Wed. May 29th, 2024

its been two days Edward and Rose ran away together.


They lived happily with Dora who was a friend to rose.


Their happiness knew no bond but not until Edward got a call from his mother.


He was having a good time in the swimming pool with Rose when she called.


He thought his mother was calling to ask him how he was doing but the reason behind the call was definitely far from that.


He picked the call and was extremely surprise at the way her mother spoke. He then knew that nothing is well at all.


She was talking like some one who is going to die the next minute.


Her voice was so sorrowful ,tearful and faint


. How ever, She said to him.


Helen: son where are you now is rose with you?


Edward: em..em..em..(hestammered) Helen: please son take her back to her father please this minutes……….


– As he tried to reply his mother, the next voice he heard was a very hard and angry bass voice which roared at him like a hungry lion.


He knew it rose’s father now.


_ Mr. Titus: how dear you run away with my daughter. Are you out of your senses. Look, if you don’t bring back my daughter in the next 3 hours, i swear that you will return to meet your worthless mother’s corpse. And bear it in mind that i will search for you and if i dare get you, i will kill you my self.


_ Then he disconnected the call angrily smashing Helens phone on the cemented floor and it breaked in pieces


. tears dropped down from his eyes after the call , it was then it downed on him that Mr. Titus has attacked his mother.


– Rose noticed the passionately sad look on his face then she asked.


– Rose: hei sweet heart, what’s wrong.


– he then reached her both arm and said sadly


Edward: rose we have to go back, you have to go back to your father else, he will kill my mum.


Rose: what!??? Are you joking,


Edward: did i really look like some one who is joking? Come on, pack lets start going. Rose: now!


Edward: come on. He gave me a time duration. He said within the next 3 hours and i can tell by my mother’s voice, she is really in deep pains now. Lets go ahead.


Rose: why not wait till tomorrow?


Edward: oooo! U don’t understand the situation here. Come on lets go. He screamed despreatly like a wounded lion


Rose: but wait a minute, did you admit that you were with me (he remained silent.) i can’t, but if permitted i will call you a fool.


Edward: getting angry) yes i know i am a very big fool.


. I know it! It is not right for me to run away with you, yet i did it because i am a fool. I know i am always foolish and you are always right!


Rose: raising her own voice) you acted like a fool because you foolishly admitted that i came along with you. Didn’t you know that every body is now in danger here. You, your mother and i, we all are in danger!


Edward: and the best way to stop this jeopardizing it more is for us to go back home right now please. Rose: aren’t you afraid? He might get you beaten again.


Edward: i don’t care, its better i die than my mother! . Just then dora joined them dora: what is going on here?


Edward: look dora, please help me tell rose that we have to leave this place now so my mother can stay alive.


Dora: surprise) what is going on, i don’t understand. Some one should brief me. (then Edward explained every thing to her.) omg!! Rose i think you guys should start going now..


Rose: (sadly) okay. I am sorry for lack of understanding.


Edward: its okay. Just go and pack.


– In no time they are set to go then jumped into the car and drove off.


– On their way, they got holded by a severe traffic.


Now it was Obvious that Edward began to panic as he check his wrist watch time after time.


They did spent upto 1 hour and thirty minutes their in the traffic hold up yet they are not half way home. Immediately they got out of the traffic to a free road, they drove with a high speed which they almost got into an accident.


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