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Episode 10

The true measure of a man is not how he behaves in moments of comfort & convenience but how he stands at times of controversy & challenges.

“Who could be knocking by this time of the night” I wondered loudly.

I wanted to ignore the person but the person kept on knocking.

” could it be yemi or any of her girls ” I wondered. After a while I summoned up courage.

” who is that?” I asked.

” please open the door, am stranded, I need a place to spend the night ” said by a female voice .

I hesitated before opening the door. I saw a lady of about 26 years of age dressed in a black suit. She looked more like a person that got a bank job.

” come in ” I said to her. She entered surveying her eyes around my room.

” am really sorry for disturbing you, my car broke down along the road, and its too dangerous to spend the night out there, am very sorry for the inconvenience ” she said.

She’s quite a stranger but am relieved she isn’t yemi or any of her girls. I asked if she’s hungry and she said no, so I made the bed ready for her to sleep and I slept on the floor. My ways of hospitality.

I woke up around 5am, do some cleaning and I also prepare some noodles. I didn’t catch her face clearly yesterday night due to the darkness, but I was able to see her face very clearly in the morning. She’s quite a beauty, with a chocolate skin and a pointed nose. She woke up around 6 am in the morning, I have already made ready everything she will be needing.

” Good morning” I said as soon as my eyes came in contact with hers.

” morning thanks for the help” she replied.

” its nothing, there’s is warm water in the bathroom and a towel by the door, you can go have your bath. Let me excuse you ” I said then I head out. I went outside the compound and I found the Benz car, that was following me yesterday night. I checked and looked around for the owner but I didn’t see anyone. I brought out a pen and write the car plate number. I was about leaving when I noticed something . my guest said her car broke down, how can she have possibly locate me if she hadn’t be following me.

I head back into the compound, I was at the edge of entering inside when I heard her receiving a call, so I stayed behind and eavesdropped on her.

” I spent the night at his place, I need another car, park it along the highway and disconnect the battery connection, I told him my car broke up, so that’s the new plan ” she said then she ended the call. Now everything began getting weird to me, she’s definitely the person that followed me and she deliberately spend the night at my place. I need to know her plans, and the only way to know her plans is to play along.

I knocked on the door before entering to meet her. I met her eating the noodles I prepared, I was shocked, I wondered how she know about the noodles. I stood there amazed .

” am sorry, am really hungry ” she said slowly.


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” its okay, the noodles are for you, am just wondering how you could trust to eat a food prepared by a stranger, not even scared if there’s something else in it.” I said. She swallowed mouthful of noodles before replying me.

” you didn’t look like someone that will do that, I slept peacefully yesterday night, you didn’t touch me so why won’t I trust you with this food.” She said. She made me smile with her words, at least am not a bad person after all.

” I’m Janet and you are?” She asked.

” I’m Ayo ” I replied.

She finished up the noodles and rested a while before leaving

” perhaps I could help with your broke down car” I said. She nodded and we both walked out. We walked passed the Benz car and began heading upward, she stopped beside a BMW car parked along the street.

” over here” she said. I asked her to open the car bonnet which she did . I found the car battery disconnected just as i heard, so I connect it back. She ignited the engine and its works .She thanked me and gave me a hug in appreciation. I knew she will be thinking that her plans are working not knowing that I heard all her conversation.

She collected my digit and promised to check on me some other time. She left and I head back home, on my way back, I ran a call to one my friend friend studying criminology. His name is Desmond, he enjoyed solving criminal case, and he’s also a good computer hacker. I met him doing my first year in the university, I saved his ass from getting kicked by some angry mob. So we became friends through that.

Me: hello Desmond.

Desmond: yea what’s up?

Me: I need your brain

Desmond: seriously? How may I help you bro?.

Me: let meet at 14:00 outside the school library.

Desmond: don’t be late.

Me: not this time.

I ended the call, head back home, had my bath then set to school. On my way to school I came across Ayokemi. I know I owned her an explanation of my sudden disappearance and why I never check on her.

” so they were right, all guys are the same after you had want you wanted you left without even a note or something ” she muttered angrily.

” Ayokemi am sorry, something very terrible came up, I barely escape alive, I arrived 2 days ago. I had you in mind…” She barely let me finish my words before she cut in.

” I don’t buy that kind of lie, ever since you left I have been searching all around for you. Your number wasn’t going, nothing was. So you think you can now cook up a lie for me now, I know you are with a lady that’s why your number wasn’t going ” she said angrily.

I know the only way to calm her down to believe me is to go slowly on her.

” yea… I was wrong, I ought to have contacted you, but believe this or not, my life was in danger through out the passed weeks, perhaps you will be happy if am dead, cos me being alive seems not to please you… I have to go” I said then I made to move. But she quickly held me back.

