Wed. May 29th, 2024

Edward just came back from work to see a car in their compound. He knows who owns the car so he ran inside the house joyfully to meet his mother and Rose together preparing dinner in the kitchen. He went straight to them and gave the both a hug at the same time because they were standing together.


– Helen: how is work today?


– Edward: happily) mmmh, guess what happened.


– Rose: you got a lot of patronage


Edward: far from that.


Helen: (out of patient) what is it i can’t wait to hear the good news.


Edward: i won ten million Naira! He exclaimed happily


Rose: what!!! Is this a joke ?


Helen: you just came home to kid us today.


Edward: no i mean it. Just then a car entered the compound and they rushed out to know who it was


. As soon as they got out, a man came out of the car and handed the keys over to him saying: Mr. Edward, the car belongs to you.


– Edward, Helen, Rose: what!!! They screamed out of surprise:o


Man: i was sent to hand this Nissian 4runner jeep to you


Edward: wow! This calls for a celebration.


They brought out a bottle of wine and each got a glass of it. Immediately they tried to make a toast, the ringing of his phone zapped him off


. He had been dreaming until the ringing of his phone waked him, ” who the hell could disturb my wonderful dream so early this morning?” he queried him self with out an answer till he got hold of the phone to notice it was rose. He picked the call and placed the phone at his Right ear then kept quiet for rose to talk first. *


Rose: good morning Edy, how are u?


Edward: i need not to pretend as if i am fine when i know quiet well that i am not okay.


Rose: i am sorry for what my father did. How are you? I mean your health.


Edward: i am okay rose: how about your mother?


Edward: few tears dropped from his eyes) she did not make it.


Rose: what did you mean?


Edward: shes dead, your dad killed her.


Rose: what!!!! i am very sorry.(tears dropped down from her eyes aswell)


Edward: i need to see you can we meet?


Rose: i don’t think its a good idea.


Edward: what did you mean?


Rose: i think the best option for us now is to break up. (then tears rolled down her eyes)


Edward: wait a minute. I hope you don’t mean it. Tell me you are just kidding me.


Rose: no i am not. Please move on your life with out me.


Edward: tears rolled down his cheek too) we need to see each other so we can talk about it. Rose: no need to do that.



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