Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

Edward: getting angry) okay fine, but one thing i will promise you is that your father must pay for the death of My mother. Then he cut the line and began to cry. Rose at her own side did not mean to do what she just did but she has to in order to save his life. Main while his father now have every control over her. He made those goons to watch over her day and night as her body guard and provides him with information about her way about. Now she was forced to love Dandy and reject Edward who was her true and only love. . . After some days, Sandra visited Edward as usual and this time around with a card. She sat on the old sofa looking at the card over and over for so many minutes. Edward noticed her and asked .





Edward: hei Sandra, what happen to the card? You have been staring at it all day : Sandra: don’t just bother.





. . . He tried to come close to her but she stood up and changed position.





Edward: what’s wrong with you and that card.





Sandra: i guess you are not going be happy with it so forget about the card.





Edward: why? I don’t understand you oo





Sandra: its better you don’t understand me happily than understanding me with anger. Trust me, you won’t like this card so forget about it.





Edward: did it has to do with me? Sandra: no more questions!





Edward: i must know the content of that card. . . He said and rushed to her. She tried to hide the card but he was more sharper and stronger. He snatched it away from her then stared at it. Immediately, his mode changed, he became very upset boiling with anger on seeing the content of the card. .



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