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Episode 18

Previously on adventure with the slay queens

On the search for the shell…

I activated the mind map, then I began following the direction being shown in my head. After walking for an hour I was stopped all of a sudden by Erica.

“Do you see where you are going into!!!? ” she screamed out loudly.

” I think it’s time you open your eyes and see the real world and not just a mental map!!! ” She added more aggressively.

“where are we? ” I asked with a little confusion.

“at the entrance of a forbidden forest, no one go in there and come out ” She said with some hand demonstration.

I take a quick survey of the forest, I can see evil aroma moving dangerously in the air. Saying I wasn’t scared will be an understatement.

” so what do you suggest we do? ” I asked trying to hide my fear.

“I suggest we turn back and leave!! ” she retorted. I agreed to her suggestion then we both turn to leave. All of a sudden, I heard a distant voice calling my name. We both stopped on our track and face each other surprisely.

“could that be coming from the forest? ” I thought out loudly. Slowly, Erica turned back her head, and with a trembling gasp, she let out.

“Ay, there’s something behind us…Run!!! ”

Episode 18

Death is inevitable so as much is fear, no one lives forever, no one lives fearless.

Behind us, was an imaginary being. I can’t differentiate if it’s a he or a she, but all the creature body was covered with blood. I was floored down with fear, I couldn’t think of anything but to run, dying as a food to an evil creature would be the last thing I would ever dream of.

I speed up like Usain Bolt leaving Erica far behind, I looked back and I found out that the creature is closing up on Erica, and within a seconds, the creature catch up with her and begin to drag her back into the forest.

“shit!!! ” I muttered loudly to myself. I felt hurt seeing the creature dragging Erica on the floor, then suddenly an unannounced bravery took hold of me.

“Hey! you motherf**ker!!! Why don’t you pick up on someone of your own size!!! ” I shouted out sillily.

Surprisedly, the creature let go of Erica and began walking towards me. I stood there foolishly not knowing what to do, but I later develop a courage and advance bravely towards the creature.

” show me what you got motherf**ker” I said a mixture of bravely and fear. I got no response from the creature but it lays it eyes on me not even a single blink occur.

” what power do you have to talk to me like that ” that came from the creature and the voice sounds a little coarse, so I guessed it’s a he. Erica was already behind me

” gentleman, you have no idea ” I retorted back sharply adding up with a silly grin.

” I can turn you to a frog as you stand ” he said confidently, I guessed I didn’t see that coming. Even though I was engulfed with fear, I think I still have the freedom of speech.

“oh really? You really can do that?. Wao that’s awesome. By the way I’m Ayo… ”

“save your trash I know who you are ” he cut in rapidly. I looked back at Erica, giving her a eye signal to run. But she was just looking at me like a fool.

” I thought mermaids are suppose to have powers ” I said silently to her, and she replied back with a whisper.

” I’m weak without the shell ” . I took a deep breath then I moved closer to the creature. I knew escaping the creature will only takes logic, non of us are of a match to him. So I tried my tricks on him, hoping it will work.

” What about settling this man to man, maybe man to spirit. You let her walk freely from here and you have me to deal with. What did you think about that? ” I said hoping to receive a positive response.

“she’s a fish, it’s been long I’ve tasted a fish. I’m not going to let her go not even for anything ” he roared loudly. At this point I knew escaping is impossible. I was about giving up when I realized something, we are yet to step in into the forbidden forest, and by my calculations we are more than hundred feets away from the entrance. Then I remember seeing the creature trying to drag Erica into the forest. Which means the creature power lies in the forest.every evil forest always have a rules. I learnt that from my little monster friend.I quickly made my mind up and took a brave step. I put on a smile and walk majestically around the creature, trying to be as calm as I can.

” you got 2 minutes to turn back and head into the forest, you think I’m not familiar with forest like this? I’ve been into one and I are standing on the ground that is forbidden to you. You came out just because you see her and you want to eat her. You have a minute left to turn back and leave. Don’t try me you got 40 seconds left… ” I haven’t finish my speech when I noticed that the creature has disappeared. That came as a surprise cos I wasn’t expecting it to be quick and easy as that.

