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They got to their destination right on time and jumped down from the car and as soon as they entered the house, they *were* surprise with what they saw.


Helen was lying helplessly on the floor.


There is blood on her nose as she struggled to breathe hard.


Beside her was Mr. Titus who sat on the old sofa angrily and his gang stood around like soldiers


. Edward rushed to his mother crying.


Edward: mum! Mum!!


Then Mr. Titus angrily stood up and commanded those boys.


Mr. Titus : deal with him! Then as the boys ran forward to Edward who was trying to help his mother, Rose took an iron behind the door which is use to lock the door. Then ran forward and angrily strike it on one of them hard on his scole then he fell down unconscious. Then the rest steped back.


Rose: any more movement? She yelled angrily at the boys who were terrified and afraid to come near. Main while Edward held his mother up and began to cry bitterly.


The rest of the boys stood amaze thinking of what to do.


Just then one of them rushed out to her and on reaching, she swing the iron near to his face then immediately he applied an automatic brake to his speed then ran back to the others.


Mr. Titus went behind her and held her firm from behind giving the boys opportunity to attack their victim.


One of them collected the iron from her hand and held her firm then Mr


. Titus serviced her with a slap saying.


Mr. Titus: you know that you are just a fool.


The other boys got Edward and tried to beat him but Edward did not allow them because they were just 2 in number.


The first threw a pounch at him but be dorge it giving him a double correct blow the next one tried to kick him but he seized his leg and pulled it roughly causing him to loose his balance as he fell on the floor.


Mr. Titus collected the iron and striked it on him from behind then he fell down. _ _ as soon as he fell down, the boys grabed him and began to beat the hell out of him mercilessly this time with full anger driven by Mr. Titus command and revenge.


He could hardly move him self when they left him. Mr. Titus went to him and began to kick him .


– Mr. Titus: foolish boy , i warned you to stay away from my daughter but you won’t listen, you just have a very good luck that i forget to take my gun along with me. I would have driven the bullet into your empty naughty brain.


_ Then he stop and faced his daughter who was yelling at them all through the time to stop beating him.


– Mr.


. Titus: you just made me realise i have been weak over you.


Therefore for what you did, you have terminated your freedom.


From now on i will have my eyes on you.


YoU just started disrespecting because of this non-sense boy. (looking at the boys.) come on lets go.


– Rose tried to free her self but she couldn’t. looseing herself from the strong grip was a very difficult task.


She just kept struggling as they dragged her into the car and they drove away from the compound living Edward and his mother to their faith.


– Inspite of the severe pains he is feeling all over his body, he managed to get up, run out and called for help. When sure he had gotten enough, they rushed back to the house and took his mother to the hospital.


She was rushed to the emergency ward so she can have immediate attention. She was laid on the bed as they were waiting for the doctor to arrive. She then began to paint heavily as she tried to tell Edward some thing. Helen: edy eeeedy…. Your father…


Edward: (cuts in) take it easy mum. The doctor is on his way Helen: i am sorry, your …. Dad your….(she stops) and fell back to the bed after touching the diamond chain hanging on Edwards neck.


Helen: keep it safe son. Then she died with eyes wide open.


when Edward saw that his mother is gone shouted


Edward: nooooooooo!!!.



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