Fri. Feb 9th, 2024

UNCLE: where is it now?

ME: ***shy face and voice***, I forgot to make

photocopies sir

UnCLE: **yelled***. You this boy!!!, how could you

come for an interview without coming with the

photocopy of your credentials?. What if my chairman

asked of it earlier, what will you tell him??, eh!!!!

ME: **dumb***.

UNCLE: anyways, bring the original, I will make the

copies here, hurry now to where you were sent to go

and return here on time.

ME: thank you sir.

I dashed out of the organisation with a big grin and

smile written all over my face as I stopped a bike to

take me to my destination.


I was in the bathroom having my bath and Adebimpe

entered the bathroom to meet me and she was


ME: Adebimpe, how did you get in here?, how did you

passed through the door that was locked?

ADEBIMPE: *sssshhhhhhh* have you forgotten that

its me?, I have the keys to everything that has to do

with you and I can access you anytime.

Me: hmmmm.

Adebimpe came closer and placed her hands on my

neck, she pressed my head closer to her and our lips

met each other and we began to kiss. I was

switching from the upper lips to the lower lips and

simultaneously. I didn’t waste any time, I grabbed her

br**sts and began to manipulate, she let out a soft

moan as he tipped her toes upward a bit and

pressing closer to me. I pulled back a little as my

d**k was getting erect and obstructing our body

chemistry. I continued pressing and squeezing the

br**sts and Tips at intervals as the shower was

dropping on our heads.

Adebimpe pushed her head upwards and placed my

lips on her neck. I began to kiss her downward to her

br**st and straight to the Tips. The more I go down,

the higher the moaning. I spent much time on the

br**sts as I suck and switch the oranges. After a

while, adebimpe began to press my head downward

and I got the message, “she wanted some orals”.

My kneels began to go down gradually as I kissed her

down to the abdomen until my two kneels got to the

floor and my tongue fell on her Kitty-Cat. I started

with the clits and adebimpe’s moaning was taking a

different tempo and dimension, I panted the clits and

dig through the punny hole and return back to the

clits at intervals. Bimpe was shaking and she spread

her legs wider for me to have a better sucking

experience. I supported my tongue with my fingers as

I suck the clits and finger the hole beyond it.

Adebimpe was enjoying it as she continues to press

my head towards the punny. After a while, I felt my

fingers soaked with mucus substance and she

screamed louder “I don’t want to return from this

heaven!!!!”. We both smiled as I rose up and we

began to kiss.

Its time for bimpe to play the return match, she

began to lick me downward from my neck to my Tips

until she fell down on her kneels.

She held my erected d**k and licked the head for few

seconds until she finally trusted it inside her mouth.

“In out in out in out” as my d**k was sliding inside of

her mouth. I was moaning and feeling the sensation

and my oliver twist wanted a deep penetration. I

pressed her head towards me and forced my d**k to

go inside the more, it shocked her as she coughed.

“Onihaxy, you want to kill me with this thing?, or you

want to make hole inside my throat?”. We both

laughed as she resumed the Mouth Gig until I

cummed inside her mouth.

Adebimpe swallowed the cum and never stopped

blowing until I regained another Attention. She rose

up gradually untill our lips found each other again

and we kissed. Adebimpe removed her mouth from

my mouth and moved it closer to my hear and she

whispered “screw me”. I smiled as she turned around,

placing her two hands on the wall and shooting out

her ass towards me.

I grabbed the ass, I pushed it up to unveil the punny

hole as I shoved my erected d**k inside of it.

“Huuuuhhh, ehhhmmmm, yeeeeeaaah, aooouuh”,

adebimpe was moaning at different tones and sounds

as I was digging in and out of her from behind. She

was feeling the Bleep as she continues to press and

push her ass backwards and her hands going down

the wall until we arrived at dogggie style s£x. We

continued to Bleep while the cool showers was

dropping on us. “Bleep me harder!!!!!!!” Bimpe yelled.

