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We got to the hotel and Uju went to her room. She actually came to Enugu to meet her fiance’s family. She was waiting for him to arrive later that day. We knew we wouldn’t be interrupted. Emeka loved me as he had never loved me before. We spent the entire night in each other’s arms. The lovemaking was amazing. It was much later at night that the hunger pangs became bad. He took me out to have Isi ewu and palm wine. I enjoyed every bit of the meal. I knew he did too. The environment and the company were awesome.


We got back to the room and he confessed to me I was more mature now and open-minded than when we first married. He wanted me to keep it that way. He talked about spicing things up in the bedroom. He wanted me to initiate s£x more often


because he makes him feel desired. He also wanted me to take the lead sometimes.


He assured me it was just me; he was content with being with just me.


We talked about me getting pregnant. The pregnancy aspect scared me a bit but I had seen pregnant students in Medicine and they were fairing quite well. I told him it had to be well-timed so I could read for the next professional exams. And I had to be comfortable not like where I was now. He supported me. He assured me if I got pregnant, he would rent a two-bedroom flat for me, get me a maid and also a car and driver to move me around. I wasn’t too excited about the car as it would draw attention to me but he said I couldn’t be using bike with my pregnancy, it was dangerous.


We talked and did so much more for three days at a stretch. It was a beautiful time for both of us. I believed strongly Emeka loved me and I, in return, loved him too. He said he brought a new car which had arrived at the port. It will be cleared and brought to the village. My boxes were inside. We painted Enugu red together. We even went to Port Harcourt with Uju and her fiancé to have fun. I enjoyed the trip. We went to a club together. I was the bush girl as I didn’t enjoy the place. I loved the joints and eating interesting meals.


Ugonna called asking where we were. I told her we were in Port Harcourt. She said she was told we hadn’t been to the village. I confirmed it. Emeka took the phone from me.


“Ugonna why are you interrogating her?”


“I came to the village and was told you haven’t reached home”


“I told you to call me before going to the village. I am in Port Harcourt on business”


“With Akwaugo?”


“With my wife or am I suppose to go with someone else?”


“No problem brother, I will wait for you”



Emeka looked at my phone and said, “You haven’t changed this phone all this time? I will get you a new phone. My wife cannot be using this type of phone. My baby, my sweet nectar deserves a better phone”


“Easy Emeka. Don’t break her backbone before you go back. You will not kill this girl!” Uju replied while I was embarrassed.


“Tell her not to kill your brother. You don’t know her” they all laughed at their jokes while I shied away.


I enjoyed being in Emeka’s company. I could hold conversations with people without feeling shy. This was what university exposure taught me. I was confident in myself and our love for each other.


We eventually got back to the village. Emeka was in for a surprise. The house was ready. He was in shock. He looked at his building and marvelled. His father took us to the site as part of the surprise.


He turned to me and asked, “Baby, is this really our house?”


“It is”


“Akwaugo, is this our house?”


“It is my love” I replied. He held me in his arms and kissed me in the presence of his father who was laughing at his excitement.


‘My son,” his father finally said to him, “the bible says, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord” You found a good thing, nwa m. She is a good girl. I don’t regret your choice one bit. No matter what happens, never you lose her. If you do, my dear son, you have lost a good thing”


We stayed in the village for three weeks. The White Mercedes 450 GL 2012 arrived the village two weeks after. We offloaded everything into our new house. He removed the ones for other family members and shared to them. Then we went to see my parents with the new car and the things he got for members of my family for which I was very grateful. Father blessed him and blessed the car. He discussed



the marriage again. He said he wanted a quiet Church wedding and he wanted it towards the time he would be leaving. Father met the Catechist and got a date which we were all pleased with.


It was time for me to return to school. I couldn’t stay away from school any longer. Emeka got me a new place as per our plan and had it furnished. We had decided he will stay with me some times. I loved my new apartment. It was closer to class and very spacious room. Emeka paid for two years and made the payment in my name. We left most of the furniture and other things for Ugonna. I only took things that belonged to auntie Nneoma and my personal effects.


