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“So, should we make a toast?” Jason asked as he finished filling the cups up with the not very tasty liquor in front of us.


“A toast to what?” I asked already about to drink mine.


“A toast to my birthday, what else?” he scoffed.


“Oh yeah right!” I said and raised my glass up to gently touch his. “Happy birthday!” I said as our glass clicked together.


“Well thanks.!” he said as he took a sip out of his drink.


“So why don’t you want to come downstairs and join the party?” Jason asked.


“I don’t know!” I shrugged.


“Or are you Ephebiphobic?” Jason smirked.




“As in fear of teenage–


“I know what it means!” I cut him off. “Obviously I’m the teacher here and I don’t think that’s a thing, how can anyone fear teenagers!”.


“Some people do, depends on the kind of trauma they faced when they were teens, or sometimes peer pressure” Jason explained and I shrugged. He’s right.



“Yeah, so Jason, can I ask you a question?” I asked taking another sip from the alcoholic drink, Gosh it burns the chest, but it’s also getting familiar in my mouth. “Sure! What question!”


“Why did you pretend you didn’t know math at first and why do you even skip math class in school?” I asked.


He laughed. “Okay, i had no idea you’d be asking that, but fine I’ll tell you!”


I nodded and he continued. “So there’s this guy David, we kind of grew up together, he’s at my party though, so honestly I am very good at math, we both were, and we grew up murdering math in every class.



And then when we got to grade ten, our parents made it a competition for us and i really hated that, cause every test we did, they wanted to know who did better, well it’s hard to explain the whole thing. But I got sick of the whole thing and decided, maybe if I just dropped the whole math thing maybe my mom will forget about the so called competition with David and I. He never got tired of it, he wanted to beat me though at everything, but sadly he’s not as good looking as me.” Jason said and I gave him a weird look.


He laughed. “Well thankfully, our moms dropped the competition stuff and by then I was already way behind cause I skipped math class every period and I was already used to it, but my mom still compares me to David, but I don’t care, David used to be my best friend and it is weird competing with your best friend, a strong hatred will start cracking the both of you up! Well we both moved on, he hangs out with his fellow geeks and I hang with my cool friends” he said and I rolled my eyes.


“Well your story doesn’t make any sense. You guys should have talked things out as friends and talked to your moms” I tell him and he shrugged.


“Well we didn’t and we broke up and I am glad, I can’t possibly be hanging out with that geek!” Jason scoffed.


“You are so rude!” I shook my head at him.


“Thanks, I learned it all from you!” he smiled making me sigh.


I stood up “Oh and about your little cake toast you made down there, She’s really moody, she cusses me all the time, she calls me a butt head once, slapped the back of my head, are you crazy?? How can you make a toast and say all that about me, people will think I’m a bad teacher, which I’m not!” I expound.


“Well I didn’t leave out the part that you’re hot, well they wouldn’t see that now because of your 1980’s dress!” Jason said and I huffed.


“I didn’t beg you to call me hot! And what I’m saying is you were supposed to say nice things about me!” I half yelled.


“I couldn’t find one!” he retorted.


I sat down back, with a sigh. “You’re way too cruel”


“I’m not!” he replied.


We both remained quiet and when I glanced at my cup, I gasped, when the hell did I drink all my alcohol.


I poured some of the liquid into my cup again and Jason took the bottle from me.


“Okay teach, this isn’t like any other alcohol, more than one cup and you’re out!” He said.


“Well you don’t know but I can hold my alcohol pretty well!” I narrowed my eyes at him.


“Okay?” he laughed and dropped the bottle in front of me.


“And don’t worry, I’ll drink alone, I bet Your friends and your girlfriend are probably looking for you!” I said.


“Yes I have friends! But I’m sorry did you just say girlfriend!”


I nodded. “Yeah why? Am I wrong, the girl with black thick hair, uh… Krystal yep that’s her


name isn’t she your girlfriend?”


Jason laughed. “Eww and no.”


“Why the Eww, she’s pretty and a simple no! would have been just fine.” I explained and raised the glass to my lips for another sip.


“Okay so, Krystal is like… I don’t know how to put this, but it’s like dating your own baby sister.”


Jason expressed.




I sighed “You’re too cruel!”


“I’m not,” He laughed. “I know she has a crush on me right now, but I think she’s going to keep crushing till we’re done with high school cause I don’t think I’ll ever reciprocate the feeling!” Jason stated.


I gasped. “Excuse me are you even human?”


“I am, and I’m just saying the truth!” Jason laughed.


“So you mean there’s not even a chance for me!” Jason and I heard a familiar voice behind us and we both turned to the door to see Krystal standing there looking heart broken. Not really, I think heart shattered.


“Krystal? When did you get here?” Jason looked so surprised.