“how did you do it? ” Erica asked Surprisely.

” I just talk” . I said then I move away slowly, but I hold her hand like a primary school child along with me .

We got home both tired and hungry, I head into kitchen and began preparing what I know is eatable even though it might taste horribly. I was cooking when I heard Erica talking from the room.

“what does it feel like to be a human? ” she asked. I paused for a while not knowing what and how to reply her. After a while, I let something out.

“it feels ordinary and free ” I said.

“you have any regret being a human and not a spirit or mermaid like me ” she added immediately.

” well, I’m not the creator but I love it being a human. Why are you asking this question anyway? ” I asked.

” I’m a mermaid, I’m not suppose to stay too long on the floor…and I can’t return without the shell…”

“what will happen if you don’t see the shell and return in time ?” I cut in with a question.

” I will lose everything, I will be completely human just like you ” she let out sadly. I remained mute, now I understand why she was asking about being a human, I can see that she’s losing hope.

I prepared a jollof rice maybe it’s a concoction rice I don’t know, all that I know is that the rice is red. Half burnt anyway.

The rice didn’t taste good, but to my greatest surprise, Erica was eating it with so much joy. That was the first time someone will eat a food I prepare horribly without giving a complain. I smile as I watch her eat and it seems I’m getting to like her. I felt pity for her and I determine in my mind to help her get the shell back.

“You ain’t that a bad cook…” she said, but I quickly cut in.

“shut up” I said.

” did you just say I’m not a bad cook? ” I asked in expectancy of a good reply from her.

“you said shut up, so what happened to the shutting up? ” She retorted, I guessed I’ve gotten my size, so I remain silent before she give me another one.

Late in the night when she’s far gone asleep. I woke up then I head back into the forbidden forest. Just at the entrance, I heard my name being called again.

“show yourself ” I said calmly. There came a flash of light, then all of a sudden a giant snake with a glowing eye appeared before me.

“it’s me Tina, you remember me? ”

I was shocked when I heard the voice.

” yes… I remember you. But not as a snake I thought you were dead. Killed by the evil snake back then ” I replied.

” yes alot happened, I thought I was dead, but when I opened my eyes, I found my body gone… All that is left of me is this, a snake. She’s so powerful she made me her successor. ” she said.

” oh… it’s good to hear from you again… I’m here looking for a shell, I… I… ”

“I have it ” she cut in.

I felt a glimpse of joy running through me.

“really? please can you give it to me, it’s very important to someone I know ”

I said happily.

“I’m sorry, I can’t… I can’t give you. I brought it from a human with a thousand year of my age. The shell is my only hope of being a human, I’m tired of being a snake. I can’t give it to you. I hope you will understand me ay. ” she said.

I felt sorry for her, but on the other hand, the shell is very important to Erica to be able to return back to her world. I head back home with an unsettled mind. Erica was already up when I entered.

“Ay where are you coming from? what’s up? You seems a little edgy ” she threw at me immediately I entered. At first I didn’t know how to lay the matter down to her but I know hiding it from her will be an issue.

” I went back to the forbidden forest in search of your…”

” are you nut!!! You go there alone without telling me, you could have get yourself killed ” she cut in with a high voice.

” if I’m dead or didn’t come back, does it mean anything to you? ” I asked trying to make myself less important, but she covered my mouth with her hand.

” it’s means something to me, you are the only human I can trust, even with my life, what you did back then today for me means a lot to me. I wasn’t expecting you will stop just because of me, but you did. I’m grateful. So you mean something to me and not just the shell ” she said. That cools me as I lay on the floor and doze off.

The following day, I was woken by the continuous knock on my door, I opened the door and saw my friends Ben, ope and mayor. I know they have come with there troubles. I didn’t need to usher them in, they are no guest. Immediately they enter the room, they saw Erica lying on the bed. They look at each other faces then they began humming like 4matic Benz. Giving eye and hand gestures like a traffic policemen.

