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I received a call from Adebimpe………………………………………………………..

ME: hello Ma,

BIMPE: Onihaxy!!!!!!!!!!!!!, where are you?

ME: I am at home, why screaming my name?

BIMPE: do you have your international passport with you now?,

ME: yes, why are you asking?

BIMPE: ok, I will contact someone right now to start processing our Visa; we need to leave this country right away.

ME: ***confused*** leave this country?,Bimpe, I don’t understand you, what is happening?

BIMPE: ok, I told you that the whole family will be travelling for a vacation this Easter?

ME: yes, what about it?

BIMPE: During medical screening, Henry and Daniella went together and I couldn’t go with them because I had a medical emergency to attend to at the hospital where I work

ME: ok, what now happened?

BIMPE: Henry had found out that he isn’t the real father of Daniella from the blood results. You, Daniella and I need to leave this country immediately before things get messier.

ME: ***screamed*** yeeeeeeh!!!!!!, I have been ruined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BIMPE: stop screaming Onihaxy and let’s talk about the solution and the way out.

ME: Bimpe, I am clueless at the moment. Everything has been ruined. My life, my hope of travelling, my love, everything

BIMPE: I have suggested a solution. So what do you think about it?

ME: do you think running out of the country is the best solution to the situation on ground?

BIMPE: if it’s not a solution, then please provide one. That is the exact reason why I am calling you.


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ME: where exactly are you?

BIMPE: somewhere around my work place.

ME: where is henry and Daniella?

BIMPE: they should be at home. I guess

ME: then how exactly did you know about the discovery?

BIMPE: he sent me a text message like three minutes before I call you.

ME: have you replied or respond to the text?.

BIMPE: no I haven’t. I don’t know what to say and how to defend myself. We just have to do something because I don’t want any harm to come near my daughter ooo, she is the only seed I have in this life.

ME: ooooooh God!!!!!! *****scratching my brain*****. Adebimpe, I just thought of something.

BIMPE: what is that?, is it a solution or a suggestion?

ME: both.

BIMPE: ok, bring it on.

ME: did you remember the period we were fighting with each other and throwing threats at each other?

BIMPE: yes, what happened?

ME: remember you told me then that Henry was aware that you were raped at the hospital and that you were ready to frame me into the rape scene that I was the one who raped you?

BIMPE: Haaa!!, yes I remembered. What happened?

ME: good. Just tell him that it was the rape that led to the baby.

BIMPE: well, I was just lying then. I never told him anything. I was just threatening you then.

ME: huuuuh, what do we do now?, why not frame up the same rape story to him?

BIMPE: and what should I say when he demands for the identity of the rapist?

ME: tell him that it was a random patient whom you can’t recollect his identity.

BIMPE: and what if he asked why I didn’t tell him about it all this while?

ME: tell him that you were scared of telling him about it because you didn’t know what his reaction would look like. Just frame up something Adebimpe, you are good in this kind of game now.

BIMPE: and what if it doesn’t work out?

ME: stop saying negative predictions. Just have this positive feeling and have the faith that it will work out as planned.

BIMPE: just pray it works. If anything happens to my daughter, Onihaxy!!, I will find you wherever you are and I will kill you before I kill myself.

ME: kill me?, what have I done wrong?, am I the one that made him discover the paternity of the child?

BIMPE: ok. I suggested a solution earlier and you waved it away.

ME: Adebimpe!!!!!, calm down. Running out of Nigeria will not solve anything. How long are we going to keep running?, think of how little Daniella will feel when he get detached from the man he grew up to see as her father?, think of the everlasting feelings of been a bastard that will grow up with her.

BIMPE: ok Onihaxy. I will get back to you and give you feedback

ME: ok dear, just go home with boldness and courage. I am with you in the spirit.

BIMPE: ok.

She ended the call and my heart began to beat heavily as if it was about to come out of my chest. I became dumb and restless immediately. I looked at the wall and its colour seemed to be changing, the seconds of the clock appeared to be running faster than before. My legs began to shake on the ground as if there was an earthquake beneath and the ground was about to swallow me. I was immediately lost in thoughts

“What if Henry didn’t buy to the game plan idea?”

“Whydid henry discovered this secret at this period that I am about to travel?”

“Why should it be this period that I am about to be united the love of my life?”

“Is this how I am going to lose everything?”

“Is this how everything will come to an end?”

“How is Henry going to feel when he finally discovered that I am the real father of Daniella?”

“How will Betty also feel about the discovery?”

“Will she ever forgive me for hiding this from her all this while?”

“Will she ever give me another chance?”

“Will I ever get to marry Betty?”

“Or should I confess everything to her right away?”

“No, I don’t think it’s a nice Idea”

“I think I should start preparing for the worst”

“I think I should start forgetting about Betty and the hopes of travelling to meet her”

“or should I run away with Adebimpe and Daniella?”

“Won’t Henry hire assassins to kill me when he finds out about me?”

“Won’t it be safer if I run away with Adebimpe to start a new life together with her?”

“But how are we going to live together when I never loved her anymore?”

“Onihaxy!!!, you have been ruined completely!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I fell down on my knees and I started crying as I was totally confused and clueless about what next to do. About 35 minutes later, my phone started ringing and when I checked the screen, it was an international call from Betty.

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