Fri. Feb 9th, 2024

Me: sege, how I go take discharge this girl now?, I no get the

liver to tell her make she dey go without money

SEGE:, just tell her say you saw her messages, show it to her

and pursue her comot.

ME: I still don’t have the liver.

SEGUN: sebi u don’t Bleep sumtin wey worth your 4,500balance?

ME: something like that.

SEGUN: oya “rinso” make I go finish her for you.


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ME: na u go do all the talking ooooo.

SEGE: chaiiii, u no be only maga but certified mumu. Abeg waka

make we go.

*******we left his house and got to my apartment***************

segun greeted bimpe.

SEGE: our wife, our you dey?

BIMPe: I’m fine, I’m so sorry about the last robbery incident,

SEGE: no mention jaree, sebi na dis my MUMU friend cause am,

if no be dat, I no go leave my room open to the extent of been


*********by now I was shaking and blinking at segun to stop cos

I was afraid*********

BIMPE: mumu kee?, abeg my husband no mumu ooooo, I no like

dat word, I no dey take my husband joke with people oooo

SEGE: really?, if no be say he mumu, how no suppose know say

another guy dey Bleep him babe for free in this akure?

BIMPE:*****was curious****** which babe?****turns to me****

onihaxy, so u get another babe for this akure? Upon how I loved


SEGE: madam calm down, na u I dey talk to.

BIMPE: me?*****raised eye brow*****

SEGE: yes, we know you s£x machine “sodiq” wey dey live ijoka.

Sunday bustop to be precised. How u sleep there for 2 nites, how

u went there yesterday for quickee, how u suck…………..

****now I was vibrating, just watching the two of the with my

mouth sealed, my heart was beating faster*******

BIMPE: *****turns to me****baby, what is the meaning of the

rubbish your friend is saying?. And you were there?, u can’t talk?.

Abegi I no get time to yarn trash, give me my money make I dey


SEGE: u are not getting any kobo here. ****segun collects my

fone, opened facebook and started reading all the conversations

out from beginning to the end.

BIMPE:****sober and started crying and faced me******baby, I

can explain this, its not what you think

ME: ********looked her with a little courage****** nothing to

explain bimpe. Whatever segun says is the final.

SEGE:, before the count of ten, I want you out of this house or

else I will molest you.******segun start to pull off his belt*******

BIMPE: please I will leave*****turned to me******baby pls for

God’s sake, I love you so much, I can explain.

*****i felt so sorry for her that my eyes were soaked. I feel like

stopping segun but he looks to determined. I couldn’t watch

bimpe moving in tears that I had to face the wall till she left.

**********that was the last time I saw bimpe. 2days later, she

blocked me on her facebook, whatsapp and deleted me on BBM.

I tried calling her so many times but she will not pick up.


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