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Before the end of that week, I informed my family about the impromptu wedding plans, I discussed everything with them in details but they weren’t cool with the idea of micro and silent wedding. My mum in particular had already wished for a wedding party that will have at least six tents and host atleast one thousand people, I remember when I was growing up, she used to tell me that the whole world will know that her son is getting married on my wedding day. I made her realize the reason for the micro wedding and I also told Betty to call her and explain to her. After several begging and promises, she finally accepted the idea.

Also, Henry, Betty, Bimpe and grandma had a conference call discussion and planned the event and how it was going to hold. We considered people coming from my side and we agreed to hold a little reception at a discreet hotel in Lagos, we even decided that the venue for the reception will not been made known to anyone until the wedding day. After a long deliberation, Grandma and Bimpe finally decided to come for the wedding but they won’t appear in the pictures. Bimpe also suggested that since we are keeping the venue of the reception as a secret to people, then we need to use the service of an in-house caterer and event planner who would be able to keep our secrets alongside with us and hence, she nominated her sister in Lagos who was also into event planning and catering services. Everything was set and we all agreed on a wedding date which was exactly six weeks ahead.

When I got the office the following Monday, I broke my wedding news to the member of my unit and they were all surprised. When they asked for the identity of the wife to be, I told them to wait till that day and they all started grumbling and murmuring.

“It must be Benita”

“We are very sure and certain that it is Benita”

“Or why won’t he want to reveal the identity of the person he wants to marry?”

They all continued the murmuring until the end of the meeting on that morning. My unit Head demanded for the I.V letter which would serve as an official invitation and I promised to bring it before the end of the week when it will be finally printed. At break time, I went to Funmi’s office to break the news about my wedding to her.

FUNMI: so, you are finally getting married?

ME: yes ma.

FUNMI: but why are you just telling me now when it will be holding in six weeks’ time?

ME: I’m so sorry about that, my wife and I just planned it last week.

FUNMI: so, you and Benita will be finally getting married?, this is wonderful.

ME: ***smiled*** it is not Benita,

FUNMI: then who is she?

ME: her name is Betty, she doesn’t stay in Nigeria.

FUNMI: hmmmm, really?

ME: yes Funmi.

FUNMI: but where is she now?

ME: she is in the UK

FUNMI: Onihaxy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ME: what is that?

FUNMI: so, you have been doing online dating scam too abi?. So, you also want to import oyinbo from UK just like the young guys of nowadays are doing?

ME: ***laughed out loudly****, not at all, she isn’t an Oyinbo, she is a Yoruba girl, she just based abroad.

FUNMI: ok, so after the wedding, she will be staying here with you in Lagos right?

ME: **smiled** No, she will be going back to UK.

FUNMI: ***surprised*** then how are you going to cope with the marriage when she will be over there and you will be here in Nigeria?.

ME: it’s likely we return back together after the wedding. And if not, I will join her latest one month after her departure.

FUNMI: ok, now I understand. That means you will resign then?

ME: yeah.

FUNMI: eeyah. I will miss you oooooo.

ME: I will miss you too.

FUNMI: congratulations once again, just let me know how the wedding plan unfolds and don’t hesitate to let me know if there is any area I can be of help

ME: No problem

FUNMI: is Adeola aware of it?

ME: not at all, but I will tell her later in the day.

I returned back to continue with the work for the day. Before the close of business for that day, the news had gone viral to other units of the bank that Onihaxy is getting married. Everyone was just coming to my table to congratulate me. The gossip crew in my office later pounced on me the next morning when I resumed work in the office.

“Onihaxy, so you are getting married?”

“Who is the lucky girl?”

“Don’t tell me that it is not Benita”

“ Nawa oooooo”

“No man will ever make heaven”

“After cohabiting with that innocent girl?”

“After several digging and flexing?”

“ you are now dumping her to marry another girl”

“Girls in this bank really need to wise up”

Adeola called me later in the day to confirm if it is true that I was getting married because her mother told her on phoneand I told her everything about it. She was happy too and she lobbied to be the one who would design and bake the cake for the event. I tried telling her that we already have a planner on ground but after several begging, I finally let her to bake the cake and she charged me fifty thousand naira for her service. I also remembered that I haven’t informed Benita. I sent her a text about the wedding date and she never replied.

to be continued

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