i saw was the house aflamed. I am sorry i couldn’t do any thing to help.


Thomas: its okay i understand. I know its the hand work of Mr. Titus. He shall pay when the time comes.


_ Edward was still on the ground while they discussed. They ran straight to him and began to console him.


Thomas: its okay you can come over to our house.


Sandra: ah ah, that’s very good of you. I think you have done enough already.


. he can probably stay at my own house.( Sandra suggested)


Thomas: i can never do enough for him


. Did you know how many he did for me when we were still in secondary school? .


Sandra: that doesn’t matter.


Thomas: i like your affection but the point here is his safety.


Charles: yes that’s right. Those evil men will always come around for him. So i think since he offered to take him far, its the best option.


Sandra: with a frown) okay then. Then they got him up.


Thomas: Edward you are going with me now


Edward: don’t bother, i can live in there like that.


Thomas: what!!! Are you in sain? , come on lets go. – He reprimanded and then draged him toward the car. But before he could enter the car, Sandra ran to him and gave him a tight hug. The hug later graduated to become a passionate kiss. Charles and Thomas could not Do any thing other than to wink and smile at themselves. Soon they disconnected it and he went into the car. same with Thomas and next, they drove off.


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