I knew what they are thinking, so immediately I voiced out.

” No. It’s not what you guys are thinking, she’s just a friend” I said trying to make them believe me, but I know it won’t go easy that way.

“Ekun… She’s just a friend and she’s sleeping on your bed? Woman warrior I respect you die, where you see this beautiful girl. She’s very beautiful ooo. Jawa si na. Tell us, no dey scope us ” ope said while giving me a playfun punch.

” you guys have to believe me, she’s not what you think ” I said with a serious face.

” when are you entering school, and hope you don’t forget that today is jersey day in school, so put on a jersey while coming. You know where to find us in school ” Ben said and they all moved out. I lock the door then face Erica, I knew she’s up both just pretending to still be sleeping.

” did I snore tonight? ” I asked while heading to the bathroom.

“no you didn’t. I wanna follow you to school will you take me along ” she asked like a little child. At first I wanted to decline her request, but I understand how being alone will look like, so I considered it.

” no problem, today is jersey day, you will have to wear a jersey…”

“but I don’t have a jersey” she cut in rapidly.

“that won’t be a problem, I have two Madrid jersey, I will give you one ” I said.

“thank you ” she screamed back.

When we were both set, we wear the same jersey then we head to school, every guys we came across were all flabbergasted by her beauty. This make her scared as she hold my hand tightly. Too tight for comfort I will say.

She entered the lecture room with me, I begged her to stay outside but she refused, so I let her follow me into the lecture room. I saw the expression on joy face when she saw her, I guessed she’s trying to see through her, but she couldn’t. I also was a victim. I couldn’t see through her when I first sas her too.

Immediately after the lecture, she came running at me with fury.

“who is she? ” she shouted angrily to the extent that Erica heard her.


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I was about calming her down when Erica replied her.

” I’m his sister, from village, I arrived yesterday ” she said with a smile.

Joy look at me in expectation of whether she’s right or not from me, and I nodded saying its true.

She later introduce herself to Erica and she went her way, but not after telling me to call her when I got home.

” is that your girlfriend?” Erica asked after she has left.

“I don’t have girlfriend orgirlfriends, I’m a bad boy. But we do f**k each other ” I said confidently.

” I like it when you say the truth.I hope you know she’s a witch? ” she said With her eyes surveying around to be sure that no one Is hearing her.

” Yea I do… Let go have lunch ” I said then I drag her to the school canteen.

The day was lovely with her, we played, went to some certain places together, people even think maybe we are dating. We sat at the school water fountain water together enjoying the beautiful view of the water. She kept staring at my eyes, I couldn’t look back cos I was scared I won’t be able to resist the urge feelings that was pushing me to kiss her. I first thought maybe she’s using her charm on me, but it’s not her charm. I’m the one with the problem. Maybe I like her, I can’t possibly say. It doesn’t seems right to be in love with a mermaid. I don’t know what love is, so I can’t possibly say I love her. All I know is that I like her. When I finally attain the courage to look back into her eyes, I was close to kissing her when Agatha showed up.

” hi Ayo, it’s been a while, it’s seems you’ve got someone closer than your bestie with, introduce me to her or do you need me to break your head first ” she said, I knew that’s her style and I knew she has always been afraid of the day I will have someone closer to me than her. I quickly introduce her to Erica, and they both exchanged pleasantries.

“Ayo I can’t believe you hide the beautiful lady away from me, is she a student here or from another school ?” she asked. I was still thinking of how to reply her when Erica suddenly reply her.

” I’m his sister, from the village ” she said with a big grin. Agatha looked puzzled cos she knew I got no sister. Before she start her inquisition, I quickly back her up.

” she meant to say a family sister, she came for a visit though, she will be returning soon” I said. She shrugged her shoulders and move some steps away from us.

“big head, do you know that you can’t lie to me, I saw the way that you are looking at her and beside you were about kissing your sister, see you around big head ” she said then she moved away waving her hands. The rest of the day was eventful was eventful, we later head back home after she was tired of exploring around.