“So you know I have a crush on you and yet you still… I… i


Krystal was speechless and her voice shook, so instead she just bit her lips and walked out of the room closing the door behind her angrily.


“I think she’s about to cry, go after her!” I tell Jason.


“Why would I? I’m glad she heard it, at least she’ll know we’re not bound to be together in that aspect” Jason snickered.


“You are like the most cruelest human being on earth, I can’t believe you Jason!” I yelled.




“No! I’m serious I can’t force myself to like someone I don’t like! I don’t fall for girls that easily, that just who I am! The only woman I love right now is my mom and I don’t think that’s going to change for now!” Jason stated and I sighed.


Well he’s got a point, you can’t force yourself to like who you don’t like.


“Anyways I’ll be leaving soon!” I said checking my phone, to know what time it is.


“Looks like you’re not party popper” Jason shrugged.


“I’m not, and the only reason I’m sitting, drinking and talking here with you is because it’s your birthday, I’m just giving you a moment to spend time with your teacher!” I said.


“And I’m just here with you because you know like no one here and you’re bored.” Jason said chugging down his drink.


I rolled my eyes and chugged down my drink too.


I stood up from the chair I was sitting feeling a little lightheaded. I controlled my balance and carried my purse.


“So you’re leaving!” Jason stood up too.


“Yeah, I need to get home early” I smiled.


“Okay, so, where’s my birthday present?” Jason asked.


I looked at him. “I have to get you a birthday present?”


He scoffed. “And you call yourself a teacher, so you haven’t been taught about birthday parties, you don’t come empty handed.”


“Control your goddamned mouth Jason and yes, I came empty handed, and now I’m leaving,” I rolled my eyes and walked to the door.


“Wow, and here you are calling me cruel!” Jason said as he trailed behind me.


We made it out of the room and while coming down the stairs, I lost balance and tumbled down the stairs, like Jill, but thankfully Jason caught my hand.


“A little thank you would do!” he said as I continued to walk down the stairs.


I turned to him. “You could have just let me fall!”


I was going to say thank you and then he yelled that.


“Should I push you, that would make everything easy!” Jason snickered behind me as we made


it through the last flight of stairs.


“Too late!” I said.


Jason escorted me out the door and immediately the evening Breeze entered my pores making me have this kind of urge to just puke. I think it’s the work of the drink. “Okay, good night!” Jason said as I made it away from his door.


“See you tomorrow” I replied. “And make sure you apologize to Krystal, you really broke her


heart!” I yelled.


Why am I telling?


“And you get me my birthday present! Then I’ll apologize to her.” Jason replied.


“Stupid!” I yelled before walking out of the compound. Hating the cold wind that surrounded my








I walked back into the living room after seeing Elsa off and closed the door behind me. The heavy music hitting over corners of the room.


My two friends suddenly walked up to me, they both dragged me to my room and when we got there, they shut the door and we could all hear the heavy music playing from downstairs.


My friends looked mad and I wondered what was wrong. They told me to sit on my bed, and I did and they both stood in front of me like some damn persecutors.


“What did you do to Krystal?” Simon asked?


I sighed. “I did nothing wrong!”


“Okay how is nothing wrong this, she was seriously in tears, and when we asked asked her what was wrong she just said Jason and left the party, so how come your name is mentioned when you did nothing wrong!” Donald narrated.


“Oh right, see guys, she heard my conversation with my teach, about how I’m never going to reciprocate the feelings she has for me and well that broke her down, if she hadn’t eavesdrop then she wouldn’t have been heart broken about it.” I expound. Both of my friends became quiet as they both shared a look.



“What?” I asked them.


“Did you apologize to Krystal!” Simon asked.


“She ran out of the room before I could say sorry!” I replied.


“And what were you doing in here with your so-called hot teacher?”


I rolled my eyes “We were having a conversation!” “Just a conversation?” Simon narrowed his eyes at him. I pushed him angrily. “What the hell are you thinking!” “What the hell do you think he’s thinking?” Donald chimed in.


“You clearly left everyone down there and came in here, so you could have some alone and quality time with your teacher, I wished I never told you she was sleeping In here!” Simon yelled. “Okay well, f**k you! Because you told me and whatever quality time you are talking about, it’s not what you think!” I huffed.


“Are you sure?” Simon breathed out.


“Don’t question me about stupid things dude, just because Krystal mentioned me because of her tears doesn’t mean you should go overboard with your questions.” I stated.


Donald sighed. “Okay we are sorry, about that, but we were thinking that you may… We’re not saying you are though, we’re saying you May or May not have a crush on your teacher!”. I turned to him immediately. “Are you dumb?” I glared at him.


I stood up angrily. “Okay, having a crush on my teacher, that is like f**ked up, are you guys crazy, seriously you both should know me better than that, and I thought you were both my friends. Or should I say friends my ass”


I walked passed them and made it out of the door.













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