Sun. May 12th, 2024

Two days before Rose left for school she met with Edward at cool restaurant as scheduled so they did have intent time together.


And then discuss on some certain issue most especially, fair well issue.


– Edward: Rose, i am happy for you.


Rose: i am not happy at all


Edward: i know you have all reasons to be angry at me right?


Rose: no of course


Edward: then why aren’t you happy? At least you will be going to the university to study………(He left the sentence incompleted waiting for her to complete it.)


Rose: medicine . ( she then reached Edward’s left hand with her right hand and continued) i haven’t even travelled but i have started missing you already.”


Edward: (surprised) sure! You are just kidding me right?


. You Then the both of them began to laugh. When they were done laughing, every where fell silent between them for a while. Later on, Rose broke the silent saying with an eye fixed on the diamond necklace hanging around Edwards neck.


– Rose: i have noticed that you like wearing this necklace so often


Edward: yea, its from my late father. ( his aptitude change, he looked nervous and tensed up. Its obvious he has something very important to say) Rose i have some thing important to tell you


. Rose: what is that?, go one


Edward: (starmering) i…i…i…. (Then Rose cut in) Rose: say it out!!


Edward: i love you. (He managed to say at last). – Now Rose was all smiles immediately she heard that, that was the first time some one did ever tell her that so she quickly replied


– Rose: i love you too and will ever do. – Then the both of them gave them selves the first hug ever.


Edward: please dont forget me oh.


Rose: i will never ever forget you.


. You Will always be in my mind. – Soon it was the D-day that Rose was travelling to school. Edward did a lot of wrestling with his mind weather to visit her to say good bye or not. At last he decided to remain at home and disturbing her withall lot of text messages.




soon enough, Rose got used to university life, the way they study the way they behave. She adapted to the environment ASAP .


But then.


Edward remained in her mind presenting and hijacking her thoughts.


She did missed him so much.


Most times, She forgets herself each time she receives a call or text message from him. In fact, one can obviously tell that she is really in love.


One day as she was returning from lecture, she unknowingly smashed her right foot on a stone and that threaten to send her crashing on the floor.


She managed to wedge her self and hold balance but that did not hinder the books in her hand from falling to the ground.


She immediately picked the first and second up and then tried to pick the last one up when some one did that for her.


She looked up immediately to realize that it was Dandy.


She knew him right from secondary school. He was her senior then who admired her so much.


He had tried severally to win her heart but could not. till the very moment, he had never given up on her.


Back to the point .


Rose was very surprise to see him.


– Rose: Dandy, is this you? Dandy: of course its me Rose.


How are you?


Rose: very fine. What about you? Dandy: I’m okay, honestly, i am very happy to see you. How long have you been in this school?


Rose: three months ago.


Dandy: oh no, i have been very blind to be seeing you just now


Rose: smiling) oh don’t say that okay


Dandy: okay. So can we go out tonight?


Rose: no, i have something doing Dandy: oh please, let us seat down and talk c’mon.


Rose: i said no!


Dandy: please just to talk only please…..

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