Wed. May 29th, 2024

doctor: i am sorry madam, your son is in critical condition right now.


His brain is affected as a result of shock which damaged the memory by the heavy stick they used on him.


He would wake up soon but the problem is that he is having an amnesia. Helen: i don’t understand what you are taking about!


Doctor: your son will wake up soon but for now, he losted his memory.


Helen: what!!! , can i see him now??


Doctor: yes. – Then he left as they all rushed into the ward to seen him motionlessly on the bed taking a drip.


Charles: thank God


. He is going to survive.


Helen: i hope so


Sandra : it is only that he won’t remember any thing about us again.


Helen: that’s very sad.


Sandra: but i am sure he will recover quickly.


-Then Charles brought out Edwards phone from his pocket and gave it to Helen. At last he said.


Charles: mam Helen, i will be on my way now, its getting late.


Helen: okay, thanks very much, God will richly bless you.


Charles: okay, thanks. Then he left.


– Soon it was Monday (two days after the incident) Helen was busy preparing food for Edward who was still lying in the hospital.


When a car entered into the compound.


It was Thomas who had came to pick Edward so they could travel for the music trip. He came down from the car, went to the door and knoked


. After some seconds, Helen opened the door and he greeted immediately


– Thomas: good morning ma. How is everything?


Helen : every thing thing is good but the most important one is bad.


Thomas: i don’t understand ma. You are speaking in riddles


Helen: Edward was hospitalized since two days now and up till now he is still unconscious.


The doctor said he lost his memory.


Then she began to sob as Thomas got irritated.


Thomas: very sad) but what happened, tell me that all this you said is not true..


Helen: its all true.


. He was beaten by a group of boysooo


Thomas: why?, did you know those boys? They deserve to rot in jail.


Helen: i dont know them i did not even see them.


Thomas: ma’am, i am going with you. I Can even drive you there Helen: okay wait for me let me get the food i prepared for him.


-Then she entered into the house and in no time, she was out and looking dressed and with a bag at her right hand then she followed him to his car after locking the door. Then they drove to the hospital. Not up to 5 minutes after they left, Rose drove into the compound and was surprise to see not even a single soul in the compound. She was so disgusted and filled with sadness as she asked her self several questions like ”what is going on?, did Edward travel with out saying good bye? Why is his phone switched off since two days ago?” and so many others question she asked with out an answer. She checked and knoke at the door of the house again to see if she can see even if it is his mother but no one was there. She had no other option than to go back with a broken heart.




As soon as they got to the hospital, they saw Edward pazing round all the corner of the room. Helen was very happy and delighted to see his eyes open. She rushed to him immediately and gave him a tight hug with tears. Thomas just stood beside the bed as if he was a guard to them looking at them in pity.


Helen: i am happy you survived. She managed to say after the hug.


Edward: where am i ? And who are you?


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