Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Helen: by the way, i brought you some thing to eat.


Then she deeped her hand in the bag she came with and brought out a small mini cooler and then, she opened it and wanted to feed him but he refused .


– Edward: dont worry, i can do that my self. Helen: no way! Come on, cool down and eat.


– Helen insited then he had no other choice than to comply . As she was busy feeding him, sandra came in.


– Sandra: good morning ma’am Helen, he is already awake.


– Then she moved toward them and continued as soon as she sat on the bed: – Sandra: ma’am, excuse let me do that.


Edward: (asked immediately) who is she.


– Then Helen handed the spoon over to her then answered Edward


– Helen: she is Sandra, one of our neighbour


. Their house is right opposite ours.


Sandra: oh Edy, the doctor was really right, your memory just formatted and you need to install every thing that was saved there again.


– Then all of them began to laugh.


Soon silent enrolled the room after their laughter. Helen broke the silent by asking a question to Thomas


– Helen: so what are you going to do about the show?


Thomas: i don’t know, may be i should just forget about it and focus in making Edward recover fast.


Helen: what! Thomas: it is of no use for me alone.


. I haven’t sang alone on stage before


. It is always me and him so i think i can’t do this alone


Helen: (looking serious) now listen to me, believe in your self that you can do it, you can and will. May be after the show, he might be in good health to join you okay?


Edward: yes , is true.


He added to encourage him


Thomas: okay, i will try . (He agreed and continued as he stood up) i will be going now , i promise to be coming around as regular as


Helen: okay, thank you so much


Edward and Sandra: good bye


as soon as he was out Edward said


Edward: Sandra, its okay i am no more eating. Sandra: okay then. Just then Helen brought out edward’s phone and handed it over to him and said Helen: here is your phone. It was down so i charged it for you yesterday.


Edward: okay, thanks mum. Around evening, Helen went home to prepare something for him to eat leaving him and Sandra alone


Edward: hei don’t you have any thing to do other than looking after me ?


Sandra: i just feel like doing it Edward: and why? Sandra: em… Em..


– She tried to answer but was interrupted by the ringing of Edwards phone. He checked the caller and it was rose.


– Edward: referring to Sandra) did you know is Rose?


Sandra: no i don’t. Just pick up the call.


Edward: i am scared to pick it Sandra: okay, let me answer the call then


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