” Am sorry, I was too quick about my decision… I felt lost, I thought you left me, I never knew your life…hey what happened? ” she asked in confusion.

” I will tell you all about it back in the evening ” I replied.

” till then, take care of yourself… For me, you were my first in everything ” she said then she head to her office.

Through out the day, I noticed that my moves are being followed, By the same car, parked in front of my villa. I couldn’t see the inside cos the car was tinted. But I had the plate number all in my head.

Few minutes to two o’clock, I head to the school library. I met Desmond sitting around a corner pressing his phone.

” you are late” he said. I checked my time before replying him back.

” I’m five seconds late” I said. He gave a weird chuckle .

” you are still late, so what did you want me to do for you? ” he asked.

” am being followed. a benz car with plate number LND915BU. It has been following my moves since yesterday night. And with all I got so far, its a lady she came to my place around 2am.claiming she was stranded and that her car broke down. So I let her spend the night with me. This morning I caught her telephoning someone. But before that, I saw the car that followed me yesterday night parked outside my compound, which I know it belong to her. She told the person she needs a car park along the street without a battery connection. And I met it just as she said. And through out today this same car have been around me. I need to know the kind of shit am into.” I said.

Desmond took a deep breath before answering me.

” with the way I see things… I don’t know or I can’t say who they are until i have my research . All you have to do right now is to outsmart them, do as if you know nothing, am very sure she will come back to you. We need to know their mission, so you need to play along with their plans. As soon as I receive information on who they are, I will let you know. ” he said . I thanked him and we both head a separate ways.

I went to my regular spot, where my friends do stay after the day work. I met them, including my bestie chanting happily. I wished am as happy as they are but I got problems surrounding me.

” hi guys, its Thursday what do think about drinking some palm wine.” I said immediately I joined them.

” wao, that’s awesome its been long that I’ve drink a palm” Ben said.

” from where I come from, we are palm wine drinkers, I can drink seven calabash of palm wine as you dey see me so and I won’t feel anything” Ope said boastfully.

“Shooooo!!!” We all exclaimed.

” oya let’s go to the Palm wine joint, thunder will fire you if you no drink seven calabash today ” mayor said.

We are agreed and we all moved to a Palm wine joint. The place was quite crowded, so after revolving for some time, we were able to secure a seat.

We ordered for a calabash of palm wine each except for Ope, we ordered he should be giving 3 calabash for a start. So we began drinking. Just as ope finished drinking the second calabash. He raised one of the empty calabash up and began looking at it. After a while He tried standing up, but he staggery shakes the table during this process, that all of us had to hold tight on our calabash of wine, to prevent it from pouring away.

He cleared his throat then he prepared a speech.

” one house please, hello every one present in this place, can I have your attention please ” he said shouted.

This draws the attention of all the people and they all focus on him.

” Please ooo, I don’t understand two things ooo, one, I have been studying this calabash for the past five minutes and I can’t see where they write the ingredients. Abi is it written in your own calabash?

Number two ,i want to urinate, and I have been thinking since, I dont even know the location of my p*n*s again” He said.

“Ha !! Ope, tie ba e. Aye drinking career e ti baje patapata , it is located below your nose. Na only two calabash you drink ooo. You don dey talk rubbish. See that girl wey dey there .she finish 10 calabash. Nothing do her. ” mayor said.

During this period, three messages entered my phone, one was from joy and the 2nd was from Ayokemi and the last was from yemi. I opened joy message first.

” hi Ayo, I just want to let you know that am thinking about you right now, I really enjoyed what happened between us both yesterday, and am looking forward for more from you. I love you dear”

I smiled after reading the message then I proceed to the second message from Ayokemi.

” my love, am sorry about what happened this morning, I will be expecting you at my place tonight. Love you so much ”

I wanted to ignore the 3rd message which was from yemi, but somehow I opened it.

” hi dear, you left me alone yesterday night. If not for the fact that I like you, I must have ordered for your head by now. But I can’t do that, you are so precious to me, give me a call when you see this message. Love ya”

I excused myself from the rest then I went to a silent place. I was thinking about the shit I got myself intop when I felt a tap by my shoulder, I looked up to see Janet standing in front of me. I was surprised to see her, but I quickly maintain my cool.

” hi Janet, what are you doing here” I asked surprisely, knowing fully well she’s been following me.

” thanks for yesterday, I came to buy palm wine ” she said.

” oh you drink palm wine?, that’s good I was also having some, I just come outside for some fresh air ” I said.

She sat down beside me and throw a weird look at me.

” you seems devastated, is anything the problem ?” She asked.

” no am fine” I replied.

” are you going anywhere tonight, am just thinking maybe we could hang out together ” she said.

