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We went to visit my parents together. Emeka stayed with my father in the sitting room and while I joined mother in my bedroom. My two brothers had gone back to school.


“Nne, imakazi. You are looking beautiful and you’re glowing. How is your home?”


“It is fine. Everyone is fine. My mother-in-law sends her greetings”


“hmmm. You don’t want to come home again. What of Adaku?” I confided in mother about what happened with Adaku. She had a good laugh.


“When is school resuming?”


“In a week. Emeka wants us to go to Enugu together and then to Nsukka. He also wants me to join him to Lagos for him to go back. We will be with his Adanne. He wants me to see him off”


“Ok. Do you remember what I taught you and Chiamaka about Billing’s method? How to calculate your safe period, ovulation and so on. Do you remember?”


“Yes, mother. But you concentrated more on Chiamaka”


“I bought the book. My daughter do not allow your father and I know shame by getting pregnant before your white wedding. I know you didn’t tell me anything but I know. I also smiled non-stop when I first had s£x with your father. I was just a year older than you when we got married. Read this book religiously. Do not agree to take any drugs for prevention; they can damage your womb. Hide the book in your bag”


“Emeka asked me about my periods and told me to record them”


“He is a sensible man. Don’t get pregnant biko. How are your in-laws? I hope they are treating you very well”


“Very well mother. I am happy”


When we went home that day, I showed Emeka the book mother gave me to study.


He was impressed she had such foresight.


“Does she know you are now doing what she does?”


“Emeka! Why would you say something like that?”


“How were you born? How was I born? They are still doing it. There is nothing wrong with doing it” he said laughing at my face showing my disgust.


I found that line of reasoning disgusting. I couldn’t imagine my parents doing what I did with Emeka and my mother reacting the same way I did. Although my mother had mentioned it before, I didn’t want to confirm the act really happened. Not with my saintly parents. I would never see them the same ever again.


The honeymoon in the village was over. I had successfully won the hearts of those who were willing to open them to me. I made friends with the members of the household especially the helpers. As is common, they gossiped about everyone and everything in the house. I had so much information but I never said anything. When the finish, I tell them it is wrong for them to tell anyone outside the family the things they told me. They would marvel at me and leave. They will be back with more stories. I got to understand the family from there.


Two of Emeka’s brothers were graduates and working in various locations. They were very cool dudes although one of them was very wayward. Chibuike is quiet and very unassuming. Once he gets you into his room, you will never leave the same way you came. He targeted village girls. He brought them in under the guise of helping them. The girls talked about it. I liked Chibuike. He was friendly and polite to me. He told Emeka he got a rare gem. The girls told me he openly advised Emeka not to marry Chisom. His reason was that she was mannerless and wayward. He was always in his room. He hardly attended the parties organized or any social event which wasn’t important. The girls told me, most times it is because one girl from the village was staying over. This family had characters.



We left for Enugu. I wanted to stay in my auntie’s house but Emeka refused stating the obvious, I was now a married woman. We would stay in the hotel. We went to visit auntie Nneoma and uncle Emma when we arrived. They invited us to stay in their house but Emeka declined. He told them he was offered a hotel room by a friend as a gift. Auntie Nneoma offered to send us food at least once a day.


The girl with auntie Nneoma had adjusted very well. Auntie still complained about her hanging around with boys. She confessed to me they stop her and talk to her. If she doesn’t stop they say hateful things to her or threaten to deal with her. That’s why she stops and listens to them.


“Did you report to auntie Nneoma?”


“No. But I told uncle Chike and he said I should ignore them and not talk to them”


“Tell auntie Nneoma and uncle Emma. They will deal with those boys and they will avoid you”


I also mentioned it to auntie Nneoma and asked her to stop sending her out often so they see her less. Auntie Nneoma promised to handle it.


We stayed in a luxurious hotel. It was so exquisite that I was scared. His friend actually gifted the hotel room for five days. I went inside the room and nearly fainted. It was lovely.


“This is how my house in the village will be. I am saving money and investing for it. A man must have a luxurious country home. Baby, won’t you like to live like this always?”


“I definitely will. I love the place”


“I am happy you do. Once you finish school and join me abroad, we can pull our resources together and achieve a lot”


“Yes, we can”



The bed was perfect for what we knew how to do best. Emeka told me I was on another plane when it came to s£x. He said I never get tired. Truly, I didn’t get tired. Maybe because it was a new experience and I enjoyed it. He was worried now. He said his biggest fear is that I will need to do it with someone to calm my urge when it arises.


I asked him “Who will calm your urge when it arises? I waited eighteen years for this experience with you and now I can’t wait six months for you to come back? I don’t get it. I am more worried about you than me. You also want it all the time. How will you cope when you want it there?”


