Sat. May 11th, 2024

but on his way, he got a phone call then he picked the call and it was his secretry


secretary: hello sir, where are you now?


Dandy: i am going some where , is there any problem?


Secretary: yes, you have a meeting right now^with the bords and the staffs and it is important that you must be there. Have you forgotten?


Dandy: out of surprise) what!!!, okay, i will be there very soon.


(then he hang up the call looking furious


. Then he yield) damn it ! You get away this time! he then revised his car and headed straight to his office.




Helen and Edward was already waiting for rose when she came in.


– Rose: i am sorry i kept you waiting Helen: no problem we finished just now.


Then rose went up to Edward and gave him an innocent hug.


Rose: lets go then. So they all walked out of the ward, hospital and headed toward her car. Then they all entered as she drove them home.


* * *****************


not long Edward began to love rose passionately as he did before and rose the same.


She visits most often, they goes out together and spend most of their launch time together.


Infact, the love they had for each other increased.


Even Helen came to love her as her own daughter.


In the contrary, Rose stopped attaining to every thing that concerns dandy.


She stopped answering his calls and stopped talking to him even though he always try millions of time to speak to her but she won’t give him the opportunity.


This provoked him so much and caused him pains he kept on thinking of what to do. Just then an idea came to him.


He decided to hire a private killer ( an assassin)


To be continued



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