When night falls, I head into the forbidden forest to plead again with Tina , but it seems She’ve got her mind made up.

“Ayo I’m sorry, I’ve once save your life, can’t you do this for me too. I don’t like the way I’m turning you down. There’s an evil in me telling me to kill you right now but I can’t, I don’t want to be this way forever. Try to understand me please ” she said slowly.

” actually I do understand you,It’s just that I hate to break a promise,Just as I fulfill the promise you made me made for you. I promised her I will help her get the shell back. It’s means life to her. I don’t mind coming here everyday to see you, just to make you feel human. Please give me the shell, I don’t see you as a snake, but as the Tina I used to know please ” I said with a plea.

” you promise to always come see me? ”

“yes, I will always come to see you. I promise” I said with much joy.

” I’m giving you the shell not because of the promise, but because of the past and also because you deliver the parcel. It means so much to me, the shell is behind the tree beside you, cut a leave from the tree and use it to cover it. This will prevent some other higher spirit from seeing it, go, take it and answer no one till you get home ” she said then she disappeared. I do as she instructed, and head home with my eye in my pocket. I saw many creature staring at me but I didn’t give them a second look, I just increase my speed.

I got home with so much joy in me.

” wake up Sleeping Beauty! ” I yelled happily.

” I’m not sleeping dumb head, you left me all alone here to meet your girlfriend, what if something happens to you on your way there or back home ? Do you think I’m gonna stop you from seeing your girlfriend ” she retorted angrily. Her reaction got me confused as I began thinking maybe she followed me to the forbidden forest and probably thinking Tina is my girlfriend.i couldn’t be so sure so I played smart.

“girlfriend? ” I asked with a confuse mask.

” Yea, your girlfriend joy. The witch girl, is it not her place you are coming from or is it from Agatha place ? She replied rolling her eye at angle 90.

I gave a sign of relief cos she got it all wrong, I wanted to tell her the good news, but for a moment I hesitated. I realized she will be gone after she have the shell, and for the first time, I forgot about collecting her tears in return, all I want is for her to stay a little bit more with me, and right there before me, I beginning to miss her, even when she’s yet to go. I couldn’t keep the shell from her, it’s hers so I have to let her know.

” What will you do to a friend that have once save your life but needed your help? ” I asked without even knowing .

” I’ll help the friend ” she replied swiftly. I took a deep breath before saying another word.

” well that doesn’t goes with me… I’ve found the shell ” I said then I give her the shell. The expression on her face said it all. She jumped up high, hug me severally, made some screaming then later start staring at it with alot a happy face.

” how did the you fInd it ?” she asked with a mouth full of happiness.

“from a friend that needed help…well, never mind, what matter now is that you got want you wanted ” I said slowly then lay low on the ground. The fact that she will be living tommorow sadden me.

” I will miss you when you are gone” I said ,but I got no response from her.

When dawn break, I opened my eyes to see the door opened, I quickly check the bed but I found Erica gone. I saw an envelope on my reading table, I opened it and I found a letter addressed to me.

Dear friend

I’m sorry to leave you without saying goodbye, but by the time you will be reading this, I would have been far gone away. I’m grateful for all your help, you made me believe in human. It’s hurt me to leave you but I got to return to where I come from.seeing my parents one more time will mean everything to me. I cried all night, I couldn’t sleep, the memories I had with you made me cry, I’m scared of missing you but I will always miss you …You are my first true friend.

There’s a small bottle in your wardrobe, my tears are in there… And beside it, is what your friend seek for, the shell, I know what it’s capable of, use it well. Sometimes we made hard decision. Sometimes in life there’s no going back. I pray I receive a blessing from my parents, Cos I’m starting a journey with a new path. I pray we meet again and if we do, you will see me as a human and not as a mermaid.

Yours sincerely


“Thank you, I’m going to miss you too ” I said slowly.

