Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Edward: ahhhhh! No way,i will pick it. (Then he picked the call)


Rose: hei Edward what’s wrong with you? Why did you left with out saying good bye to me?


Edward: Hello miss, what are you taking about? May i know you? Rose was sitting comfortable on her bed but as soon as she heard edward’s reply, she jumped on her feet looking frustrated.


Rose: what the hell is wronge with you ? Are you out of your mind?


Edward: please i am sorry but the fact now is that i ….. I ….


. I can’t really explain.


Rose: what rubbish are you talking about?


Edward: please could you just explain who you are and stop shouting at me! Rose: where are you now?


Edward: i am in the hospita..


Rose: doing what?


Edward: i was hospitalized


Rose: what’s the name of the hospital.


– Then Edward turned to Sandra for answer.


. As soon as he got it from her, he continued the call


– Edward: i am in central hospital


Rose: okay, i will be there tomorrow to know what exactly is wrong with you.


– Then she hang up the call. The next day, she went to the hospital and as soon as she opened the door of Edwards ward, she was amazed


. She saw Sandra and her head was placed on Edwards chest.


– Rose: so this is why you did not remember me? – Then Edward turned to Sandra and asked


– Edward: her face looks Familiar , who is she? Sandra: i don’t know


– rose became more angry and she shouted: you know what Edward, i don’t know you are like this. You are always jealous of Dandy knowing fully well that you are imperfect. By the way, what brought you to this hospital? And when were you hospitalized.? Edward looked very confused in all her statement and was busy pondering about it that he did not bother to reply her question then she went out angrily as Sandra ran after her


– Sandra: miss, miss stop! Wait let me explain. Its not what you think


Rose:still angry) then what is going on if not that he is replacing me with can hi omeano on+233544142683 to be added to his story room to enjoy more stories from the group.

Sandra: no not that. I did not know that he had a girl friend already. I thought now is the best opportunity for me to get him. But if you did love him, i will stay a far distance for you to take care of him.


Rose: said in a low voice) but what really happened to him?


Sandra: its hard for me to explain rose: come on, move on i am listening.


Sandra: okay a gang of boys got him beaten with heavy sticks. He was nearly dead when Charles rescued him and brought him here. The point now is that he lost his memory.

Rose: what!!!



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