Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

Edward: where am i ? And who are you?


– Helen was not surprise at all because the doctor had already told them that he lost his memory so she was expecting a question like that.


. She answered dearly and softly


– Helen: i am your mother and here is your friend Thomas.


– Then thomas said sadly:


– Thomas: the both of us suppose to be travelling this morning for a music trip to prepare for our show coming up in three weeks time

. And here you are lying on the bed in a hospital and worstly you lost your memory. What a tragedy.


– Edward was surprise and it was obvious that he can’t hide the surprise in his face. He asked immediately


– Edward: what is my name? Am i a musician?


Thomas: yes you are Edward. you have the spirit of singing in you.


Helen: and your name is Edward but we do call you Edy.


Edward: Edward! Wow what a wonderful name i have. But how did we have a show together?


Thomas: you forgetted every thing Edward. We stared singing together in secondary school


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Edward: (heating on his head) ooo Edward, why did you have to forget? Infact, what brought me to this hospital?


Helen: i am really the one that should be asking you this in normal circumstance. By the way, a group of boys attacked you with sticks.


Edward: for what? What did i do to them? Helen: how did you expect me to know? Thomas (angrily)and if i ever found out the people who did this, i swear with my whole heart, they will pay dearly for it.

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