Mon. Feb 12th, 2024

SeGE: I’m so sorry about that onihaxy, if you say I

was wrong, then I admit it, though I never knew I was

wrong by teaching her a lesson.

ME: which lesson?.

SEGE: she is a prostitute and a scammer onihaxy!!,

don’t you get it?. She used your money to travel

down here to visit another guy.

ME: and I’m here paying for the consequences sebi?.

SeGE: I’m so sorry about that, let’s put that aside

and let’s focus on how to solve the problem at hand.

Tomorrow is thursday that you are supposed to travel

for your new job, how do we go about it?, that is why

I’m here.

ME: Mr segun, there is no solution as I couldn’t

retrieve my credentials, so I can’t travel anymore.

SEGE: haaa!!, so what do we do next now?

ME: ***frowned*** nothing, you can go now.

SEGE: are you chasing me out of your house


ME: segun. I am not only chasing you, this Friendship

is over!!!, let me just face my destiny alone abeg,

SEGE: ***moves closer to pat me on my shoulder***

ME: ***removes his hand***

SEGE: onihaxy!!!

ME: **yelled*** ehn ehn!!!!, what happen!!!!!?

SEGE: we have been friends now, its close to 8 years

ME: and what does that teaches us?

SEGE: it teaches us that we have gone too far to

split up.

ME: thats none of my business

SEGE: ok, even if we must break up, we must first

find a solution to the present problem first.

ME: **screamed** ogbeni, sebi you heard me, there

is no solution!!!, you can go.

SEGE: onihaxy, calm down, I will never leave you like

this and I will never leave this place until this thing is

resolved. If you like, go and call police for me or get

me arrested, I won’t leave here.

ME: ***ignored him***

SEGE: that reminds me, I think I have found an

alternative solution

ME: ***began to smile gradually***

SEGE: that’s my nigga. You are always handsome in

that smile.

ME: sege talk to me jaree, what is the alternative?.

SEGE: before I shipped in the alternative, why not try

bimpe’s number again whether it will go through

ME: it doesn’t go through since 1960

SEGE: werey!!!, just try am first jaree.

ME: ok ***stretched my hands to my bag and brings

out my phone and switched it on***

SEGE: oloshi!!!, so you switched off your phone

before?, no wonder the thing no dey reachable since

afternoon wey I don dey call.

ME: ***switched on my phone and saw an envelope

sign followed by a message tone*** e be like say I

get message

SEGE: ***hissed, na those silly MTN people, dem no

dey let person rest, na so so silly messages dem dey

send. Abeg try her number jaree.

ME: ** opened the inbox and noticed a familiar

number*** sege, no be MTN oooo, na from a familiar


SEGE: ok, maybe na one of your concubine

ME** I read the first line which says “its me

bimpe”**** sege!

SEGE: ehn!!!

ME: na from bimpe oo

SEGE: really?, wetin she talk?

Segun came closer and we sat together to read the

message which says

“Onihaxy, its me adebimpe, if you still need your

credentials, deposit a sum of 200,000 naira to the

account name and number below, as soon as I

confirm your deposit, I will give you a call and send

the credentials to you via a public transport, if you try

anything funny, you will be the one to suffer the

consequences, bye and take care”.

ME: what!!!!!!!!

SEGE: 200,000 what!!!!, where do we get such

amount between now and tomorrow?

ME: what do we do now?

SEGE: I’m clueless onihaxy.


Me: segun, today is wednesday and I have to travel

for this job tomorrow, where will I get 200k now?

SEGE: onihaxy calm down, getting the 200k isn’t the


ME: why is it not an issue?

SEGE: Adebimpe is the major issue

ME: how?

SEGE: can’t you see it clearly that this is a blackmail


ME: I still don’t understand

SEGE: the way I’m seeing it, Adebimpe will never

send any credentials to you even if you pay a million


ME: why did you say so?

SEGE: someone who is so desperate for a revenge

and even went to the extreme of having your vital

credentials in her custody, why should we trust her

when it comes to money?

ME: hmmmmmmmm. “Ayemi ooooo, Temi bami”.

SeGE: onihaxy, come to think of it, someone who

switched off her phone all this while and only send

text once in a while, it is so obvious that she would

switch off again after getting the deposit alert.

ME: it seems you are right. So what do we do now?.

SEGE: let’s do it this way. Call her number first and

let’s negotiate with her.

ME: ok **dialled her number***

SEGE: is it going through?

ME: ***phone: the number you have dialled is unable

to receive call****

Its saying unable to receive call, what does that


SEGE: it means she barred all incoming calls. You

see what I was saying?, this girl don upgrade to

“blackmail business”

ME: **wanted to cry** segun please come to my aid,

my world is crumbling, what do I do?.

SEGE: calm down onihaxy, I just thought of


ME: what is that?

SEGE: you remembered that you scanned your

credentials and sent to a particular firm you applied

to in lagos few months ago.

ME: oooh yes I remember!!!, how about it?

SEGE: yes, we will make a coloured printout and



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