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I dozed off before he came back to the room. I knew he was back when I felt a now-familiar hand all over my body. He kissed me all over and he made long and passionate love to me. I couldn’t control my loud moan; he tried to stifle them with his hands but they still escaped. It was like he took possession of my body each time he made love to me. I enjoyed it so much but I refused to be tied to it.


I wasn’t happy with Emeka. I wasn’t happy with what was happening in the house. Why did I have to be locked away in the room all day? I suspect it is because he didn’t want me to cross paths with Chisom who was still very much in the house? If I couldn’t perform my duties as a wife and daughter-in-law what was the use of being in the house with him. I should as well go back home.


“You are so sweet. If not that I am sure I am your first I would have sworn you have experience in this. You learn so fast. There is so much I want to teach you but not here, we will move to a hotel soon. I love you baby”


I stood up and went to the bathroom without saying a word. He watched me confused. I took a bath and came back to bed. I led down and turned my back to him.


“Baby, what’s the matter? Tell me what’s wrong? Did I offend you?”


“You offended tonight. You told me in the morning Chisom said she was leaving and then she’s at the party dancing seductively with you and you danced with her. What does that mean? And, why do I have to be locked up in here? If I have no use here then let me go back home and only come when I am needed”


“Are you jealous of Chisom? Are you serious? I was surprised to see her just as you were. She danced with me but what she did was to embarrass herself. She was throwing herself at someone who chose another over her. My cousins were so proud of the way you handled everything. I came back to you. it is you I love and no one else. I swear to you Akwaugo, another woman can never come between us” he pulled me close to him and continued, “I am not joking, you are so sweet, I can’t get enough of you. Why would I go for another when I have fresh nectar



here. Am I stupid? You are a complete package. You are an angel; you are my baby” he kissed me. “Are we good now?”


“I don’t want to be locked up here anymore. Please allow me to see your parents and attend to the household. I am not enjoying this at all”


“I wanted people to leave first before you mingle. I don’t want the idea of you serving people; they shouldn’t see it as a right. Do whatever you want if it makes you happy. I want you to be always happy”


I smiled and it was my turn to kiss him boldly. In less than 48 hours I had gone from being a girl to a wife, and to a woman. Emeka refused me being shy around him. He wanted me to be assertive and in control. Loving Emeka was so easy. I made up my mind I would ensure I made him happy and he would never be disappointed in me.


I woke up at 5am in the morning, I managed to wriggle out of Emeka’s arms. I had my bath and got dressed. I did my morning prayers and left to see my parents-in-law. They were shocked to see me that early. My father-in-law asked me how I was doing while my mother-in-law prayed for me. I asked my mother-in-law, who was fondly referred to as Mama, what we were preparing for breakfast.


“My daughter, Emeka doesn’t want you doing anything in the kitchen. Go back to him; we have people to prepare everything”


“I will supervise them. Breakfast is supposed to be served latest by 9am. I will check what they are doing while you rest”


My father-in-law said to his wife, “This is Agnes’ daughter”


“We are having bread and eggs this morning. The people at the party last night won’t wake up early so we will start cooking at maybe that 9am”


“We will wake them up to breakfast and they will be glad to eat and go back to sleep”


‘You think so?”



“Yes, ma. What does Emeka like for breakfast?”


“He will eat anything. He likes bread and eggs too. His beverage must be thick”


“What of for lunch and dinner?”


“We will make soup, ofe okazi with akpu. We can eat yam for dinner”


“We will have beans and yam for dinner then. Can you direct me to the kitchen?”


“I need to take you around the house. Agnes has done a good job. Nne idi sure I di eighteen (are you sure you are eighteen)?”


“Yes ma”


She led me to their large kitchen. I was impressed because it was very modern with all the latest gadgets. The backyard had a shade where I saw three girls packaging the loaves of bread that were delivered. Mama introduced me and told them I would be in charge. She left us while they smiled at me.


I told them we need to make breakfast by latest 8:30am and serve everyone. I also told them the soup we will be preparing and what was for dinner. I was told there was ripe plantain in the house. I changed dinner to beans and plantain.


They brought out meat and from the freezer. They asked if we would use beef or goat meat. I went back to Mama to ask. She asked me to use the two. I kept going back and forth with the quantity of what will be used and all that. The meat for the soup was on fire. They began to prepare breakfast. They had cut all the ingredients and they made the eggs in batches. I collected some of the ingredients, broke some eggs, took corned beef from the shelf and made eggs for my parents-in-law and Emeka with extra. I asked one of them to fry some plantain for me while I went to serve Mama and Papa their breakfast.


“Have you given your husband food?” Mama asked me.


“He is still sleeping and I want to add plantain to his own food”



“Who made these eggs?” she asked after taking a bite.


“I did ma”


“It is delicious. Nne, you can cook this well?”


“Wait until you taste the soup”


“Take over; I would love to taste it. If anybody gives you trouble there, tell me”


“They won’t ma”


I went back to the kitchen. I dished out food for Emeka and I. The remaining eggs, I told them to have it. They were excited.


