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I knew am in for a big trouble, I’ve wronged the wrong person. Only if I knew she belong to the spirit craft, I would have been gentle with her. She was communicating with them with her mind, looking at her with a normal eye, they will think she’s reading, but she’s far too gone from reading. no one can hear her but I do. She reported me to her fellow mate and they promised to deal with me. I know I have to do something, before it get too late , so I took the bold step and approach her.

” joy, am really sorry, you don’t have to report me to them, I was only kidding with you” I said.

I observed as they both starred at me in disbelieve.

” I don’t understand you, what do you mean” she asked pretendedly.

” I can see them, I heard everything, they are right beside you” I said with a little fear.

This time they were shocked to their feet, joy gave a signal and they disappeared. Then she hold my hand, and dragged me to a silent place.

” how possible is it that you see them? ” she asked furiously.

” just calm down, I see things others people don’t, I promise I won’t tell anyone about what I saw.” I said with a calm voice. She’s seems uncertain with her decision, as she began ruminating restlessly with doubt.

” why should I trust you?” She asked with a trembling voice.

” have been wanting to ask you this… will you like going out with me” I said with a lustful tune. She looked away shly and nodded in response. I don’t know the devil that came inside me, and pushed me to kiss her, and surprisely she responded to the kiss.

“It’s seems you don’t hate me after all” I said after I disengage my lips for hers.

She smiled,then we exchanged contact. I promised to call her and we both departed.

I head to the relaxation center where I met my friends chilling with Puff Puff and zobo drinks.

“Ben, mayor,Ope, so na here una dey. Wetin una dey chop like dis? ” I asked jokingly.

” wetin e resemble? Roasted yam?” Ope answered.

We both laughed then we began gisting.

“Ay baba, have told this nigga about your gift, well they believe me easily sha, dem talk say dey don dey suspect you self” ope said. I was still thinking about what to say when a call from an unknown number entered my phone.

Me: hello?

Unknown: hello Ay.

Me: do I know you please?

Unknown: of cos you do, I’m yemi.we met at the club last night .

Me: oh… How you doing?

Yemi: very bad.

Me: why?

Yemi: you stole away my happiness. Ever since I saw you, i have been thinking about you.

Me:( AYE MI) oh.

Yemi: I need to see you.

Me: ehen.

Yemi: I will send one of my girls to come pick you up this evening.

Me: emmn… What if am busy.

Yemi: you can’t, I Will be expecting you.

I ended the call and my friends began wailing like a hungry goat.

” of the baddest Ay. Who be that chick wey dey fall for you on phone” mayor said.

I looked down devastated with numerous thought of problems am colliding with.

” you guys won’t believe who she is” I responded with a low voice.

” who she be, pu**y na pu**y!!” Ope shouted.

” the godamn head of the girls we are running from!! She collected my number at the club yesterday” I retorted.

” odumodu!”


” AYE MI!!!”

They all exclaimed one after the other.

” o boi you don enter am ooo” Ben said.

” yea, I know ” catch you guys latter” I said then I excused myself from them.

I was on my way home when Ayokemi park besides me.

” Ay, get in let me drop you” she said, and I jumped in happily into the car.

” ay am sorry about yesterday I…” She hadn’t finish her speech when I caught in.


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” I should be the one saying that, am sorry that I left you yesterday night” I said with a smile. She smiled back and we both began gisting . she drove me to her residence, I was carried away by the gist that I didn’t remember when she reached where am suppose to drop. Well since I found myself in her residence, I see no problem with that.

I surveyed my eyes on her, and I felt a little hardness underneath .

She wore a tight mini skirt that reveal her curves along with a Gucci shirt. Her br**sts are wonderfully standing on her chest. And her ass her officially tremendous.

She dropped her bag then entered the kitchen to prepare a lunch. I stayed behind in the living room thinking about how to get her naked on the bed. When I couldn’t help it, I stood up and joined her in the kitchen. My d**k is now visibly hard, and I hate to hide it when hard. I moved slowly to her then i hug her from behind, I started by caressing her hair, then slowly I move my hand down to her br**st , I squeeze it hard and she let out a gasp. I continue pressing her boobs and she gradually lose focus on the cooking. She turned and lock her lips with mine. I was kissing her hungrily and at the same time pressing her boobs. I removed her top and bra , then I balance the equation on her naked br**st.

