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am a 300 level Accountancy student in the University. I have always excelled in my academics and I earned the nick name ‘Effico’ which my colleagues call me. I am a combination of beauty and brain…

My parents loved the Lord and they tried their best in making sure that we were led in the path of godliness.

I enjoyed my family so much because Dad and Mum love and respect each other. Everything was going on fine until Daddy died in a motor accident when I was in SS3, my final year in Secondary School.

Life became nearly unbearable for us because Mum never worked. She was a full-time house wife until Daddy died.

It was worse to the extent that she couldn’t afford to give us three meals per day. My elder brother dropped out of the University because Mummy couldn’t pay his school fees. My younger sister and I were withdrawn from the private school that we both attended and were admitted to a public school. There was no help in sight.

Though my Mum loved her children so much but because she could no longer shoulder all our responsibilities, she had to ask me to stay with her younger sister who lived at Jos after I finished writing my Senior School Certificate Examination. At first, i refused, but after much persuasion, I reluctantly agreed.

My Aunt came from Jos and I got my luggage ready in order to go with her.The day I parted with my Mum, I wept my eyes sore.

Seeing my Mum and younger sister wave at me at the park was too much for me to bear.

My Aunt held me close to her as we both climbed the luxurious bus heading for Jos. ‘Why will such a beautiful young girl cry so much?’ Asked the man seated close to us. My Aunt told him my plight. He only shook his head and said to me, ‘All will be Well, Okay? I nodded faintly. ‘Will all really be well?’ I thought to myself.

Since Daddy died, all had never been well. My Daddy was the most handsome and kind hearted man I had ever known. A few drop of tears escaped from my eyes as I remembered my Dad… ‘May all be well’, I whispered to myself and slept off.


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