Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

It was monday morning. I woke up very early as

usual to prepare breakfast, had my bath and prepared

for work. As my manager wasn’t around, I took

enough time to do some tidings and was eventually

late to work as a result.

I got to work by 8:30am, I met the factory workers

and the packaging boys at the production room. I

waved at them as I passed by with my folder in my

hand and one of the boys said “oga, e be like say you

get visitor oooo”. “Really?, who is the person? And

where is he?” I replied the boy, and he said “oga, na

lady ooo, she don sit down for your table”. I replied

“ok, thank you. I wasn’t sure who the visitor was

until I walked to the table and met my lovely lolade

sitted at the visitors seat infront of my table.

LOLADE: **smiled*** good morning sir!

ME: **smiled too** my wife, good morning.

LOLADE: ha sir!. Your wife kee?, you want to put me

into trouble sir

ME:*** pats her shoulder as I walked down to my

seat*** which trouble dear?

LOLADE: you know I’m just new here sir “e ma je ki

won so mi lenu oooo” I don’t want to be implicated.

ME: you are funny dear.

LOLADE: **smiled**

ME: yes!!!, Manager called me this morning that he

won’t be around today and tomorrow, so he told me

to tell you that you should wait till wednesday when

he would arrive so that you can obtain your guarantor

and referee’s form and also process your ID card.

LOLADE: ok sir.

ME: alrite, I will give you a 60leaves note now. And I

will attach you to the driver whom you will be working

with. You are expected to make a record of all daily

sales inside the note and indicate the dates

everyday. The note will contain the number of packs

loaded before leaving every morning, number of

sales, credit purchase from customers, and number

of packs returned in the evening if you couldn’t sell


LOLADE: ** stared at me in silence***

ME: ***raised up my head and noticed her*** ololade,

what is the problem?, why are you silent?

LOLADE: sir!, I don’t understand any of your

explanations, I don’t know how to go about it.

ME: haaaa!!!, so if my manager was to be the one

telling you all these, you would tell him that you have

no idea?, and you would inturn implicated me for

telling him that you had pure water sales


LOLADE: **faced down and sad*** I’m sorry sir.

ME: **stood up from my seat and walked to meet

her and placed my hand on her back*** its ok my

dear, you don’t have to be sad. I understand that you

don’t have any experience, that’s why I gave you the

cv over the weekend to study it through.

LOLADE: I did sir,

ME: ok dear, its ok, my manager’s absence is really a

blessing in disguise. I will seize the opportunity of his

two days Absence to train you on so many things, so

that you won’t Bleep up and disappoint me when he


LOLADE: ok sir.

ME: it means you will have to wait for few minutes

after closing so that I can have chance to put you

through the steps and procedures.

LOLADE: ok sir.

I drew a table chart inside the note and explain few

things to her about it. I told her to always report to

me at the end of the day for assessment and

accounting. She left and I was looking at her

swinging ass through her small pant skirt. I attached

her to the new driver, I told one of the other sales

rep to go with them so as to introduce them to the

new market and they drove off after packing packs

of water into the new van.

“Chaii, onihaxy, you get sense ooo”

“See as you tell her to wait after closing and she


After their departure. I told all the factory boys to go

home at exactly 5pm to rest for the day instead of

the regular 6pm. They were so happy and joyous. I

told the other sales reps that they should all return

before 5pm so as to attend to them on time because

I must leave by 5pm. They were also happy because

they would be leaving an hour earlier.

It was 5pm in the evening, the boys had closed for

the day as instructed earlier, I went through the

records of the other 4 sales representatives and

collect money from them and I was through by

5:20pm and they left. At 5:45pm, lolade arrived with

the new driver and the person I sent to assist them. I

dismissed the driver and the other lady immediately

and I told lolade to wait behind for me to go through

her sales records.

When I noticed that others had left, I took the spare

key of my manager’s office and I told lolade to come

inside with so that I can go through a sales for the

day and also train her on what she needs to know,

she nodded and smiled at me as we both walked

inside the office and I locked the door from inside.


LOLADE: ** looked around the office**I guess this is

the manager’s office?.

ME: not really, we both use the office. But since he

used to have visitors and he needed privacy most

times, so we decided to have another table and

chairs outside. So I use the outside table most times

when he needs privacy.

LOLADE:** still looking around***how come you still

share office when you have your own table outside?

ME: because I’m his P.A, and also the secretary/

Accountant of the company at the same time.

LOLADE: waoooh, so you are handling 3 positions at

a time, that is very nice sir, it means your take home

must be very huge niyen ooooo **smiles**

ME: *smiled too** “oloshi, see as this girl dey reason

my salary sha, na another maga venture this one go

be oooooo”, if you say so dear.

LOLADE: **smiled and nodded** that’s nice

ME: bring your chair closer to me here so that we

can start the tutorials and seminar

LOLADE: **smiled as she lifted the chair and moved

it to my side** yes sir.

ME: so where is the notebook I gave you?

LOLADE: here is it sir.

I spent the first 15 minutes going through the sales

book, vetting and correcting some errors, I spent

another 30 minutes explaining things about our

company and how to handle things to lolade, and

how she would defend her experiences when

manager arrives. I was touching her hand, pushing

myself on her and staring at her at intervals. When

we were through with the seminar, I turned my chair

and faced her, stared at her, held her hand and let

out a smile.

ME: ololade mi, please save me, I’m dieing please.

LOLADE: sir?, dieing kee?! How?

ME: its about you. I have been having sleepless night

since the day I met you. I hardly spend 10 minutes

without thinking of you my love, you have fill my

heart with lots of love and I’m fully drowned into the

pool of your love.

LOLADE: hmmmm, men!!!!, they can make mouth and

lie ehhnnn!!!

ME: **held her second hand and moved closer***

ololade mi. Believe me my dear, I’m not lieing. Infact,

I have never fallen in love like this before. Your love

is making me going insane. Please don’t let me run

mad please.

LOLADE: ok, I heard you. So how do I help you?.

ME: please, just give me a yes, give me a space in

your heart, let me be your man, and I promised to

love you for the rest of my life, I so love you, you are

the air I breath, you are my

vision…………”Campaigning continues”

LOLADE: ** quiet for a while***

ME: my love, please talk, I’m scared by your silence

LOLADE: hope you won’t disappoint me?

ME: I swear I won’t, lolade, in the valley of decision,

you will forever remain my only choice.

………….”Continued to campaign”

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