Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

ME: sege how far?

SEGE: log on to whatsapp jaree.

ME: ok sir

**logged on to whatsapp***

SEGE: how you dey na?, you no dey pick calls since

yesterday, abi bimpe don lock you up?,

ME: no be so jaree, just got involved in some things

ni jaree.

SEGE: things like what?, you don offend fashola ni?

ME: you no well ni.

SEGE: **laughs** how far with the job interview,

hope you have been preparing well for it?.

ME: I dey try my best jaree.

SEGE: better try oooo, you have to upgrade ooo,

make you marry this year

ME: I hear you. You nko?, time never reach for you?,

atleast you dey blog and also doing importation

business, you dey make money pass me times three

na, when will you get married too?

SEGE: I still young na. I still dey queue for your back

ME: you no well segun

SEGE: your voice sound somehow, hope no problem?.

ME: nothing jor, just coming from the hospital.

SEGE: hospital kee?, what for?

ME: ***chaii, na who say make I mention hospital

sef?, wetin I go tell this guy ooooo”. Eeeeeerhmm,

betty is sick and admitted, so I went to check on her.

SEGE: onihaxy, you have finally succeeded in

impregnating that girl abi?.

ME: ***laughs***, you no well, its typhoid, and she is

getting better.

SEGE: onihaxy!!!!, no be unclean water dey cause

typhoid?, how person wey dey live for lekki, drinking

cway water go get typhoid?

ME: **chai, I don enter am today***, me sef I don’t

know ooooo.

SEGE: onihaxy, you sure say no be abortion you go

do for that girl?.

ME: haba segun, trust me na. How I go do that kind

thing without involving you na?, you no know say you

be my coach and mentor?.

SEGE: so na me dey teach you bad bad things abi?.

ME: I no talk that one ooooo.

SEGE: so how about your concubine?

ME: who?

SEGE: bimpe na.

ME: she dey jaree

SEGE: she don give you your certificates?

ME: no oooo, but she promised to give me later.

SEGE: promised you?, how come?, how you take do

am? Abi una don dey relate again?

ME: no ooo, she just said she is tired of fighting and

wanted to give up.

SEGE: hmmmmmmm, onihaxy!!!!!

ME: wetin happen na?

SEGE: with this new development, two things are

involved oooo.

ME: what and what?

SEGE: its either she wanted a favour from you, or

there is a fresher trap ahead of you.

ME: segun sege!!!!.

SEGE: just be careful bro.


I was about coming down at oshodi when my phone

began to ring, I checked on the caller and it was

betty. Amidst the noises at oshodi I picked and

strained my ear for the conversation

ME: hello dear

BETTY: hi honey. How are you?

ME: I’m fine,

BETTY: where are you now?

ME: just getting to oshodi.

BETTY: ok dear, thanks so much for today.

ME: don’t mention dear

BETTY: you know I was so amazed today.

ME: amazed as how?, why?

BETTY: you know, despite Aunty Bimpe’s rude and

annoying attitudes towards you, you still risk your life

helping her and saving her daughter.

ME: that’s life my dear, you don’t pay evil with evil.

BETTY: onihaxy, you don’t get it, I’m talking about

someone who doesn’t want you to get a job with the

family company and someone who bad-mouthed you

saying you were a criminal and armed robber?,

someone who so much hated you with passion

ME: I understand dear. But its still not good to pay

evil with evil,

BETTY: seriously honey, you amazed me today, I love

you more.

ME: I love you too honey.

BETTY: or have you guys officially reconciled?

ME: as how?

BETTY: never mind. So how is tomorrow going to

look like?, hope you have fully prepared for the job


ME: yeah.

BETTY: ok dear,

ME: how is my daniella?

BETTY: your daniella? Well she is fine and


ME: hmmm, why did you emphasised what I said?.

BETTY: when you said “your daniella” if her papa

catch you, you go explain **laughs**

ME: ****e be like say this girl dey take style dey

suspect me ooo*** you are funny. You know I’m

already part of the family now, daniella’s Aunt is my

wife to be, definitely its our daniella.

BETTY: **laughs*** you are always funny onihaxy

ME: hmmmm. Help me to thank your brother, he

gave me T.fare

BeTTY: T.fare?, when?, but I was with you in the

hospital throughout and also followed you to the car?

ME: bimpe gave me and said it was from your


BeTTY: ok, maybe they planned it behind me sha. Its

good though, its a sign of appreciation.

ME: smile, bimpe even gave me something sef.

BETTY: ***voice changed** really?,


ME: hmmmm what?

BETTY: nothing, but as two strong enemies suddenly

became close lately, it amazed me.

ME: ***who say make I talk sef*** na you know ooo.

BETTY: so how much did she give you?

ME: ***silent for a while** not money, she stopped at

a store and bought provisions and blood tonic for me.

BETTY: ok, that’s cool

ME: is that the hospital where she works?

BETTY: yes, why do you ask?

ME: I noticed he was so close to all the nurses and

the doctor trusted her with his office. Anyways, is

she back to the hospital?

BeTTY: yeah, about 25 minutes ago.

ME: ok dear, my regards to her and henry.

BETTY: alright. You will be coming over when

daniella is discharged right?

ME: yeah.

BETTY: ok dear, talk to you later.

ME: ok dear bye.

I went straight to the boutique to get a fine shoe and

a nice suit jacket with a tie and went back to mushin

to prepare ahead for my interview the next day.

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