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Episode 3

Fear is inevitable, it came to the

bravest but lived with the coward.

I had hardly finished my

statement before they both took

to their kneels. I watched as they

both ran in opposite direction. I

don’t even know which one to

follow. Ope ran like an athletic

champion and Agatha on the

other side is out of sight . I waited

for them to return, but they

didn’t, so I head all the way home

alone. I remembered I have an

outing with Ayokemi, so on

getting home, I made preparation

for it. I wouldn’t want to ruin the

outing, so I make a schedule plan

for it. I dressed in the very best

outfit that could make a lady take

a second look on a guy. Well am

astonishing, I don’t need anyone

to tell me that .

Exactly 5:40 I head to her

residence. I wasn’t allowed in,

into the G.R.A so I ran a call

through to her, she spoke with

one of the security personnel on

phone and he allowed me in.

Locating her apartment wasn’t

hard, every building have a

recognition number. So with that,

am right in front of her door. I

knocked, but I shouldn’t have.

There’s an alarm button by the

door I should have press, but the

blood of locality runs in me… I hit

the door hard.

She opened the door, but I stood

there gasping for breath. Perhaps

her beauty took away my breath.

” do you wanna come in first or

are we good to go like this” she

asked after she realized my


” you are beautiful” I let out, and

she gave a blushing smile.

” so where are you taking me to?”

She asked after she recovered

from her blushing smile.

” beautiful places for beautiful

people like you” I said.

” can you drive? ” she asked while

swinging her car keys.

” sure I can” I said. I remembered

when papa was teaching me how

to drive, well he didn’t make a

good driver out of me, but at

least, I can still maintain the first

and second gear. I collected the

key from her, then we drove out. I

showed her around the town first

then I took her to my regular club

house. But before then, she told

me all I needed to know about

her. Some came as a suprise to

me, and some don’t.

She happens to be born with a

golden spoon Her father is a judge

and he was once a state

commissioner. Her education was

fast, immediately she graduated

she got a job as a lecturer through

her father connection. She didn’t

say anything about her

relationship status, but I know

how to get everything from her

mouth. So I took her to the club

house, I met Ben and others and I

gave them a signal greeting. They

signalled back saying “well done


” what will you like to take

ma’am ” I asked her. She looked

at me with a wired face but later

speak up.

” call me by my name, I love

wines, but i don’t know if they

will have my taste ” she said .

” and what’s your taste if I may

ask” I said with a lustful smile.

” wines like cheval blanc, château

Lafite, château margus, penfolds”

I didn’t let her finish before I cut


” quite an expensive taste,

sincerely speaking i have never

heard of those wines before, I

don’t know if you will manage

Hennessey” I said. She shrugged

her shoulder and I ordered for it,

with a plate of pepper soup each .

She’s one bastard of a drinker.

While Am still battling with a cup

of Hennessey, she has ordered for

another bottle of Hennessey. I

know its a matter of time before

she start seeing stars. I seized the

opportunity to ask about her

status, and she gave me what I

needed, single, I wouldn’t have

think otherwise anyway.


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Everything was going smoothly,

until they arrived, the “slay’s “.

Immediately I slighted them, the

Hennessey am drinking started

tasting like alomo bitters. I can

see Ben and the rest shifting

uncontrollably on their seat.

Ayokemi on the other hand is

enjoying herself, she’s at the edge

of getting drunk but no totally

drunk. Perhaps her experience

with drinking has rigid her

hormones from getting easily

drunk. If am to drink what she has

drank, I would I been singing

song of praises. i don’t want to

spoil her fun, but I can’t stay any

minute longer, considering what

have seen about those Queen’s

and what they are capable of. No

one will want to wait.

” Ayokemi, its getting late, I need

to take you back home” I said

with some little fear.

” the fun is yet to begin” she said

drunkenly, then she emptied the

Hennessey she’s holding. I looked

back to check on my friends, but I

found their seat empty.

” bunch of Coward’s ” I muttered.

Ayokemi is not ready to go and

forcing a drunk lady is not my

way, so I let her stay and have all

the fun she desire.