“I am a man; I know what to do”


“I am a woman; I also know what to do”


“Baby, please don’t let another man have access…”


“Tufiakwa! Don’t ever say that again. Even if you don’t come back in three years, it will be here waiting for you”. That was exactly what happened.


Ugonna came to visit us at the hotel. She was just looking around at our room admiring with envy.


“Nda Emeka, you are really tripping this your wife. See all you have done for her. She is enjoying o.”


“She is an akwa and I am treating her like one” he replied and winked at me which made me smile.


“I came for what you promised me. Give me my own now before you pack all your money and give your wife”


“Pack money and give my wife? I don’t give her money. Why would you say so?”


“See all you are doing for her. What have you done for your baby sister? She’s the only one you shopped for. You only gave me three clothes. Now she is here enjoying luxury”



“Ugo, you can’t do what she does for me. You can’t do a quarter of what she does for me. Even Chisom cannot do one-tenth of she does for me. She is my wife and entitled to every good thing I can afford. Ugo, it’s not business as usual. If you get one dress, she will get ten. If it is paining, go and get married”


“Brother, is that what you are saying?”


“Yes. She comes first. If you talk too much, I will ask her for permission before I give you a dime”


“I am sorry o. Akwaugo, I am sorry. Brother, please do the needful. Should I order food?”


“If you want to eat, there is food here. Baby, please give her food”


I was wearing a pair of bum shorts and half top when she came. I stood up from the bed and catwalked to where the food was. Both eyes followed me as I walked. I served the food and dropped it for her. Emeka pulled me into his arm and made me sit on his lap. This infuriated Ugonna the more. She ate her food in silence while watching Emeka attempt to tickle me. I was happy with how it played out. What made her feel she could talk about me as even I wasn’t worth what I was enjoying? She was making her dislike of me very obvious.


After she left, I asked Emeka why she disliked me so much given that she didn’t really know me.


“They knew my spec so they brought Chisom thinking through her they could get me. It didn’t work out. They can now see you cannot be controlled for their personal interest. If she can be getting money from me through you; you will be her best friend. But I deviated from my spec, married a younger girl and the girl only obeys my instruction. It is pissing them off. Ignore her and Jacinta. Just focus. Before December you will be in your second year and back to Enugu”


Our five days stay was over. We were to move to Nsukka for me to settle down and resume before he goes back. We did just that. I was happy I was going back with Emeka.



We ate in auntie Nneoma’s house before we went to Nsukka. We didn’t want a repeat like other time. Emeka got the chocolates as I had asked. We still shopped for the girls before we came down to Nsukka. When we got home, the house was locked and Jacinta was out. Emeka called her but she wouldn’t answer. Then he called her husband. He came to open the house for us. She locked her children and maid at home and went out. He husband locked the house from inside and asked the housemaid not to open for her when she comes back. it was annoying because Emeka called her and informed her before we left Enugu. Render More Supports To Us By Sharing Out Our Stories To Friends And Medias




When she came back about three hours later, Jacinta couldn’t get into the house. Her maid told her to call her husband before she can open the house or he will send her away. Jacinta called her husband’s number but he didn’t answer her. She was out there until 8pm when her husband came back.


I called her husband severally to plead on her behalf but he told me to stay out of it. Emeka didn’t bother; he knew her better.


When he came back finally and the maid opened the house, she came to where I was sitting in the parlour and said, “It is because of you I am disrespected in my home. It is because of you my husband will lock me outside. Since you came into my house it is from one problem to another. You were sent to destroy my home but I will destroy you first”


Her husband came out when he heard her voice and then said to her, “Our problem started long before she came into this home. What did this girl do to you? You wanted to force that ‘rag’ on your brother. I would never have supported him marrying that dog you befriended for your brother because you thought I was dating her. She was the one hitting on me but because I know her precedence, I refused. Then you wanted to give her to your brother just because you don’t like him. What is the competition about Jacinta? What are you struggling for with your brother?”


“You are interested in Akwaugo. You take her side all the time. You want something from her. Is she the second wife you planned on marrying? Is this whole marriage to Emeka a charade?”



“Mind your tongue. Respect your brother’s dignity. He married an honourable lady. What can be said of you?”


“My in-law, it is enough. I will go and stay in a hotel overnight and get accommodation for Akwaugo so your wife will not have issues with you over her”


“If you leave this house she is not sleeping here until you and your wife come back. You confided in me why you wanted Akwaugo here and I agreed with you. it is my house and I determine what happens here. I am tired of your sister and this marriage. I will send her away very soon”


“My brother, like I have always said, be patient with her. She will change one day. Remember your children”


“My in-law just go in and rest. Leave Jacinta alone”


I hadn’t even spent a night drama had begun. I was sad. I was going to spend five more months with all this drama. I went into the bathroom to prepare for the night but I went also to cry. I really wished Emeka would understand my plight and let me stay in the hostel.


