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Dandys house was a very big house painted with brown and green then surrounded with a large beautiful environment which is decorated with lot of beautiful flowers that gave it a beautiful shape.


Coming in from the gate, the first building was a small one beside the gate where the gate keeper lives.


And the next was the power house before the main building situated at the center end of the compound.


And beside it is the garage where he packs both of his car.


Then at the right hand side of the compound is the playing field where u can find a basket ball net.


And a swing jingle-Over.


Then at the left hand side, coconut trees was planted in straight line and beside it is a big swimming pool.


Dandy sat under the shade of one of those coconut trees on his relaxing net chair.


Their was a table before him and on it was a bottle of wine and two envelop.


He was busy drinking and waiting patiently until a red car drove into the compound.


As soon as the owner packed and jumped down from the car, he waved to him gesturing he should come over to where he was pip: good day sir dandy: good day.


have a seat. Pip: okay sir but i don’t waste time.


Just give me your orders, and i will carry it out.


. Then dandy brought out a picture from the small envelop and gave it to him


* Pip: okay sir dandy: here is your money.


Just be smart in your work okay.


Then he gave him the other envelope


pip: sure sir, trust me i am smarter than you think i am.


Dandy: okay then.


Then pip walked into his car and drove away from the compound.




Rose finish all the work in her office as fast as so she can be with Edward and as soon as she is through, she jumped into her car and drove toward Edward’s house.


Edward was busy chopping fire wood with an axe when she drove in.


They gave themselves a happy hug immdiadatly she came down from the car. Edward: how are you ?


Rose: very fine


Edward: how about work?


Rose: cool, you know what Edy, i will be the one to prepare dinner today. I bought some food stuffs for cooking


Edward: wow! That’s nice but u don’t have to do that.


Rose: oh yes, i have to.


Then they began to go inside the house.


She droped her bag on the center table in the sitting room and rushed to the back of the house to see Helen washing cloths.


Rose: good evening mum (she had already started calling her mum)


Helen: good evening how are you my daughter?


Rose: fine. Mum will it be okay if i prepare todays dinner? Helen: come on, you know you are our guest. Rose: no way mum. Very soon i will be a member of this family if you may permit me. And then you won’t have to bother about any thing but now, i want to cook. Helen: okay


Rose: thank you mum. Then she rushed into the kitchen.




Pip went to dandy’s house late that evening and they got to talk together. Dandy: hope you did your job well? Pip: sure sir.


Dandy: Any news ?


Pip: yes, i saw her hugging a guy dandy: angrily) what!!!


Pip: sir i took them a pic.


Dandy: okay, let me see it.


Then pip did a little work on the screen of his phone before giving it to him to view the picture of Edward and rose.


He turned red with anger and it was obviously noticed.


Pip: sir did you want to get him off the way? If you want to get rid of him, you can count on me for a smooth job. only One bullet is enough for him…..

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