Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

The coughing session continued for some minutes that I had to drop my phone on my bed and I was looking for water. I drank the first glass of water and it appeared like nothing was improving, I made up my mind instantly and prepared myself to meet my creator. The only thoughts on my mind was that the oath I had with Bimpe had started backfiring at me, I took the second glass of water and I felt a little bit relieved, I had more cup of water until I was fully relaxed. All through the moment of coughing, Segun was calling my phone repeatedly and I wasn’t picking up, I was seriously sweating like someone awaiting a court’s judgement. I later picked up his call when I was fully relaxed, he asked me why I wasn’t responding online and I told him that I had a serious cough like I was going to die. He laughed at me saying “you already have the thoughts of death on your mind and that was why death was hunting you. Free your mind from death and symptoms of death will free you”. We laughed over it and I joined him back online.

we continued with our discussion and he told me not to call her for now and patiently wait for Bimpe to put her house in order first, the I should get close to her and stylishly pet her to sneak into the room where the blood test results was kept and tell her to retrieve my own test result and trash it. I told Segun that I was scared of Bimpe mentioning my name to Henry as the father of Daniella probably after serious drilling and divorce threats, Segun assured me that something of such can’t happen. “Onihaxy, Bimpe has a lot to lose if she indict you into this matter, you are not as rich as Henry, so why will she implicate herself and subject herself to ejection from Henry’s House?, the Bimpe that I know is very smart to handle everything on her own”.

Segun then pressurized me to tell him about the season two that I told him about earlier, I stylishly avoid the question but he would never give up, he continued to bring it up again and I had to promise him that I will tell him every detail later as soon as the problem at hand is resolved. We had more conversations about Betty and Benita for some minutes until we ended the chat. Before we end the chat, Segun warned me again not to make any attempt of saying it out to any mortal soul including him. He said the reason why I probably escaped death was because we talked about it on a chat and the gods haven’t upgraded their server to the present computer age to detect violations on social media and that was why our discussions and conversations was encrypted. I laughed out so loudly as the conversation ended.

“ Segun could be very funny atimes”

“ but he is the best friend I ever had”

“ he has always been there for me throughout the thick and thin”

“ I can’t believe that I am still alive”

“ I can’t believe it that I just cheated death”

“ indeed, the gods haven’t truly upgraded their server to social media”

With so much joy and relief in my heart, I prepared for Monday’s work. I arrived at work the next day and everywhere look scanty; the project staffs didn’t come to work since their contract had ended. We had a general team-heads meeting that morning where Funmi and other senior officials of the bank appreciated us for a good job well-done during the period of the project. They also charged us to keep up the spirit even as we would be going back to our previous offices and resuming our previous job roles before the project. I noticed that Funmi was extraordinarily happy that morning, it was all written over her face as her facial look and mood was so different, even her dressing was so hot and unique.

I arranged with some cleaners and we moved my table and systems back to Funmi’s floor and returned to my previous space. Funmi was still in a meeting with the Managers of the bank as at the time of resuming back to my office. Immediately the cleaners left the office, my old friends “the gossip crew” pounced on me as usual.


“ we know that you will definitely come back”

“ you and your sugar mummy can never leave each other alone”

“ we are even sure that you aren’t comfortable throughout the project period”

“ you must have missed this place so much”

“ ehn ehn, that reminds me, how far with your wife Benita?”

“ we heard that she wasn’t still retained after the second project?”

“ wetin happen na Onihaxy?”

“ why didn’t you influence her retention na?”

“ after all, it was your mama that was in charge of insourcing?”

“ so, you just ate the girl’s pomo and dumped her?”

“ na wa for the guys in this bank ooooo”

I was just laughing out loudly as they were talking and asking questions, honestly, I have missed this crew so much. while we were still having discussions, Benita called my phone, she reminded me of the job lobby and begged me to help her talk to Funmi if she could still find somewhere to fix her into, she was seriously begging me on phone and she promised to worship me for the rest of her life if I could help her with the job fixing. I told her that I will try my best and we ended the call. It was as if the gossip crew were waiting for me to end the call, they immediately pounced on me again.

“ I heard you saying ‘Hello Benita’”

“ chaii, Onihaxy. You see your life!!!!”

“ you should have helped this girl now”

we were still on the discussion when the main door was opened, Funmi entered in to main office and she was walking into her office and everywhere was immediately silent, even the sound of a pin could be heard at that period, everyone started staring at the system, pressing keyboard and forming busy. Funmi walked towards my table and said “Hi Onihaxy, see me in my office right away”.

to be continue



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