When I returned the shell back to Tina, she was overwhelmed with joy, she has lost hope but somehow grace found her back. She did the right thing by giving the shell to me, and someone else did a precious thing by returning it back to her. She owe her an appreciation.

I followed Tina back to her parent house, everyone flee when they saw her except for her mom. Mothers are great vessel, she don’t even cares if she’s a ghost or not. She hugged her tightly and weep bitterly on her shoulder. Her Adventure in the forest will be her story, nothing will come out from my mouth to anyone. And if she choose to make it a secret, then it will remain a secret forever.

True love exists not only in dreams but in reality. I was speechless when I saw the expression of love between Tina and her boyfriend. I remember Tina giving me a parcel to give to him back then in the forbidden forest. And he held on to the parcel, Even when I told him Tina didn’t make it out, he said he will wait all years for her to return back to him, there was no hope, but he will keep on loving her till his death. That was the aspect I didn’t tell Tina, but when I saw him, he made me believe In hope and never to lose it. He promised not to love anyone else but her. And he held to his promise. Now you know the reason why I was speechless when I saw them together. That kind of love only exist in my imagination. But they brought it out real for me.

I have my own problem to face, I left the following day back to school, I exchange contact with Tina boyfriend, his name is Josh, sometimes I wish I’m like him, but a dog will always be a dog. It will take a miracle to turn me in.

With the tears in my hand, finding a great hunter would be cinch.I travelled to a small village where I met with one, his name is Akanji. Everyone calls him the great hunter, I was even told he has take down an elephant before. That’s quite a story, I will take it down in a minute if I got a sniper rifle and not a double barrel. Anyway things are easier said than done.

Akanji has 3 wives and 8 children,Only One of them is a male the rest are females, young enough to be tame. They are beautiful too, I wonder how a village pu**y will taste like. His daughters got their eyes on me, but I got to keep off, wouldn’t want to get into trouble with a hunter.

I explained my mission to him, When I told him I need to contact Mojala, a female spirit dear that could transform into human, He stood up then he went laughing at me. Maybe it’s sounds like a jokes to him, cos for about five minutes, I still found him laughing.

” this is no Joke, I’m serious here” I muttered angrily.

” please tell me more, I’m enjoying your bed time story ” he said then follows by another round of laughter. I knew he will need a prove that I’m serious so I think of one, I was still thinking when I saw a bush rodent moving freely around.

” isn’t this animal suppose to be in the forest, why is it moving In broad daylight? ” I asked with curiosity hoping to learn new things from a hunter. But his response shocked me.

” which animal? ” he asked Surprisely.

“that rodent, there at the edge of the wall” I said pointing my hand at the direction where the rodent is. All of a sudden he stopped laughing, he went inside without saying a word then he came out back, clad on a cloth full of different charms, and on his right hand is his hunting gun. His appearance scared me as I began to wonder what I might have said to anger him.

He brought out a powder substance and blow it at me, I wave it away with my hands and duster my top off the whitish particles.

” why are you doing this? ” I asked with confusion. He later drop his gun and ask me to seat down.

” I was only checking if you are a spirit from the forest, cos many of them do take human form and come into my house. That rodent over there is my pet, whenever a danger is coming, it will let me know before the danger get to me. if I may ask, how did you see that rodent, cos I know only a person with special power can see that rodent ” he said calmly, I can still see him keeping his distance. I smiled before I reply him.

” I see things other people don’t, so tell me about mojala” I said. He took a deep breath, then he mentioned the name mojala almost 3 times before he begins his speech.

” mojala is a white female dear, sometimes when I go deep into the forest, I do see her from a distance, but I’ve never get close to her before, she’s untrackable, her path can’t be seen.I’ve tried tracking her, but most of the time,i get lost in forest. There are alot of misery about her. I was told by my father that mojala is not just an ordinary dear, he said she can transform into human and with her is always a pot of water. That’s all I know about mojala ” he said .

” I need to get to mojala, I need your help, my life depends on the pot of water she’s carrying, I have only one moon left for me to live, but if I can get this done before then, it would be better for me, just tell me how much it will cost me, I will pay you ” I said remorseful.