When I came out, Emeka held me in his hands and said to me, “You will have more peace staying here than staying outside here. I am your husband; I know what’s best for you”


I didn’t argue with him; why would I? It was a matter of months and I would keep out of her way. I gave the children what I got for them the next day. They took some of them to school. I hugged and kissed them before they left.


School resumed so Emeka dropped me off every morning and picked me up. I showed him all I had discovered and my love for suya. He took me outside the school to a suya spot to get me delicious suya. I brought it home and gave the people in the house their wrap of suya. Emeka and I ate ours inside the room.


I refused to have s£x in their house or if anyone was home. I didn’t want us to be heard and there was no television in our room. Emeka begged severally but I



refused. After two days, he paid for a room in the guest house for us to spend the night. He claimed, “I am going back soon and I want to have enough so I won’t desire another person while I am there” I believed him. I believed everything he told me. I believed he was madly in love with me and I was too.


On Friday, after my lectures which finished early, we travelled to Lagos. I flew in an aeroplane for the first time in my life. We arrived Lagos into the waiting arms of Adanne who obviously loved her brother. Her driver came to pick us in a black SUV. Emeka sat in front while I sat with Adanne at the back. Adanne was petite but cute. She always had a smile on her face. She looked like someone always happy. She was a lecturer at Yabatech while she was married to a businessman who was doing very well. Adanne had three children, a girl and two boys.


We got to their house at Ogudu GRA; they lived in a duplex. We were ushered into the guest room which was downstairs. Emeka asked me to change, we would go for a stroll afterwards. He asked me to wear a pair of shorts and a lace top. I wore them. The shorts were above my knee but not bum shorts. I came out with Emeka and she served us a sumptuous meal. Emeka advised we eat very light before coming there because Adanne loves to entertain. She made okro soup and pounded yam. It was delicious.


When the children came back from school, she introduced them to me. I gave them some of the chocolate Emeka brought and they were grateful. I sat with them to do their homework while Emeka and Adanne talked.


Her husband came home at about 6pm. Chief, as he was popularly called, was a tall sharp-looking Igbo man. He walked in carrying his shoulders very high. He looked and acted like a proud man. When he saw Emeka, he became a jovial talkative. Emeka introduced me. He said to me in his heavy Igbo accent,


“Nne, please don’t be angly with me. I went to Begium for a meeting I just came back four days ago. I asked my wife to represent me. Imakazi, you are vely beautiful. I also hear you are flom a vely good home. Emeka is a shalp guy. He did catch them young like I did. It is always better when a husband teaches the wife what she knows; if she learns it and comes in; she might be wiser than her husband”



I just greeted him and excused them. I was in the room when Emeka called for us to go for a stroll. We walked a long distance to the road. He took me to the suya spot. I was surprised that was where he took me to. We were still stuffed from the meal we had earlier but we still bought some and ate it as we both strolled back home. In Adanne’s house, we had enough privacy. Emeka was bent on draining me before he goes.


The day he was leaving we had a serious talk. “I got a job offer while I was here. I rescheduled my interview with them. If it works out, I am going to be leaving Spain for the middle east. It will expose me more and pay me more money for us to build our dream house we talked about. I believe everything will be fine. The money we got from the wedding should be used for your upkeep in school. When you need to replenish, let me know. Four or five months you will be out of Nsukka; manage Jacinta for me. Please my love, overlook anything she does to you; take it I am the one that offended you. Ugonna is a parasite. Avoid her too. Please visit my parents at least once a month. Please try so they will not feel my absence too much. Don’t tell anyone about the money; not even my parents. Please, don’t report my siblings to anyone apart from me. Adanne will call and ask how you are doing, always tell her fine, there is no issue. I don’t want fights to ensue because of you. I am begging you”


I listen to all he said. I was going to miss him so much. I cried a lot that day. I went


to the airport with him and Adanne that morning to drop him off. He held me so


closely while I cried. He told me he loved me severally and then he kissed me


before boarding. Adanne took me to the local airport to board a flight to Enugu.


She did everything for me and directed me to board. I was o the phone with Emeka


until my flight arrived. When I landed Enugu, we spoke until I got home. Then it


was his turn to go. I cried myself to sleep. When I woke up in the early hours of the


morning, I saw Emeka’s missed calls and a message from him saying he had


arrived. I missed him so dearly.



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