Am still battling with fear when

the DJ played one of chinko ekun

music track ” shayo”

( shayo no dey disappoint, shayo

na correct bastard)

I ordered for a “red label” wine,

then I enter into the ‘shayo

mode’. All fear gone, it seems am

on top of the world, everything

started getting smaller. I carried

the red label bottle and began

reading the ingredients.

( when achol hits the right spot,

you start reading the ingredients)

I felt a tap on my shoulder, I

turned back only to see two of

the Queen’s behind me.

” The boss want you at her table ”

one of them said, and they both


I took an excuse from Ayokemi,

then I stood up confidently and

head to her table.

” hi handsome, have been

watching you since, is that your

girlfriend?” She asked pointing

her finger at Ayokemi.

” no she’s not, she’s my lecturer ” I


” wao, you must be a bad boy”

she said while putting one of her

fingers in her mouth.

” I am” I replied confidently.

Its seems she didn’t recognize my

face, so I play along with her.

” I’m yemi by name ”

” ayo” I replied.

She pushed her phone to me, I

understood what she meant so I

entered my mobile number. I

returned her phone to her then

returned back to my seat.

” Ayokemi, its time to go home” I

said to her immediately i sat

down, and surprisely she obliged

without hesitating.

I drove her back home and I’m

about turning to take my leave

when she held my hand back.

” Ayo..why don’t you spend the

night here with me…am kinder

lonely ” she said. It came as the

utmost suprise to me, I wasn’t

expecting something like that, I

must be mad if I say no. I didn’t

give her a straight answer, I did

some beating around the bushes

before saying the bleeping yes.

She undressed herself and entered

the bathroom. I sat in her living

room, thinking of the strategy to

use and how to start the bleeping

match .

” care to join” she cried out from

the bathroom.

“That’s it!!! ” I exclaimed.

I didn’t answer her, instead I

answered her with my

appearance. I found her Unclad

under the shower with her back

facing the wall , ‘mehn’ my d**k

sprang up immediately. her

br**sts are perfectly made for her

body and her butt are goddam

great. I fixed my eye on her then I

moved slowly to her. I starred

into her eyes, hers are also on

mine, something gave and I found

my lips collapsing with hers,

which later turned to be a hot

shower kiss, I grabbed her ass

then pin her against the wall, i

walked my hand down to her

br**st then squeeze them up like

a pure water. Some moan escaped

her mouth as she felt the warm

touching of my tongue on her

br**st. I began sucking her br**st

with accurate curiosity, and her

moaning kept gaining

momentum with accurate

pleasure. After a while of non stop

sucking, i inserted a finger in her

pu**y,to check how far I’ve

worked and the level of her

wetness, mehn, the pu**y is tight.

I doubled the finger, in other to

make it wide enough for my

ebonite rod. I moved my head

downward for a head but she

stopped me surprisely, I guessed

she has never be licked before, so

I made her first.

” you might need to hold on

something tightly, cos what am

about to do might make you lose

total control of yourself ” I said

,then I began giving her the very

best of a head. When she felt my

lips on her pu**y, she jacked up

like an asthmatic patient.

When she felt the effect of

pleasure am impacting on her, she

began wailing. I didn’t stop and

neither did she stop her extreme

pleasure scream. My member felt

it’s time to enter a glory hole,so I

carried her in, then position her in

a missionary entry. I was about

thrusting my d**k in when she

stopped me.

” Ay, please am sorry i–i have

never have s£x before, please


( AYE MI, laduru wahala ti mo ti se


At first I didn’t want to stop, but

secondly I can’t force a lady

against her will, I respected her

choice and I let go.

I put on my cloth then head out,

she tried stopping me but I

turned deaf to her, she has

awoken the devil in me and I

need to find a way to satisfy the

devil. Staying there with her

wouldn’t in any way help me. I

board a bike home then I send a

text to Sera , telling her how

desperately am in need of a

pu**y. I waited for her reply but

non came, so I ran a call to her,

and unfortunately for me, her

number was off.

” poo !!! What the Bleep!!!” I


I checked the time and its almost

12: 30, and one thing about me, I

don’t go out once it’s 12 mid

night, not just because of my

sight but have been warn

severely by my parent not to go

out in the night.

