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in no time, he was in _her room and on seeing him, she became very mad at_ him.


Rose.: what are you doing here?


Dandy: just to check on you.


Rose: you did better leave because you has no permission to enter my room.! Dandy: but i just……


Rose: i said leave!! Dandy: please calm down.


Rose: no way! leave right away. _ Then she started pushing him away from her room.




Rose could not buy the idea of staying away from Edward.


Even though his mother pushed her out of the house because of her father, she was not willing to give up just like that so The following day she visited them to keep on apologizing.


When she parked her car, she jumped down looking very timid because she thought that Helen will rush to her angrily and began to shout at her.


But far from that, Edward was the first to see her


. He exclaimed as he ran happily toward her


Edward: Rose!!! He hugged her tight as soon as he got close to her.


They stayed quite well in the hug for some time.


Edward noticed that his shoulder was wet of rose’s tears.


She had been weeping althrough and as soon as they break up the hug, Edward asked.


Edward: hey my love, you are not looking cheerful. What’s the problem? If it is about me, i am okay now.


Rose: you mean you are not mad at me?


_ Then he reached her hands


Edward: why should i be mad at you?


Rose: because of what my father did.


Edward: em


. It is….


Rose:(cuts in) i am sorry for what he did, i just realize that he was the one that sent boys who beat you before you lost your memory and next, he got you beaten yesterday.


Edward: it is really nothing. But i don’t think he is the architect behind the loss of my memory. It is someone you knew and ..


Rose: who?


Edward: forget. Just thank your dad for me. Because yesterday’s incident helped me to recover my memory.


Rose: (happily) what? Are you kidding me or what.


Edward: ofcourse not. Aren’t you happy for me?


Rose: oh sweet heart, don’t you know that i am more happier than you are.


Then they began to laugh together.


Just then Helen came out of the room.


Rose began to panic as soon as she saw her coming out of the house with a broom. Probably she wants to sweep the compound.


Rose: good morning mum. She managed to greet and then wait for her reply which she expects to be harsh,


_ helen: morning how is every body.


Rose: fine. And how are u?


_ Then Edward cut in: em.. Rose, lets go inside.


Then Helen started sweeping as rose decided to help her.


Rose: mum i am here give me the broom let me do the sweeping.


Helen: no, don’t worry. I know you don’t do that in your home so i don’t expect you to do it here.


Rose: ah ah mum, that my dad is rich doesn’t means that i am lazy.


Helen: (frowning) okay, i have heard.


Rose: (softly) please give me the broo……


Edward: (cuts in ) no way! You are the princess here you know; so you are not permitted to do that.


Rose: alright if you insist.


. Then she followed him inside. Not long, Helen joined them and said in a low tune


Helen: please Rose i know you are a good girl. I know you really love Edward but your father deserves your loyalty.


Edward: (surprised) mum. What are you talking about? Helen: please rose, obey your father’s request, Please the two of you should stop seeing each other. That is the only way to stop this problem


_ Edward:(sadly) mum!


Helen: i don’t want any more problem.


Edward: no mum it is not fair i thought you taught me how to fight for what i need.


Helen: yes but not in this situation.


Edward: mum please stop this.


Helen: (turning angry) i am through. Rose leave and don’t return again.


Edward: mum don’t do that. He pleaded in tears but all fell on a deaf ear. Rose stood up sadly and left while Edward angrily walked away from his mother to his room.




Rose met his father right at the sitting room as soon as she got home. It seem that he was already loaded and waiting for action.


Mr. Titus: where are you coming from? He asked angrily.


Rose: i checked on a friend.


Mr. Titus: and who was that? (Still in an angry voice)

To be continued..

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