” I don’t want your money, we live tonight ” he said then he stand up swiftly like a warlord then head inside. After he has gone inside, one of his daughter approached me and began showing me her br**st. It was very tempting but I remember a rodent got an eye on me so I quickly control myself before a village pu**y land me into trouble.

7 pm in the evening, he called me aside and give me some charms to put on. He said it will protect me from some dark Spirit in the forest. Only if he knows how I roll with the forest spirit, maybe he will know I don’t need such charm to protect myself, anyway I collected it , I never can say what await us. One of his daughter that was showing me her br**st the other time, approached me and systematically put something In my pocket, I was thinking maybe it’s a love latter or not. She move closer to me then whisper something to my ears.

“Chew the stuff in your pocket when you get to the forest, it will protect you ” she said then she gave me a wink. Well she’s quiet charming, so it will be hard to turn her down.

We head out by 8pm, we walked for an hour before we reach the forest, I wonder why we didn’t take a bike. Immediately we got to the forest, I began chewing the charm she gave me as a chewing gum. But I later swallowed it .

forest is somewhere I’m familiar with, so I walk my way clearly with him. We walked for hours non stop, many animal came our path, but he didn’t shoot at any of them. I asked him why and he replied saying we won’t see mojala if we shoot any of them.

” so where are we going now? ” I asked after I realized our journey are of the Israelites.

” you can’t see mojala here, we will have to go deep into the forest, I hope you can handle what you will see when we got into the interior ” he said as he move along the bushes. I smiled in response, cos I’m sure he didn’t see what I’ve been seeing since we enter the forest.

The forest began getting darker and thicker as we advance deeper. Around 1 am, the weather changed. with the ray of lightning I’m seeing, I knew it will rain. Not too long it began raining. We hide under a shade to prevent the rain from hitting us. It was during this time that we sighted Mojala.

” what should we do now? ” I asked immediately.

” I don’t know, I’ve never see her this close before, perhaps it’s you. Maybe she isn’t running away from you, there must be a connection between you and her” he replied.

” I know what to do” I said, then immediately I brought out the mermaid tears and advance towards her slowly, something told me to whistle so I began whistling, this drew her attention towards me as she began staring directly into my eye. I was scared cos she never for take off her gaze away. It was all focused on my. I did the same as well. I’m just some feet away from her when she transformed from a dear into a beautiful maiden .

” Follow me “she said and I obliged without saying a word. We got to a place which I will call her abode she offered me a seat then she began talking.

” you seek for the forest water which I have not ” she said swiftly. This got me scared as I beginning to wonder where else to find the forest water. I was about speaking up, when she stopped me.

” I’m mojala, the spirit of the forest, I see the future and I see the past, you are about to be betrayed, take that pot of water and leave ” she said then she turned back into a dear and speed away. I noticed something when she was turning back into a dear, the mermaid tears that I was holding disappeared then later reappeared back after she’s gone. I carried the pot of water and head back to where Akanji is happily.

” she gave you the forest water? ” he asked immediately he sighted me from afar.

“yes she did ” I replied happily. I was about closing up with him when I saw him pointing his hunting gun at me. At first I thought maybe he was aiming at an animal behind me but when he told me to drop the Water pot and the mermaid tear, that was when I knew, I’m the one he’s aiming at.

” what are you doing? ” I asked with confusion.

” I’m getting rich idiot, don’t you know how precious those two things are, they can make me rich forever. Any last word before I send you to hell? ” he roared.

I took a deep breath, I remember I will be dead if I didn’t have the forest water and the mermaid tears, I see no reason to beg for my life. And for once, I got fed up of the world.

” my mistake was trusting you, I never knew you will betray me, go ahead shoot me but if I ever see you again in this world or the next, I will make sure you die begging me ” I said, but he quickly cut in.

” there will be no next life for you ” he said then he fired.

I remembered the gunshot, I remember going down, I remember the pain,slowly the images got blurred and everything went black and silent.

To be continued….

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