Emeka and auntie Nneoma got along very well, it was impressive. He bought her expensive jewellery as he could see she could afford so much herself. She was leaving for America to see her husband. He decided to stay back so he will see his doctors regularly. Auntie Nneoma had to run the two businesses. She was canvassing for Amanze to help in his father’s shops but he wanted to remain in Abuja and pursue contracts. He was doing quite well.


We stayed together. Emeka, with the help of his brothers, set up the furniture in the whole house. The way the house was designed, downstairs was for other family members until they move out while upstairs was for us. Emeka didn’t want it this way but I insisted. He invited his father and brothers to live with him there. His father declined and asked him to stay with just his two brothers for now. He has achieved much at a young age; he should focus on having a family immediately.


His brother was getting married. I had to get involved. I solicited help from auntie Nneoma, my mother and Uju while I was attending my practical classes. I spoke with Adanne on what we would wear. We transferred money to her while she showed us the fabric. She sent it down. Auntie Nneoma made my own. I wrote out the responsibilities, shared them and gave them to Emeka’s mother to tell people what to do according to their strength.


The wedding planning and execution were seamless. Everything went well. My mother-in-law kept praising me until we got home. She was happy how everything went. Our new wife was allowed to retire with her husband. Emeka and I went upstairs to our own room.



All this while, there was no problem. I went with Emeka to Lagos and Abuja twice for a few days. He registered two companies and wanted me to meet with his business partners. We visited Kosi and Amanze in Abuja. We stayed with Adanne in Lagos and she treated us very well.


I was in heaven. I was happy. I wished Emeka would stay back permanently. I was glad the rumour that he married a white woman and married me here as a Nigerian wife was doused. Emeka taught me how to drive. I could drive to my auntie’ house in less than a week. I drove to Umuejika in just one month of learning. Emeka gave me the keys to his other car promising to buy me a new car once I get pregnant.


Ugonna came to my new accommodation to check on me. How she knew where it was, I don’t know. She came in and looked around. I could see envy in her eyes. She said she was looking for Emeka. I told her Emeka was in the village.


“But his car is outside”


“He gave it to me to use in the meantime”


“He gave you a car to use? You are driving a car on campus?”


There was no answer to that. She was visibly upset. I wanted her to leave. If I had known she was the one at the door, I would never have let her in.


“I am heading to the hospital for clinical. If you don’t mind” I told her respectfully.


“Meaning what? I should leave? Are you chasing me out of this room? A room my brother paid for with his money? I don’t know what you did to him but we are going to undo it. See where he got for you and also gave you a car. Why would he do all this for a village girl?”


“I am his wife. He is also doing it for himself. Once I am comfortable, he has peace of mind. I am running late. Biko, I want to lock up”


“You have swallowed liver. You are telling me you are his wife. Well, we will see how long that will last” she stormed out. I locked my door and left.



We decided to try to get pregnant. Just one month of having unhindered s£x, I discovered I was pregnant. I was happy but at the same time worried if the church would agree to marry us once they knew. I asked Emeka to come around. I showed him the test result. Emeka was very happy. He lifted me up and turned me around.


“I am having a son”


“How do you know it is a boy?”


“I know. My baby, you have made me very happy. What do you want? Just name it, you will have it. My love, I will do anything for you”


“Please don’t tell anyone about the pregnancy for now”


“Why?” he asked looking at me suspiciously.


“We are not yet married. I don’t want my family to find out. It will break my parents’ heart”


“We are married. Ok. If you want it that way. Let’s go out; let’s have some fun”


“I am on duty”


“Exchange with someone; not tonight”


Emeka intensified effort at the Church wedding. He attended marriage class he had


grumbled about before. Nobody understood his joy. He was always in Enugu to


check on me and spend time with me.



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