Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

For a while, I was still shock on hearing what Bimpe said and my mouth was wide open, I wiped my face in other to wake up to reality incase I was sleeping.

BIMPE: hello Onihaxy, are you still there?

ME: ye …yeee…..yes.

BIMPE: then why are you silent and not talking?

ME: Adebimpe, tell me that you are joking

BIMPE: I am serious Onihaxy, I beg of you please.

ME: wait Adebimpe, don’t tell me that Henry is impotent.

BIMPE: no ooo, he is not.

ME: then why do you want a pregnancy from me when you have a man you are legally married to?

BIMPE: you won’t understand Onihaxy.

ME: then let me understand, that is exactly why I am asking.

BIMPE: ok, henry is fine and good. After the birth of Daniella, I tried conceiving again but it didn’t work until we both went to the hospital for a check-up. We were told that we are both sound and OK but yet, I couldn’t get pregnant until when you and I had s£x together.

ME: but wait Bimpe, you told me the other day that you conceived twice after the birth of Daniella and had miscarriages before this recent one.

BIMPE: hmmmmmmmmm, I am sorry I lied. I never conceived. But I can assure you that henry isn’t impotent,

ME: but why did you have to lie to me Adebimpe?

BIMPE: I am so sorry Onihaxy, please help me. I swear to God that after this last one, I will never have anything to do with you again. Infact, if you say that you don’t want to ever see me again, I will accept it.

ME: But bimpe, why can you just keep trying it with your husband?,who knows maybe you might be lucky this time?

BIMPE: I am tired of waiting and trying Onihaxy. Please help me for this last time, I beg of you.

ME: don’t you think that these things will bounce back on us some day?

BIMPE: nothing is bouncing back Onihaxy. Please now, just for the sake of the love we once shared together.

ME: Adebimpe, this thing is difficult; I don’t think I can do it.

BIMPE: ***crying*** Onihaxy please!!!!!!!!!

ME: ok, give me some time to think about it. I will get back to you.

BIMPE: thank you very much Onihaxy, I love you so much.

Immediately after Bimpe’s call, I began to think and ponder on what Bimpe said to me on phone.

“so, this girl want me to impregnate her again?”

“ should I do it?”

“ afterall, I will travel out of Nigeria very soon and we would never have to see each other again”

“ but what if the bubbles later burst out in the future?”

“ and she had tried so much for me oooo”

“ she rent this house for me and even furnish it”

“ she was the one who raised the opinion about my travelling abroad”

“ should I grant her wish as a compensation for all she has done for me?”

I slept off in the midst of my thoughts until I was woken up by a call from Kemi on my phone at 7am on Saturday morning, she called to tell me that she would be coming to my place by 9am and that she won’t be staying for long. I got up from the bed, cleaned up my room, removed the cobwebs on the ceiling, went out to buy a pack of condom from a nearby Aboki and was preparing for her arrival. She arrived at some minutes past 9 am and I went outside to pick her and led her to the room, I entertained her with a drink and I began to strategize on how to hit her jackpot.

KEMI: ***sat down on the bed*** Onihaxy, you have a very nice apartment.

ME: **drew closer to her*** thanks so much dearie.

KEMI: I have really missed you oooo, infact, I never knew I could see you again after all this while. What about your brother?, how is he?

ME: my brother?, who?

KEMI: the one I met at your house the last time I came to Akure

ME: ooooh!! Segun, he is fine. He still lives in Akure

KEMI: that cool, but since when have you been in Lagos?

ME: **** why is this one asking questions now?**** like over a year now. I have missed you seriously, I tried contacting you after I lost my phone that time but I couldn’t reach you

KEMI: eeyah, I tried reaching you too.

we were still in the mood of discussion and I realized that I have wasted over an hour without making any hit, I decided to move a little bit closer to her and placed my hand on her neck. There was no resistance and I stylishly placed my other hand on her lap in a disguise of complimenting her gown, the konji in me started getting alive and I was about to take a step further to kiss her when she halt me by saying “Onihaxy, please I want to talk to you, I have a problem”. I got relaxed instantly, gave a little gap and I was like “just as it was in those days, she will always have a problem”.

ME: sweetheart, what is the problem dear?, talk to me.

KEMI: it’s a little problem dear, I will be happy if you can help me out.

ME: let me hear it dear.

KEMI: I told you that I am awaiting my youth service right?

ME: yes, you did.

KEMI: ok, I decided to register for a professional course in ICT instead of waiting at home. I have paid for the training and I am supposed to start on Monday

ME: that is good; it’s a very nice’s better than staying idle at home.

KEMI: thank you dear, but I just have a little problem. I need a laptop for the course and the laptop I want to purchase is N75,000 while the whole money I have on me is less than thirty thousand naira. Please help me Onihaxy, I don’t mind any amount please.

ME: ** this girl is insane ooooo, coming to visit me for the first time and still demanding money from me?, this girl will never change**** eehhhhhmmmKemi, I am not too buoyant at the moment ooooo.

KEMI: Onihaxy , please help me, any amount please.

ME: what happened is that I subscribed for a contract savings in my bank where half of my salary is automatically saved for me and it’s not withdrawable until 8 months’ time. The remaining half is not even enough to sustain me, let alone of lending out of it,

KEMI: **** rubbed my chest and talking slowly in a s£xy tone*** Onihaxy please, is there no way to help me out please. I really need the laptop urgently and the tuition fee is not refundable. if not, I would have seek for a refund and re-register later when I am boxed up.

ME: ***responding to the sweet sensation of her touch*** ok dear, let me see what I can do, I will make some contacts on Monday to see if I can borrow from anyone at work.

KEMI: ***kissed me*** thank you so much Onihaxy

The atmosphere was saturated and I had already made a fast move on her my by promising her to get something for her on Monday, I decided to make a further romantic move on her again and this time, there was no resistance at the sage of kissing and teasing. My d–k was so hard and erect as I was pressing and squeezing her boobs while her cloth was still on, I kissed her down to her neck and pulled out her b—-t through the top of her gown. I move my hands downwards to her laps and tickled it up to the lining of her pants as we were still kissing passionately. I was about to raise it up when she pulled a resistance by holding my hand. **what is this?, so this girl want me to go back after getting to this stage?**, I pulled out my hand from underneath her gown and returned back to her br**sts. I worked more on it by squeezing and sucking at the same time until she was moaning and jerking on the bed, it was then that I returned my hand underneath her gown, reached for the lining of her pant again and I was able to deep my hand further with little resistance, I teased her clits until she dropped a little c-m and I then went further to finger f—-d her for more than 5 minutes. As I was doing this, I was pulling off my trousers and our mouth was still locked into each other. I pushed her to lie completely on her back and I turned over to lay on her and she said “Onihaxy stop!!, it’s too early for this, this is the first time we will be meeting again” , I replied her immediately saying “Kemi, it seems you don’t know how much I missed and love you, I have not really been myself since you left and you need to know happy I am now to see you again. I reached out for the condom and we f—-d so hard for about twenty more minutes.

Kemi left my place in the evening around 5pm, reminding me of her money and I told her to give me a call on Monday. After her departure, I fell back on my bed and I was laughing out loudly.

“This girl will never learn despite the pranks Segun and I played on her when she came to Akure”

“ she saw a nice apartment and she thought I was really loaded”

“ I need to find a way of discharging this girl immediately before she decides to attach herself to me totally”

“May God forgive you Onihaxy!!!!!!”

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