Mon. Feb 12th, 2024

Story Written By Ogechi Alabi




The sleepy town of Umuoji was just rustling for the morning. You could hear the cocks crow announcing the dawn of a new day. The harmattan breeze was always the first to strike once you step out in the morning because it left you chilly and shivering. The fire places too were alit; pots of water adorned them. In a few minutes, mothers will begin to rouse their children. The house chores will begin in earnest.


Today is different though. My compound had come alive since 4:00 am. The women we had hired to cook could be seen preparing for the feast later in the day.


It was the end of the year. A few days left before the year was over. It was ending with a celebration. Who would have thought it possible? Who would have believed that after everything I would be here today, in my father’s compound, preparing for a ceremony? Not just a ceremony; my wedding ceremony. I will be a bride. I will hand over the horn of palm wine to my groom. Then I will be a wife to a deserving husband.



Where do I start from telling this story? Where do I begin? Sorrow started my journey but won’t end it. I have overcome so much that I wonder where I would have been if it had been man I put my trust.


I used to wonder if those Nollywood movies we watched, completely captivated, which depicted the wickedness of family members were real. My story will tell you how real they were. I experienced wickedness from my father’s kinsmen. I experienced from my auntie’s in-laws. But in all, I came out triumphant.


My name is Akwaugo and this is my story.

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