Tue. May 28th, 2024

****** 3 weeks later **********

I was in my office on tuesday afternoon, piling up the

parcel I was about to deliver that day when I got a

customised message on my phone. ” You have been

invited for test and interview on friday and saturday

at DOLPHIN CONSULTING, at minna, niger state,

come along with your original documents, recent

passports, an attestation letter from your last place

of work and a copy of your C.V. Interview comes up

on saturday for successful applicants from friday’s

test. Call 080***** for further enquiries”

I was happy and joyous, I began to say it within

myself that “atlast, I’m porting to the realm of 120k

per month.”, I began to soliloquies on how I would

save up to buy a car, how I would save up to buy a

land and how I would be planning to settle down even

without getting the job yet. While I was rejoicing

within me. My phone rang and it was tosin.

ME: hi padi mi

TOSIN: hi onihaxy,

ME: how are you?

TOSIN: I’m fine. I just hears that some people were

invited for test and interview, are u among the people


ME: yes, I just got the message not quite long, I was

about to call you sef.

TOSIN: that’s cool. Just prepare well and read hard. I

will do all it takes to make sure you get job. Infact,

I’m assuring you that you would be employed.

ME: ok pal, thanks so much. how does the test

questions looked like? And what are the areas I

should practice on?.

TOSIN: we will talk about that later on whatsapp.

ME: ok.

I couldn’t hide my happiness even without getting the

job yet. I was so happy throughout that day. Even at

work, my colleague observed it that something is

really happening to me.

I didn’t bother to make any background check on the

so called company. All my mind was just on the 120k

salary. I stopped at segun’s house after the work to

break the news of my interview message to him. He

was so happy about it and he helped me with few

interview tips from his interview experiences.

On Wednesday, I made an enquires on how much it

would cost me to get to niger state and return to

akure. I was told I would need like 15,000 minus

transportation because I would get to abuja first

before getting to niger state. I checked everything on

me and all I had was 5,000. I went to meet segun for

assistance and he also helped me with 5k because

he was broke at that moment. The problem now is

how to get the remaining 5k.

I called tosin to inform him about my financial

constraint and he told me that he just sent the last

65k on him to his parents. He told me to find a

means of getting the money to come down there and

he assured me that he would make sure he helped

me in getting the job. I then remembered I have a

friend in abuja named samson. The first and the last

time I visited abuja was during my 400level at the

university when samson’s sister was getting married.

Samson was my neighbour and also a friend then so I

attended the wedding.

I tried dialling Samson’s number but the number was

not available. I couldn’t reach samson through phone

but I could still remember the road to his family

house in abuja where we lodged during his sister’s

wedding 4 years ago.

I converse with segun about how my trip will look like

as it is my first time visiting niger state and also I

don’t have sufficient money. He told me to leave

akure on thursday and board a bus to abuja and then

to niger state from abuja. And after the test, I should

return to abuja and trace my friend I told him about

and get some money from him. And to be on the

safer side, he said he will find a means of getting

money and send to me latest on saturday incase I

couldn’t get any help in abuja. I shook hands with

him and hugged him. Segun is really a brother from

another mother.


I took 2 days off for thursday and friday from my

work place earlier on that tuesday . I arranged all my

original credentials in a file bag, and I took a cross

bag (campus bag) containing 2 shirts, boxers, cream

and my cards with me. The file bag couldn’t enter

the campus back so I held it on my hand.

I went straight to the abuja park at around 9am. At

the row where I was sitting, we were two. A woman

at the other extreme side, followed by me. After

about 10minutes, a very pretty and fair lady join us

on the seat to complete the row. I fall in love with

the scents of her perfume instantly. Her pink top was

revealing the upper part of her br**sts. Her lips was

red and tempting. In short, I forgot about my mission

and I was so lost into my new seat-mate.

Few minutes later. The bus took off. I paid for my

T.fare and I had 9,000 left with me. I forgot about my

worries and I was thinking of how to initiate a chat

with my new seat-mate. Each time I try to talk to

her, I always got scared and I would keep quiet.

After about 1 hour into the journey. I took the

courage to initiate a chat with her by asking her

“what says the time?”. She replied me with a smile

and the chemistry began to flow. One thing led to

another, we got along in the bus as we were chatting

and talking all through.

When we got to the highway where snacks were

been sold. I bought 4 galas and 2 can drinks out of

my remaining 9k and we shared it. “Chai onihaxy, if

women no kill you, you go leave long”. She

appreciated the snacks and we continue chatting

until she fell asleep. I offered her my shoulder to lean

her head on which she doesn’t mind.

As she placed her head on my shoulder, her

compressed br**sts were pressing on my chest and I

began to have “hard-on”. I placed my hands on her

back and began to caress her but she didn’t respond,

I guess she was so deep into sleep. When she woke

up, we continued with our chats and discussions.

Soon, we arrived at abuja at about 4pm and we

alighted from the bus. I wanted to ask for her

number but I was scared to do so. She left me at the

park and took cab from there. “Chai, I don miss my

friend the event planner, he for don ginger me”.

I left the park in disappointment and I asked people

around for where to get bus going to minna. I was

directed to somewhere and I went there. I found a

bus and arrived at minna at late in the night. I called

tosin and he came to pick me up.

We got to his house and I was surprised at what I

saw. My apartment in akure was ok than what I saw

here despite my little salary. I wanted to ask him

questions but I was so tired due to the journey. I just

ate dinner and slept off.


I woke very early the next morning. Tosin had woke

up earlier to prepare bathing water and also

breakfast. I tried asking him about his work and why

he wasn’t living in a more decent accommodation

despite his huge income. He told me he was

investing into a project, and also sending money to

his family and that’s why he couldn’t afford to get a

better apartment. I said “ok”. I tried asking him about

how the test would look like and also trying to get

more details about the job. Tosin began to beat

around the bush and not giving me a straight answer.

He gave me an address and told me to meet him at

work because he wanted to leave earlier. He left me

at home and left while I was reading my GMAT and

preparing hard for the test.

The test was scheduled for 10am so I left the house

around 9am. On getting to the venue, I saw a lot of

people dressed up in quality and expensive suits and

I got scared. “Would I be employed out of this

multitude?”. I called tosin to inform him of my

presence and he told me to calm down and be

prepared. I tried looking around but I couldn’t find any

signboard for the company.

At 9:40, we were called to come inside and fill an

attendance form. The staffs I saw were looking so

poor and I could see the poor quality of what they

are wearing. I got amazed because I never expected

such from a company paying 120k per month. I

ignored my observation and proceeded to a mini hall

provided for the exams to be written. I sat down with

the pool of applicants.

At about 10:25 am. Someone came inside the hall

with question papers and he was distributing it to us

and he told us we have just 30 minutes to answer

the questions. On seeing the paper, I was shocked.

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