Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Exactly four weeks later, I left the house very early on a Saturday morning for a home lesson I always handle down the street, I got the home lesson job about nine months ago when the parents of one of the pupils in my class approached me to be coming to their house every weekend for lesson while the boys would be having after school lesson with me in the school twice during week days. We bargained on the price and after a long deliberations and discussion, we reached an agreement of five thousand naira monthly for two pupils. I had no choice than to accept the ridiculous amount since I neededextra income to balance up with the peanut I earn at my school. Even as at that, the salary from the lesson was not always stable as the parents do owe me months’ salary.

A call came in on my phone while I was on the chair sitting with the two kids, I checked the screen and it was a call from Segun. I was surprised on why he called me and I was thinking maybe he lost his own copy of keys and needed mine to access the main door. I picked up the phone and we got talking.

ME: hello Segun.

SEGE: how far Onihaxy, where are you?

ME: I am at my home lesson place.

SEGE: ok, you have visitors who are waiting for you.

ME: visitors?, who are they?, from where?

SEGE: two young ladies.

ME: two young ladies?, from where?, what are they looking for?

SEGE: I guess one of them is your girlfriend and the other person is her friend.

ME: girlfriend kee?, when you know I don’t have any one. Is it my type that should have a girlfriend?, or which girl will agree to date a guy whowon’t be able take care of her?. Please be serious Segun.

SEGE: come home then and see them by yourself.

ME: what are their names?

SEGE: I didn’t ask, but just come home.

ME: Ok, I will be there in thirty minutes time.

I hanged up on Segun and rushed the lesson with the kids, I was so curious about who could be looking for me and I was more anxious and curious when I heard that they were girls. I finished up the lesson in about forty five minutes later and I rushed back home to see the mysterious ladies that was looking for me.

I got to our compound and I was surprised to see a very nice and neat Toyota jeep packed at the entrance. I have never seen the car in that compound before and from the value of that car, none of the tenants in Segun’s house could afford to buy such car. The jeep has Abuja plate number and I stood still for some more seconds wondering who could own it and I later ignored. I went straight into the compound and I found two pairs of female shoes at the entrance of our room. “This shoes don’t look familiar, who could these girls be?” I thought. I knocked on the door and opened. I had the greatest shock and surprise of my life when I saw Betty and Sandra sitting on our Bed while Segun sat down on the plastic chair in our room and they were discussing.


“Is that you?”

“Am I dreaming?”

“Or am I seeing ghost?”

“Sandra, you are here too?”

“Segun!!!!!!!!!!!, what is going on?”

Before I knew what was happening, Betty stood and I ran towards her and hugged her so tight and passionately. I held her so tight and I started crying with tears flowing out of my eyes. I knelt down and held her legs so tight and I continued crying.

“ Betty, I am so sorry”

“ Please forgive me”

“ I knew I have wronged you”

“ I knew I have offended you so much”

“ your creator has really been punishing me”

“This suffering is too much”

“ Please forgive me”

I turned to Segun and Sandra and begged them to help me apologize to Betty and they were both smiling. Betty patted me on the back while I was still kneeling down and she told me to stand up while she wiped off my tears. I sat down close to Betty and I was still shock about what was going on.

SEGE: welcome Onihaxy, here are your guests

ME: **still surprised as I was looking at them**** Betty, Sandra?, Segun, please what is going on here?, I am lost.

SEGE: hmmmmm. You are not lost. Remember I told you last month that I would be expecting a guest when you never stopped disturbing me to introduce you to an online business I told that I was doing?

ME: yes, I remember.

SEGE: Ok, here are the guests I was telling you about.

ME: ***totally confused**** I don’t get it Segun. you mean Sandra and Betty were the people who introduced the business to you?

SEGE: something like that. I think our guests should explain everything by themselves.

ME: ***turned to Betty** my dear, what is happening.

BETTY: ***sighed and took a deep breath*** hmmmmmm, this is what actually happened………

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