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_Rose was obviously surpized with what she saw she did not waste time to exclaim


Rose: omg!!! Mum what happened.


Helen remained silent and refused even looking at her main while she continued with her question: mum please, what really happened?


: really you don’t know what happened?


Rose: i did not know any thing at all.


Please tell me.




now i knew the reason why he lost his memory.


Rose: please abr**st me. I am very confused right now.


Helen: please rose, i don’t want to loose my only son and hope


. I don’t want him to get into this kind of beating again and i think the only way to stop this problem is for you to stop seeing him. Please stay away from him if you really care.


Then rose began to cry bitterly Rose: but why? Why?


Helen: so he would be free from your father’s problem. The other time he was beaten by a group of boys and now, your dad hired boys who placed him in this condition. His final statement was he should stay away from you and i borrowed it as a nice idea.


_ Rose began to cry more including Helen herself.


Rose: but mum, it is not going to be easy for the both of us.


Helen: but at least try. Infact you can leave now.


Rose: please mum, i will set things right i am sorry for what my father did.


Please don’t send me out.


Helen: (shouting angrily) i said leave


. It is over between you two. Rose still wanted to beg but Helen stood up and began to push her away and finally she was out of the compound she sorrowfuly entered her car and drove back home. Mr.Titus was watching television when she banged in angrily.


Rose: dad how could you do that, how could you? _ She shouted angrily


Mr. Titus: surprised) Rose you raised your voice at me?


Rose: YES! you know what! I don’t care if i raise my hands at you because you deserve it. i am very disappointed.


Mr. Titus: will you stop shouting at me


Rose: you are heartless! Firstly, you sent boys who decended on him with heavy wood and that caused him to lost his memory after spending days in the hospital. And now you employed boys and they beat him again today.


Mr. Titus: Rose will you stop shouting at me for Christ sake, what rubbish are you talking about?


Rose: come on dad are you trying to pretend as if you know nothing?


Mr. Titus : okay i admit it. I got him beating by some boys today.


Just today.


Rose: you know what, i am only just realizing that my dad is a professional lair. Then she walked out of his present. Not long, Dandy entered.


Dandy: good evening sir


Mr. Titus: evening. Did you came to see her? Dandy: yea, i came to pick her up for a date . Mr. Titus: okay let me go and call her. Then he stood up and within half a minute, he showed up in Rose room. She was lying sadly on the bed with her eyes focused on the beautiful photo of her and Edward .,when she saw her dad, she asked Rose: what did you want?


Mr. Titus: don’t you have some respects for me again?


Rose: and how did you expect me to have so after what you did today?.


Mr. Titus: infact starting from now on, you are prohibited to see that guy. Rose: and that is what you cant do dad.


Mr. Titus: what ever.


. Dandy is here, he said he wants to pick you up for a date. Rose: tell him i am not going any where with him.


Mr. Titus: come on rose! Comport your self, are you out of your senses?


Rose: of course i am not. We both knows you are the person who is out of sense among the two of us.


Mr.titus: you are pushing me to the wall rose. I swear you won’t like my color if i may show you that. Rose: oh come on your color is black. Or are you going to arrange boys to beat me up as well


? _ Mr. Titus was now boiling with anger over rose’s behaviour.


She had never see her being so rude and disrespectful before apart from now.


For him to stay more in her Room is for her to insult him more so he quickly went out of the room looking angry and furious.


Dandy: is she dressing up?


Mr. Titus: i don’t know what went wrong with her.


Dandy: okay i have to talk to her. Can i go up?


Mr. Titus: sure you are more than free.


He then stood up, arranged his cloths like a gentle man and walked majestically climbing the step with the ambition of heading toward her room.

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