Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

I was so shocked on hearing that question and I almost fainted, I couldn’t find a word to say and I was stammering.

ME: father of Daniella as how?, I don’t understand.

BETTY: don’t even try to pretend Onihaxy.

ME: Baby, I still don’t get it. What do you mean by father of Daniella?,

BETTY: ***dipped hands inside her back and brought out some papers**** that was the DNA result that was scanned and sent to me.

ME: ****went through the papers and saw that it was true**** Betty, there must have been a mixed up or errors somewhere, how can I have the same DNA with Daniella when I am not part of your family?

BETTY: wait a minute Onihaxy, why did you had to rush down to the hospital during the time that Daniella was admitted?, you never told me you were coming, I only met you there and I was even surprised how you got to know the address of the hospital.

ME: baby, remember I told you that it was Aunty Bimpe that called me with your phone that day that something happened, and I had to rush down the place.

BETTY: then why is it that it was only your blood that was compatible for donation among all of us that was present that day?

ME: Haba, lots of people have same blood group and genotypes. I guess Daniella and I just had same blood composition.

BETTY: then why is it that Aunty Bimpe ran away from home with her daughter the moment she found out that the secrets have been blown out to open.

ME: ** acting surprised** you don’t mean it?, you mean mummy Daniella ran away from home with her daughter?

BETTY: yes she did, she also cleared my brother’s account in millions.

ME: haaaaaaa.

BETTY: back to my question, are you Daniella’s father, Yes or NO?

ME: NO, I am not.

BETTY: no problem, according to what I heard, the hospital still has the blood samples preserved for further research. We are going to Nigeria first thing tomorrow and the DNA test will be re-conducted in that hospital and another hospital for cross confirmation.

ME: hmmmmmmmm

BETTY: if the result is false, then we are coming back to UK.

ME: No problem.

Betty walked out of the living room angrily and I was left alone, I was so confused and I don’t know if I should open up and say the truth or I should still insist on my “NO”

“HmmmOnihaxy, is it safer to go back to Nigeria?”

“If the test should be re-conducted again, it will still be positive”

“Won’t I be put to shame?”

“Won’t I be disgraced?”

“Will it not be better if I discuss everything with her here in UK than to take the matter back to Nigeria?”

“I am sure that Henry is going to kill me”

“How do I even face him?”

“Grandma will also be disappointed in me”

“I am very certain that Betty will not let me to return back here with her”

“And her pregnancy is just 6 months and few weeks”

“What have I put myself into?”

“Please deliver me oh Lord.”

Betty came back inside the living room and she was holding the remote control of the television and she was trying to change the channels, I was still sitting on the sofa and feeling very sober, my heart was still beating heavily and my mind couldn’t speak out as I was so scared of what her reactions would be. When I couldn’t bear it anymore, I walked closer to her and I knelt down in front of her.

ME: **looking down and feeling sober*** Betty, please I am sorry.

BETTY: you are sorry?, what for?

ME: for everything.

BETTY: I don’t get you Onihaxy, are you trying to tell me that you were the real father of Daniella?.

ME: ***silent****

BETTY: I am listening

ME: *****stammering**** Y – Y – E –E-E- S-S

BETTY: **screamed*** yeeeeeeeeeeh. Onihaxy!!!!!!, you?, how?, heeeee, I am doomed. “Screaming continues….”

ME: please have mercy on me, I am very sorry.

BETTY: how did this happened?.

ME: it happened few years back when I had an accident in Abuja during the period I went for a job test. I was admitted into a hospital and Bimpe was the nurse assigned with me during the period. I recognized her as the girl that duped me earlier. One night when we were alone, I never knew how it all happened, I just woke up and found myself naked on the bed and noticed some semen on the bedsheet. I had to face her and demanded for an explanation; it was then that I realized that I was drugged and raped. I even got to know that the nurses at the hospital always sleep with patients.

BETTY: then what happened next?.

ME: I never saw her again until years later when I saw her picture on your phone prior to my first visit to your house in Lekki. When Daniella was sick, what she told me was to help her in donating blood so as to save Daniella’s life because Henry might arrive late. Months later, she tricked me to swear an oath after putting a fetish kolanut inside my wine cup. It was after the oath thatshe told me that it was the intercourse that happened between us when I was admitted to the hospital that produced Daniella.

BETTY: and why didn’t you tell me all this while?

ME: I wish I could, but she said I will die if I ever say it out to anyone

BETTY: ehn ehn?. So, you and Uncle Segun lied to me isn’t it?

ME: No, I swear to God,Segun was not aware that we met again in Abuja let alone knowing that we had something together. It has been a secret between Bimpe and I, you are the third person that will hear this. I am saying this because I might not be alive again any moment from now, I might die as implied by the oath I had with Bimpe. I just want to purge my mind to you and seek for your forgiveness please.

BETTY: Onihaxy, before the count of three, go inside and pack all your things, you are living my house this moment.



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