Some of my side-chicks lives not

too far from me, I can easily go

meet them but the fear of going

out pinned me down. After a

while I made up my mind then I

head out in the dark, one thing

about student area, it always like

market even if its 2 in the night,

students will still be found


I walked gently alone in the dark,

without speaking to anyone and

minding the very business of

mine. I see things but I pretended

I didn’t, even when they stared at

me eyes to eyes, I pretended as if

I don’t.

I was about crossing the road to

the other side when a dangote

trailer came rushing with full

speed. There was a lady standing

not too far from me ,but I didn’t

look too much at her. Still

minding my business I supposed.

The trailer was advancing with

full speed, and surprisely I see the

lady making a cross along the

road with a walk. I froze

immediately I saw her, cos I knew

the coming trailer will run her


” is she drunk?” I questioned


” hey!!! You gonna get yourself

killed, there’s a trailer coming by

your right watch out ” I shouted

at her.

And the unexpected happened, I

expected the trailer to run her

over but the trailer penetrated

through her. After the trailer is

gone, she turned them faced me.

” poo!!! She’s bleeping not a

human” I muttered.

Her face is as white as a snow

with her eyes red as a hot coal. I

pretended as if I didn’t see her but

it was too late. She came

advancing towards me.

” damn it!!! She got me” I said to


I began wondering why she look

so human from afar. I stood my

ground and pretended as if I

didn’t see her coming. I would

have cross to the other side but

vehicles are moving, so I have no

choice than to wait.

She stood in front of me with her

red terrifying eyes on me. I tried

pretending but its seems not to


She starred directly into my eyes

for several minutes without

taking it off.

” am in for it today” I thought


I crossed to the other side, but

surprisely she followed me.

“I need to get rid of this thing

following me” I said then I board

a bike back home.

I got home only to find her in

front of my door.

I stood there starring at the door

not knowing what to do. And

finally she speak up. Her voice

came as a echo.

” you can see me?” She asked. I

didn’t want to reply her, but

when she kept asking the same

question, I guessed she needs a

reply .

” yea, I do. Now get the Bleep out

of my door ” I said angrily to her.

Surprisely she gave way for me to

enter. I entered then locked

myself in.

I closed my eyes then lied on the

bed, I opened it back only to see

her sitting on my reading chair.

” what the hell!!! What are you

doing in here ” I shouted .

” just wondering why my powers

ain’t working on you, I tried to

blind you, but you still can see. I

tried to kill you ,but you still live.

There’s a lot you don’t know

about yourself, you have a guest

at the door” she said then she


I heard a knock on my door and I

opened the door only for Sera to


” I saw your message, can it still

work” she said with a wink.

Well the devil has already died

down, but its takes a devil to

arose a devil.

The woke up the following day to

see numerous messages and calls

from Ayokemi. I prepared myself

and head to the school.

After the morning lecture, I was

reading silently on my own when

joy came from nowhere and

threw a hard copy at me.

” Dr Ale requested me to give you

that…he said there will be a

debate test in his next class, he

said you will be representing the

boys, so prepare yourself with

that” She said and he turned to

leave .

” who’s representing the ladies? ”

I asked after her. Knowing fully

well it will be no one but her.

She stopped on her track then

turned and face me.

” bloody fallacy, argumentum

elechi ” she said with a rolling


” which supposed to be?” I asked.

” irrelevant question ” she


( AYE MI !!!)

I watched as she walk away

briskly from me. I felt like causing

trouble so I stood up and went to


” joy…am sorry about what

happened the other day, I didn’t

intentionally press that boobs of

yours, it was a coincidence, but

sincerely speaking those boobs

are great, so succulent and soft, I

can’t wait to have another

coincidence like that, I will press

and squeeze it like an Orange ” I

said .

” you bastard!!!” She retorted.

” now we are even” I said then I

disappeared from her view.

I went back to my seat,

pretending to be reading but am

not actually reading , am

surveying my eyes around to see

if David and his crew are not

nearby. I returned my eyes back

to joy but only to see two women

beside her, clad on a white

wrapper. No one see the women

but I clearly do.

” what the hell !! She’s a witch?

Temi bami”

To be continued….



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