It was as if she commanded me. I began to pound

harder as if I was punishing her. I held her two hands

on her back and was hitting her harder while she was

screaming and yelling. I finally cummed after about

17minutes of the s£x. We both rose up and had our

shower before we started conversation.

BIMPE: you think you can have a draw with me on

this game we are playing?

ME: I’m no more interested in the games, please let’s

end it

BiMPE: end what?, I won’t quit until I score more


ME: and how do you want to score more points when

we aren’t together and we are not going to see each


BiMPE: ***laughs****, you think so?.

ME: yes.

BIMPE: if you spend 100years on this earth, our

paths will continue to cross each other and I will

continue to score more points.

ME: ****laughs louder as I put off the shower

tap****. Catch me if you can, let’s see who will win

BIMPE: is that a bet?

ME: yes

BIMPE: ok,

We were about going out when bimpe suddenly

disappeared. I screamed “yeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!” And I

woke up sweating heavily. What?, is this is a dream?,

OMG!!!!, when will this girl ever leave me alone for

heaven’s sake?

I knelt down to pray and I heard a door knock in the

process. I looked at the time and it was 6am

ME: who is that?

VOiCE FROM OUTSIDE: your uncle, get up boy, today

is your first day at work, don’t be late!!!!

It was 5 months into my new job, I had saved enough

money to get a decent self-contain accommodation

in Ado ekiti. I had purchased another blackberry

phone and retrieved my line.

I have missed my friend of life “sege the event

planner”. It was as if a chord had been disconnected

from my system as I couldn’t reach him easily like I

used to do before. But thank God for instant

messaging apps like whatsapp and bbm, we are able

to keep in touch.

Most times, I always feel like getting in touch with

Adebimpe even despite the fact that I want her dead,

I still miss her most times. I wish I could save her

number before the night I was robbed but I didn’t.

I confided in my uncle and I told him that I lost my

credentials when I was robbed and that I only came

to Ado with the print outs of the copy I scanned to

my email and he told me that there would be no

problem since it looked like original. And incase the

need arises, I can easily go back to school to request

for another one. He even told me that the one I lost

was just a statement of result and not the real

certificate. He said the real certificate would be

available at about 5 years after my graduation from


This made me to think less about the credentials that

was in Adebimpe’s custody, since I didn’t have her

contact anymore, I didn’t really care.

About 3 months later, I was at work when my phone

beeped and I checked the screen and noticed that I

got a message. I opened the message and its from a

familiar number and the content says

“I didn’t hear from you again?, I guess you don’t need

your properties anymore. If I didn’t get any response

from you in 7days Time, then consider it gone


I just laughed immediately after seeing the message,

I already knew that its from my one and only

Adebimpe. I don’t really know what prompted the

laughter but I just found myself laughing. I don’t

really know what to reply with after dialling her

number and I was still getting the same response of

“the number you are calling is unable to receive


Honestly, I suddenly began to miss adebimpe again. I

sent a message to segun on whatsapp

ME: hi sege

SEGE: padi mi, how you dey ooo, how that side?, I

don miss you for here ooo

ME: me sef miss you. Abeg I wan show you


SEGE: wetin?

ME: one person sent me a text. ****sent the screen

capture of her text****

SEGE: ***looool**** that should be bimpe?

ME: your guess is as right as mine

SEGE: ***loool*** your wife don broke be that oooo,

she needs money

ME: you no well. What should I reply her with?

SEGE: try to dial her number na to Confirm the

sender first

ME: its still saying the same thing “unable to receive


SEGE: then no doubt, its definately your wife.

ME: you no well

SEGE: sebi you don’t really need the certificate


ME: yes na

SEGE: instead of you wasting 200k on bimpe, you

can always apply for another certificate with less

than 50k sef.

ME: my guy, you are right oo

SEGE: just tell her to eat the certificates,

ME: **laughs****.

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