I can feel her br**st standing rapidly on my grab. I Bent low then position my mouth on her pink nipples, then I began sucking with alternate concentration. During this process, I walked my left hand down to her ass and I gradually begin to draw her skirt up. Before she knew it, I’ve already drew her skirt up to her waist. My finger was denied of entry by a obstacle called tight.

“damn it!!, another wahala ” I muttered to myself.

I moved my hand to her pu**y curves then I began smoothing my hand around the region. I slowly pull down her tight, then I inserted my middle finger into her wet puna. She let out a pleasurable moan in appreciation to my handiwork.

During this process, I systematically free my kongi and position it at her pu**y entrance.

” should I?” I said slowly into her ear. I guessed she didn’t know what I meant by the statement, she nodded and I thrust in rapidly, my d**k as been in a anticipation mode for a very long time.

At the arrival of my d**k in her pu**y, she cried out loudly. She looked down surprisely to see the connected cables. Have already plugged in my d**k into her puna, the current are already flowing in a parallel resistor. R1+R2+R3=R.

I positioned her very well on the kitchen sink then I spread her leg wide as her pu**y sing a welcoming song to my restless d**k.

I penetrated deeply into her and at the same covering her mouth with a kiss.I wouldn’t want to go deaf with a pleasurable pain moan.

Her pu**y was f**king tight, I can feel the tightness of her pu**ywall against my ebonite rod. I came in slowly at first but I began to gain momentum gradually, and within a short period of time, am on full speed.

She was shouting and saying something that sounds like a iupac name to me.

“Tetraoxosulphate(vi)acid ”

After f**king her this way for some time, I switched to doggy. Her big ass won’t go without being appreciated. I attacked again from behind and this time she was just speaking in tongues.

I enjoyed the sound track am receiving from her, they served as a catalyst. They accelerate the rate of chemical reaction. Well its d**k reaction this time around.

Have been on for an hour and am yet to receive a pleading response from her. I felt challenged as I changed position to “prison break style” I moved her to the kitchen door, then I position her hand on the door handle, then I fired from behind. I raised one of her leg up after while then the firing continues. This go on for another 30 minutes before I release all I have inside her.

” you are really strong ” I said to her when we are having a shower in the bathroom. We had another round of s£x again in the bathroom but this time, she was begging me to stop. Which I did after a lot of pleas.

I head back home in the evening around 7 pm. I was chatting online whit my fishes when a message entered my phone. The message was from my mom so I quickly open it.

” Ayomide leave whatever you are doing and come home first thing tomorrow morning ”

The content of the message were quite perplexing, I called her line , but i couldn’t reach her. I became worried as I began to wonder what might have been the reason for such a message. I called Agatha and inform her about the message. After a while I made up my mind to go home that night, waiting for tomorrow seems like forever to me. I sent a message to all my friends about going home so I head out to the garage.

I got to the motor park around 8:30 , and after waiting for like a hour, the bus was full and we all embark on the night journey. I observed that the bus was dominated with ladies dressed in beautiful outfit, I guessed they are slay Queen’s going for a night party or so. There are only few guys there, about five of them in total. I sat in the front seat beside the driver and I said a little prayer as the bus attain speed. Around 11 pm. Most of the ladies have slept ,some are even snoring.

The driver took a turning by the left, in which I know it a wrong way. Immediately I observed this, I question the driver.

” This is the fastest route to our destination, this road leads to my village, drivers don’t normally pass here because they don’t know the road very well, I grew up here in the village and I know this road very well, don’t worry before 11:30 we will be on the main road again ” he said. My spirit doesn’t go with it, but since the rest of the guys agreed to it. I got no choice than to concor .

I observed something about the path, on both our right and left was dominated with thick Forest. And I kept hearing strange voice from within the Forest.

All of a sudden, a two headed creature appeared from nowhere and stay right in the middle of the road. And before I could say a word , the driver lost control of the bus and we ran into a ditch .

I went unconscious and By the time I open my eyes, the driver has died. All the passenger are alive except for the driver, and he is the only one that know the way out to the main road.

The ladies present are already crying, I guessed they haven’t see a dead man before. The guys in the bus tried to fix the bus, but it seems too damage to work. I check my time and its exactly 12 mid night. I sat on the floor thinking about what to do, when I remember that the accident isn’t a coincidence. I remembered seeing a monster just before the accident occurred. Then I glimpse of fear engulf me. I survey my eye around but I didn’t see anything. I looked by my right then I saw a creature hiding behind a big iroko tree. Its eyes were like that of a snake , it has no hand but,only a pair of short legs. That’s when it occurred to me that we are not alone.

To be continued….

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