Tue. May 28th, 2024

“ Adeola!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“ wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“ it is not what you think”

“ I can explain!!!!”

I jumped up immediately and I was running after Adeola in other to explain to her that nothing happened between me and her mother but she never wait to listen to my epistle. Instead, she pushed me off to the chair as I was trying to hold her in the living room; she picked up her bag on the center table and cried out of the house. I was immediately confused and was so embarrassed at the same time as it was the first time that I would ever be caught in the act. I looked back and I realized that Funmi was still in the room and never made any attempt to come out. I put on my shirt and dashed out of Funmi’s house angrily and embarrassed. I drove out of the compound and I was reminiscing while driving back to the hotel.

“What have you done to yourself today Onihaxy “

“Why did I even entered Funmi’s room in the first place”

“Why did I pull off my shirt?”

“Why didn’t Adeola entered when I must have pushed her mother’s head away from my laps”

“Why was I even sweating at that same period?”

“Will Adeola ever believe me that I didn’t do anything with her mother?”

“Why is that I was caught on the very last day?”

“I hope Adeola did not have my wife’s contact?”

“Thank God that she didn’t know the hotel where my wife and I are staying”

“I think I should call her again”

I slowed down and parked at the side of the road while I picked my phone and dialed her number, I dialed up to six times but she never picked up and I decided to send her a text message. I told her that it was not what she thought, I explained to her that I just finished eating and that was why I was sweating, I also told her that I was helping her mummy to lose her braids and that was why she saw us in that position. Also, I told her that I helped her mummy to fix something in her room and that was what brought me into her room in the first place. I fabricated lies in the text just to convince her and I sent the text to her. I resumed driving and after about five minutes, I received a text from Adeola, I was happy that she finally gave a response. But on opening the content, I was shocked to see “you are a bastard liar. So you have been sleeping with my mum and both of you were forming mother and son for me earlier all this while?, it won’t be well with you………” I stopped reading and couldn’t read to the end because of the heavy curses before I delete the conversation.

On getting to the hotel, I called Segun to meet me at the car park. He came and sat on the passenger’s seat and we began to talk.

SEGE: how far?, how was the place?

ME: not fine ooooo.

SEGE: what really happened?

ME: **I explained all that happened to him***

SEGE: ***burst into laughter******

ME: but why are you laughing now?

SEGE: the whole thing is funny now. But seriously, you are at fault.

ME: how?

SEGE: you are not supposed to enter into her room no matter what, you are now married for crying out loud. Even to the extent that she placed her head on your legs, Haba!!!. Was that what we agreed on before you went there?

ME: I know, but I didn’t have anything with her now. I already made up my mind that nothing would happen between us.

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SEGE: and how do you want her daughter to believe that you never had anything together when she caught you red handed with her mother’s head on your leg and you were sweating without your shirt on you?

ME: hmmmmmmm

SEGE: well, it has happened already, thank God you have resigned your job and you have nothing to do with the two of them again. But seriously, you are just too weak Onihaxy.

ME: I accepted. So what do I do now?

SEGE: nothing. Since you have called her and she never picked, you sent a text and she insulted you, then it’s obvious thatyou have already disgraced yourself in front of her. And for the mother, leave her alone. I am very sure that by next weekend, she will still bring another fresh and young boy into the house. Or is this the first time that her daughter would be catching her in the act? , just put yourself together and enjoy your honeymoon before flying out of Nigeria in two days’ time.

We came down from the car and entered into the hotel, I went to my room and my wife hugged me. She asked for the gifts I went to collect and I told her that it was a cash gift and I have told them to credit it into my account. Something inside of me keep telling me that Adeola was still going to call back or send a text message to insult me, I immediately switched off my phone for the rest of the day.

Two days later, it was time for my wife and I to travel, we have packed and arranged our luggage, Segun also went to my house in Maryland to bring my remaining properties in that house which I can travel with and he held on to some of them which he said he would take to Akure, I also drove our car to Lekki and park it there earlier in the morning. Betty and I left the hotel in the evening, leaving Segun and Sandra behind since they said they would wait till the next day. We finally arrived at Muritala Mohammed international airport and at 9 o’clock pm, we are already in the plane flying to United Kingdom.

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