I came into our room. Emeka was still asleep at 9:30am. I dropped the food while I brought out beverage, milk and honey from his wardrobe. I boiled water in the kettle in the room for his tea. He woke up while I was setting up.


“Breakfast so early? And the aroma. You didn’t say good morning to me”


“Good morning Emeka, how was your night?”


“Not like that. Come to me and say a proper good morning”.


I made him wash his mouth before he sat down to eat. “Who made this?” he asked me.


‘I did. Why?”


“Didn’t I say I didn’t want you to cook here?”


“Yes, I should only supervise. But your food cannot be cooked or served by another while I am here”


“Says who?”



“That is the way it is. I am your wife and it is my duty to care for you. That’s what I am doing. Don’t you like the food?”


“I like it but I don’t want you slaving in the kitchen”


“Am I not here with you now? I am cooking soup, ofe okazi with akpu. Will you eat?”


“Are you spending your day in the kitchen?”


“Why would I? The meat is almost done. By the time you take your bath and relax some more, it will be ready. I will add the okazi just before we are about to eat. Then the beans will go on fire”


“You have it all planned out”


“I do. Once the soup is ready, I will come and be with you until 1pm when I will complete the soup and serve lunch”


“I don’t want you there. I don’t want anyone disrespecting. You are younger than most of them there. I don’t want a situation they will….” There was a knock on the




“Who is it?” Emeka asked going to open it. It was one of the girls in the kitchen.


“Auntie, the stock is ready. What do we do next?”


“I am coming. Let clear the table”


“I will clear it. They are waiting for you”


Emeka was shocked. He looked at me as she came in to clear the table while I left for the kitchen. I cooked it the style auntie Nneoma had taught me. The aroma of the soup filled the entire house. It was left with the vegetable and the akpu. I asked them to handle the akpu while I meet with Emeka. They should call me at 1pm. The beans were already on fire.



I went back to Emeka. He asked me what I did to them? I said his mother introduced me and told them to do my bidding as I would supervising. We made the food together. We will learn from each other.


“Baby, you are amazing. Even Scholastica has been humbled by you. The food was delicious. You can cook general soup because I will eat but please, I don’t want you cooking for others. I know my people; they will turn you to a slave”


“I have heard”


The day went very well. Food was prepared and served in good time. The kitchen was cleaned and closed by the latest 9pm. The food I made was the topic of discussion. Even their Ada had to commend me on the soup and take my recipe. Jacinta, Ugonna and Chisom said nothing. His brothers and cousins all had second helpings.


That night, I went to Mama to plan the meal for the next day. I recommended bean cake and pap for breakfast, the leftover soup and eba for lunch and beans and rice porridge for dinner. I told the helpers and we planned the next day.


Gradually, people began to leave. By the end of the week, the house was almost empty; everyone had returned to their base. I was supposed to return home too but I could only visit them; I refused to stay back.


I had left my stamp in my new home. Auntie Nneoma and mother advised me to make sure I was loved and appreciated by everyone especially my father and mother-in-law. They told me I was young and it would be easy for them to look down on me but if I can assert my authority, they wouldn’t try it.


Also, I was advised to make myself scarce. When Emeka is not around, I would stay in Enugu. Over familiarity breeds contempt. If I am only around when Emeka is, then respect will always be maintained.


The three girls working in the house were very nice to me. They only took orders from me and Mama. I knew I had to compensate them. It was actually a bribe which auntie Nneoma helped with. I bought them three clothes each; I didn’t like



what they wore to church. I bought them a pair of shoes and slippers. They were very happy and excited.


Emeka complained I was becoming everyone’s darling. Uju was in the room with us when he said it. She laughed and called him jealous. She came to give me my makeup class, we had been on it for close to two weeks and I could make myself up perfectly. I was learning how to make other people up.


I enjoyed her company. She told me what happened after I left that night of the party. She said Chisom came to sit with them at their table trying to get Emeka’s attention. “One of our cousins tapped her butt which didn’t go down well with her. Unfortunately, the guy was drunk. So, when she scolded him, he told her off. He told her she was shamelessly going after a guy who dumped her and married another woman. He asked what she was looking for? Did she desire a mistress position? Didn’t she see how you looked? That is how girls from well brought up homes dress. Chisom didn’t find it funny that night. When she shouted at him, he said more things to her. He told her to come to you to learn manners. He said he saw her come to your bedroom door to either knock or eavesdrop on your wedding night. They practically had to shut the guy up”


I was shocked. I normally just listen to her tales without adding anything to it but today I had to ask, “Where were Jacinta and Ugonna?”


“They were with her but kept their mouths shut. I know them. If they had said a word, the guys would have munched them. By the way, everyone knows you were a virgin. Emeka doesn’t see it as a big deal but most of the guys do”


Why was my being a virgin so important? I wasn’t anymore and I was having the time of my life with Emeka. His lessons have been both awkward and exciting. He asked me to be open-minded and enjoy whatever we do. I was. I enjoyed it so much. Some days, he wouldn’t want me to leave the room. I would give instructions and tell them what to do and then I stay indoors with him. But once he says he is hungry; I go get his food myself.





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