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looking at pip in sadness, he said ‘ dandy: no, i dont think that would be neccessary now. I will call you when i need you.


Pip: so what is your plan now?


Dandy: i dont know yet, could you please allow me to think for a moment .


Pip: okay sir.


_ The next day, Dandy went to mr.


Titus office so that he can explain things to him.


_ Dandy: good day sir


mr.titus: hei dandy you are welcomed have a seat. (then he sat down) hows the relationship between you and my daugther going?


Dandy: not well sir and that is the reason why i came here.




. Titus: so what is the problem?


Dandy: she has been avoiding me for one stupid bastard.


Mr. Titus: what!!!


Dandy: yes sir. (then he gave him the picture pip had print earlier) they are more like couples. YoU know what, i have began to take back my proposal.


Mr.titus: please dont, i am going to set things right.


I warned this boy to stay away from my daugther but he would not listern.


He wants to learn through the hard way.


Dandy: smiling a deadly smile to him self) okay sir thanks very much.


Then he left living Mr. Titus who was by now grumbling.


_ The following day, Edward was at home working on his phone keypad.


He was using his phone to play game when it rang.


He tried to pick the call but it went dead with silent.


He was determined to know who was calling.


After waiting for several minutes for the caller to call back with out any yield, he decided to call the caller him self and then he remembered that he had no credit so he dressed up to go and buy.


On coming out of the house, he saw two cars driving into their compound


. He waited still to know who it was.


After some seconds, a very rich man came down from one car while 5 dangerous looking boys jumped down from the other car. Immediately he saw them, his head began to ache as he stared at the angry face of the rich man who was in black suit, and black shoe and was leaning over his black jeep. He did not even look friendly , he looked very mean. After some minutes of staring at each other, mr.titus decided to break the silent.


Mr. Titus: hey idiot, i thought i told you to stay away from my daughter?


_ Edward was yet to understand what he was saying. Just then Helen who had been having her nap woke up by the angry voice of mr.titus then she jumped up from the bed and made haste to the door and out side the compound to know exactly what is going on. Main while


Mr. Titus continued: after teaching you a lesson today, you will learn to stay away from my daughter. ( then he looked at the boys and commanded) teach him a lesson.


_ Then the boys who were already waiting for the command rushed to get him.


He tried to escaped but they were faster than he is.


One of them dragged him back and another gave him a resounding slap while another posted a hot Dynamic blow on his belly that caused him pain as he groaned . Helen seeing what was happening to his son rushed to stop them but one of them gave her a dirty slap and pushed her away causing her to crash mightly on the ground then she began to cry and plead for them to stop but all of them fell deaf ears.


. They continued kicking, blowing and matching him all over his body and after several minutes of beating, Mr. Titus finally commanded them to stop. He walked triuphcally to him as laid helplessly on the floor with a bleeding nose, a bleeding mouth, a swollen face and a disconnected elbow and wrist. He smiled a deadly smile at him and then said.

Mr. Titus: oh i am sorry poor boy, but i think that’s what you deserve for fooling around with my daughter. This just a second warning, and the third one, i will make sure that it takes your life away . Let this be the final warning. Stay away from rose, she is my daughter. A word is enough for the wise. Then he went back into his car and drove out of the compound.


_ Helen stood up immediately and helped Edward inside as she began to clean his wounds with tears. Shortly, Rose arrived.


No one came out side to welcome her as usual so she walked into the house to see Helen in tears dressing Edwards wounds

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