” am sorry… I got the night all occupied, maybe some other time ” I replied.

After she’s out of sight I ran a call to Desmond.

Me: hello.

Desmond: am with you.

Me: she just left me.

Desmond: I told you she will come

Me: anything?

Desmond: yea, about the car, its a government registered car.

Me: which means?

Desmond: cultists don’t use such a car , only government officials .

Me: so you are saying, she’s a police?

Desmond: something like that, but am not sure, I will have to work more on that.

Me: thank you .

Desmond: don’t mention.

I ended the call then ran another call to yemi.

Me: hi

Yemi: baby boo

Me: how you doing?

Yemi: what you did yesterday pained me a lot ooo, if its another guy that try such with me . He won’t live to see today ooo.

Me: am sorry.

Yemi: I’ve forgiven you, but you just have to make it up.

Me: what did you want me to do.

Yemi: you are spending the weekend with me.

Me: what if I have place to go.

Yemi: then we go together.

Me: ha

Yemi: common love. You are a lucky guy, I don’t give such a shit for a guy.

Me: have heard you.

Yemi: so should I be expecting you tonight?

Me: no

Yemi: why?

Me: I need to be somewhere. You have all the weekends .

Yemi: hmmm okay dear love you.

Me: bye bye.

I ended the call then I went back inside. I drank one calabash of palm wine more before leaving with my friends.

” Ay are you coming to the club tonight? ” Ben asked.

” emmm… I can’t really say. I need to see someone tonight” I replied.

” Ay, abeg help me tell your best friend Agatha that I love her die, I don dey toast her all this year, she no gree. Wetin be my offense? ” ope said drunkly .

” when was the last time you f**k a pu**y?” I asked.

” yesterday night ” he replied.

” that’s it, he knows who we are, we are all bloody f**kers, she can’t date a guy like us, if you want to have her. You need to change your ways, then she can start considering you ” I said.

Around 6 pm in the evening, I dressed up then head to Ayokemi place .

I met her cooking when I entered after about 19 minutes of sitting alone, she finished the cooking and set the dining table. She prepared semo vital, which a melon soup mixed with vegetables, the encouragement on the food was quite big, a big cat fish and some diced meat. Even if I can’t cook, I can at least know the taste of a good meal. The food was awesome. I even requested for more.

After we are done eating, I began narrating my experience at the evil forest to her. She felt sorry for me and blamed herself for judging me , without hearing me first .

She moved her lips up and kissed me. I responded rapidly to the kiss, and it turned to a hot one.

” I want you” she said.

I smiled then I set to work, I searched my hands for her bra hook, after locating it, I freed them. I cup her br**st with my hands then position my mouth on one of her boobs. After suckling for some time, I began kissing her neck down to her naval region, I proceed a little downward to her pu**y region. I penetrated a finger through her pant into her honeypot, I felt the warmness of her tonton, boiling up my finger. I added another finger making it two, then I began , inserting it in and out of it. Her pu**ycream was all over my hands, that explains the rate of her wetness. My ebonite rod has became as hard as a rock and only a tonton can soften it. I carried her to the room then naked her on the bed. I spread her leg wide apart then thrust my hard member into her tonton. The warmness was like that of a microwave. I began banging her slowly, and gradually began gaining momentum.

She was giving me a sweet sensation tune which boost up my moral.

As I was banging her, my mouth never leave her br**st, I was banging and suckling her at the same time. After about 45 minutes, I released. We entered into the second half which lasted for another 45 minutes with 4 minutes extra time.

I spent the night at her place and head back very early the following morning to my place, on my way back home, I observed that the same car is still following me , so I played smart on her. I saw an uncompleted building by the way, so I entered inside and hide in one of the rooms. After about 15 minutes, she came out of the car and head inside.

” who are you? And why are you following me? I asked her immediately she entered the building, she was shocked by the question and also by my sudden appearance.

” emmm…I…I..was..emm.. ” she stammered.

” there’s no point lying here, so just tell me the Truth. Who are you!!! ” I shouted.

” OK OK , you got me, I’m a detective, am working on a murder case you are somehow connected to” she said.

” what?” I retorted sharply.

” a month ago, a commissioner son was murdered at his birthday by some groups girls that called themselves the slay Queen’s. Their leader is my target. I have been working on this case since the past one month, but they seems very powerful and they leave no evidence behind. 2 days ago, I saw you coming out of the Queen’s residence, so I followed you, i did my research on you and I found out that there’s a connection between you and my target ” she said.

” so what the hell do you want from me” I muttered angrily.

” easy don’t get mad with me, all I want from you is simple, I want you to work with me and I want you to have an adventure with the slay Queen’s ”

To be continued….

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