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We finally arrived at Manchester in United Kingdom; we went to the new apartment that Betty had rented, it was a mini flat and a very fine one. The entire house was rough and un-kept, I spent the first three days in cleaning and setting up the house as Betty had resumed work immediately we arrived there. Before the end of the week, I meet up with a Nigerian guy who was supposed to help me with a job but it didn’t work out. Betty and I tried checking around until I finally got a “store keeper” job at one eatery over there.

During my third week of stay in Manchester, I have gotten a new line and called my people in Nigeria and before I knew it, my friends and some people whom we grew up together had started calling and requesting for money, some even started begging me to help them in coming over there and I was so surprised that they didn’t even give months to settle and establish myself here. I couldn’t talk with Adeola again because she had removed me from her bbm contacts and also blocked me on WhatsApp, her name wasn’t even coming up when I searched on Facebook which also showed that I have been blocked on Facebook too.

“How I which I wasn’t caught”

“And Adeola is such a nice girl”

“She so much trusted and believed in me”

“How I wish she could listen to my side of the story”

“But do I even have a good side of the story?”

“Was I not sleeping with her mother before?”

“I think God just want her to catch me on that last day”

“Life goes on anyways “

I was also chatting with Segun almost every day and one day during our usual conversations, we had a very funny discussion.

SEGE: how far Onihaxy?, how is life over there in UK?

ME: fine ooo my brother. How is Nigeria too?

SEGE: Nigeria is “hell on earth” as usual; nothing seems to be working here. I can’t wait to get out this country too.

ME: you want to get out?, I don’t understand.

SEGE: I have been telling Sandra stylishly that we should settle out of the country but it seems she wasn’t buying the idea.

ME: I don’t think it would be possible for her to do such.

SEGE: why did you say so?

ME: from what I heard, her father is planning to install her into one of his companies as a director immediately she finishes her education. Betty told me to keep it as a secret, don’t let any of the two girls to know that you have heard from me ooooo.

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SEGE: no wahala, now I understand why she was acting cold when I told her about the abroad thing. So, I am going to be the husband of a director

ME: yes oooo. You don hammer be that.

SEGE: I pray so ooo.

ME: just don’t f–k up and don’t break her heart, you will enjoy her in the long run.

SEGE: but that girl is so cruel sha.

ME: you mean Sandra?, what did she do?

SEGE: you won’t believe that she always insisted on condoms anytime we want to have s£x.

ME: hmmmmmm.

SEGE: there was a time the condom was exhausted from its pack; she never allowed s£x until I was able to get another one.

ME: but you used to like condom also now?, so why complaining?

SEGE: you won’t understand Onihaxy. I want to trap that girl seriously, and the only way to do that is to impregnate her.

ME: hahahaha, Segun the bad guy. Sandra too is wise and smart now, or you think she doesn’t know your plan?

SEGE: I just don’t want to lose this girl. She is my surest way of making it big in life.

ME: you won’tlose her, as long as you keep on being a lover boy.

SEGE: hmmmmm. See who is preaching?, just because God decided to ignore your sins and didn’t punish you abi?

ME: you no well.

Day after day, week after week, the love and bond between Betty and I was getting stronger, she was so loving and caring that she still loved and respected me despite earning almost times three of my income. We always planned things together, rub minds together and share finances together. Sometimes when we need to get anything in the house, she would buy them alone behind me without telling me. Sometimes, she would drop the higher contribution for items to be bought. I couldn’t just help it but to keep thanking God for his blessings and also blessing me with a good and loving wife despite my sins and atrocities in the past. A times, I would sit back and be wondering if I actually deserved such a loving and caring woman who let go of her father’s inheritance and wealth to stick to a poor boy like me. The kind of lifestyle she lived was far below the standard of a multi-millionaire daughter and yet, she never mind.

Henry, Bimpe and grandma were the only people calling Betty from Nigeria as she had changed her line from the one known by her father so that her father would not be able to trace or locate her again.

About three months after arriving in UK, I was at work discharging my duties one day when Bimpe called me to break a bad news to me.

BIMPE: hello Onihaxy, where are you?

ME: I am at work.

BIMPE: what of Betty?

ME: Betty is at herplace of work too, what happened?

BIMPE: everything has been complicated ooo. As I am talking to you right now, I am on my way to the airport with my daughter; we are running away from the country

ME: running away from the country?, what happened?, what for?

BIMPE: there is a serious problem right now and I think you need to move away from that place too.

ME: you are scaring me Bimpe, you still haven’t told me what happened exactly.

BIMPE: Henry has found out that you are the father of Daniella.

ME: what!!!!!!!!!!!!!, How come?……………………

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